Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 672

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Chapter 672: 672
Invisible ripples spread out across the encampment . Zhou Wen was surprised to discover that with the music, the invisible spores were gathering in front of the Demonic Organ Throne like soldiers that had received an order .

The spores were originally barely visible, but due to their numbers, one could gradually see a faint white mist as more and more spores gathered .

The fog became thicker and thicker, and soon, people could see it more clearly .

Originally, Tai Sui couldn't eat many spores despite bouncing around . Now that the spores had gathered in a region, it became excited . It bounced amidst the white mist formed by the spores . As it consumed a large number of spores, it also grew in size .

The organ music continued as large amounts of spores gathered in a spot . They gradually turned corporeal, like snowflakes .

Finally, the snowflakes gathered together and turned into a white ball that resembled cotton candy .

Tai Sui bounced over and swallowed the cotton candy-like spores in no time . No one knew how many spores it had eaten as the number was already impossible to estimate .

When Zhou Wen vaguely felt that Tai Sui was about to evolve, he hurriedly summoned it back .

Leng Zongzheng didn't stop Tai Sui from devouring the spores . He only glanced at Zhou Wen before saying to An Sheng, "The mushrooms in the encampment must be burned . They can't be left behind at all to ensure that there are no latent dangers . "

"Yes, I'll do it now . " An Sheng received the order and led his men to clear the mushrooms in the encampment .

"Chancellor, the mushrooms in the encampment are easy to deal with . What should we do with the ones on the soldiers?" Qin Wufu asked worriedly .

Leng Zongzheng said, "If these spores hadn't parasitized a body, it wouldn't be difficult to remove them . However, once they carried out the parasitization, they became a part of the body . It's like the flesh and blood of the body . Even if one slices off the flesh, the self-healing ability of the body will regrow it . It's very difficult to remove it at the root . "

Qin Wufu and company revealed looks of worry when they heard that .

"You, come with me," Leng Zongzheng suddenly said to Zhou Wen before he left .

It can't be, right? Don't tell me Chancellor Leng is such a petty person . Is he going to settle scores for letting Tai Sui eat the spores? Zhou Wen followed Leng Zongzheng to his office in a somewhat depressed manner .

"Take a seat . " Leng Zongzheng's office was different from the offices of ordinary chancellors . Instead of calling it an office, it was more like a tea room .

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Leng Zongzheng didn't mention this matter . He sat at the tea table and said as he brewed tea, "Do you hate me for snatching the Companion Egg?"

Zhou Wen shook his head and said, "That was originally your prey . It's only right for you to take the Companion Egg . Why would I have such thoughts?"

Zhou Wen really meant it . It was Leng Zongzheng who had attacked the thousand-handed, bull-headed creature first . He was trying to scoop up the benefits but ended up being taken advantage of by Leng Zongzheng . There was nothing to be said . He could only blame himself for not being fast enough .

Upon hearing Zhou Wen's words, Leng Zongzheng smiled and placed a cup of brewed tea in front of him . Then, he continued, "Do you know the origins of that golden bull?"

Zhou Wen only knew that the bull was called the Great Might Vajra Bull . As for its origins, he really didn't know anything . All he could do was shake his head .

"The golden bull's former thousand-handed form is an imitation of Great Might Virtue Vajra . Great Might Virtue Vajra was a guardian Vajra of Tantric Buddhism . It was able to subdue evil demons, so it was known as having great might . It had the virtues of defending the good, so it was also known as having great virtue . There are also titles such as Yamāntaka, Vajrabhairava, and Bull-Headed Wisdom King . Previously, Tibetans believed that the Great Might Virtue Vajra was the wrath of Bodhisattva Mañjuśrī, so it had great might and terrifying power," Leng Zongzheng said as he put down his teacup .

"Does that mean that the golden bull is the true body of the mighty Great Might Virtue Vajra?" Zhou Wen said in surprise . He never expected the golden bull to have such a huge background .

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However, Leng Zongzheng said with a smile, "If it was the real Great Might Virtue Vajra, it wouldn't have been so easy for you to kill it . At most, it can only be considered an embodiment . "

Zhou Wen thought to himself, It's no wonder that the golden bull is called the Great Might Vajra Bull . So it's related to the Great Might Virtue Vajra . However, why is Principal Leng telling me this?

As though he had seen through Zhou Wen's thoughts, Leng Zongzheng took out an item from the drawer beside him and placed it on the table . It was the Great Might Vajra Bull Companion Egg .

However, the Great Might Vajra Bull Companion Egg was somewhat different from before . There were thin lines drawn on it . They crisscrossed and looked like a more popular magic circle in the West District, but there were some symbols that looked like something from Tantric Buddhism that emitted strange energy fluctuations .

"I've already dealt with this Companion Egg . Even at the Epic stage, you will be able to incubate it . Do you want it?" Leng Zongzheng said with a faint smile .

"Will you believe me if I say I don't, Chancellor?" Zhou Wen asked .

Leng Zongzheng laughed . "Since you want it, take it . "

"Really?" Zhou Wen felt that there was no free lunch in this world . How could anyone be so kind? They had paid such a huge price to deal with the Mythical Companion Egg only to give it to him .

Leng Zongzheng said, "I'm afraid there's no way to resolve the problems in Dragon Gate Grotto from outside . In the end, we can only enter . That's a Buddhist land . When the time comes, this Companion Egg will definitely be of great use . Perhaps it can save lives, so those who have it have to enter Dragon Gate Grotto . You contributed to its birth, so you are the first person I'm asking . If you are going, just hatch it . If you aren't going, I hope you can leave it to others . "

Zhou Wen was somewhat hesitant when he heard that . He naturally wanted the Great Might Vajra Bull, but Dragon Gate Grotto was extremely dangerous . If he entered it during this period of time, something ominous would definitely happen .

Leng Zongzheng didn't hurry him, nor did he say a word . All he did was drink his tea and wait for Zhou Wen's decision .

"If I don't go, will you use this Companion Egg?" Zhou Wen asked after some thought .

Leng Zongzheng shook his head . "I have other things to do . I don't have the time to control it . "

"Then who do you plan on getting?" Zhou Wen asked again .

"If you don't want it, the next candidate should be Tianzuo . I believe he won't reject it," Leng Zongzheng said .

"Alright, I'll go . " Although Zhou Wen had some guesses, he couldn't help but feel a little moved when he heard that An Tianzuo might obtain the Companion Egg . After some thought, he agreed to enter Dragon Gate Grotto .

"Take the Companion Egg and hatch it as soon as possible . The opportunity to enter Dragon Gate Grotto should be in the next few days," Leng Zongzheng said with a smile .