Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 675

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Chapter 675: 675
Indeed, the Poison Bat flew in front of Zhou Wen and circled him . Zhou Wen could sense the thoughts of Primordial Spore in the Poison Bat's brain .

With a thought, Zhou Wen issued an order to Primordial Spore . The Poison Bat flew up according to Zhou Wen's orders before charging at the group of Poison Bats and engaging the other Poison Bats in battle .

The other Poison Bats were still somewhat puzzled, unsure what had happened . A few of them had been killed by the Poison Bat controlled by Primordial Spore before it was killed by the other Poison Bats .

After the Poison Bat died, the Primordial Spore floated out and slowly returned to Zhou Wen's side .

Zhou Wen was alarmed when he saw this, but he was pleasantly surprised . Is this Soul Parasitizing? This fellow can actually control other dimensional creatures through parasitizing . Then, can it control Mythical creatures?

Zhou Wen couldn't wait to give it a try . He went to the Torch Dragon temple, hoping to see if he could get Primordial Spore to control Torch Dragon .

Unfortunately, Torch Dragon had great eyesight . It immediately discovered the Primordial Spore and didn't give it a chance . It directly used the Bright Torch Vision World and sucked Primordial Spore into the Vision World .

From the looks of it, it's still a little difficult to parasitize Torch Dragon . I'll try someone with poorer eyesight . Zhou Wen went to the Metalwork Temple to see if he could parasitize the Golden Battle God Halberd, but it didn't have any effect .

The Primordial Spore was unable to penetrate Golden Battle God Halberd's body . Although it was not killed by Golden Battle God Halberd, it failed to parasitize it successfully .

From the looks of it, Primordial Spore can only parasitize animals or plant-type dimensional creatures . Zhou Wen's heart stirred as he took it to the underground sea to test it out with the nine black dragons .

Primordial Spore successfully entered a black dragon's body, but the black dragon was clearly formidable . Primordial Spore was unable to control it given the short period of time . It only rooted itself in the black dragon's head, and it was unknown when it would completely gain control .

From the feedback from Primordial Spore, it was not a matter of a few days .

Primordial Spore's powers are pretty good, but it takes too long to control Mythical creatures . It's not very useful in-game . Zhou Wen had to respawn dungeons every day, so it was impossible for him to use Primordial Spore to slowly parasitize creatures .

Over the next few days, many strange dimensional creatures rushed out of Dragon Gate Grotto . Although many dimensional creatures were ferocious, the damage they caused wasn't as great as the Parasite Spores .

Sometimes, powerful dimensional creatures were not as terrifying as the weak spores .

As Zhou Wen had treated almost every soldier and officer, the soldiers and officers were very respectful to him when he delivered the supplies .

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Li Xuan and Feng Qiuyan had also gained the respect of the soldiers and officers because of their achievements in the previous battle .

Although the dimensional creatures that rushed out of Dragon Gate Grotto were destroyed, the situation didn't improve . The golden robes of the skeleton in the mountain temple became even more resplendent . Even in the dark night, it illuminated the entire Dragon Gate Grotto .

The river beside Dragon Gate Grotto hadn't been peaceful for the past few days . The temperature of the river was extremely high . In the beginning, it only emitted white steam, but it had begun boiling over the past two days .

The fish and shrimps inside died and floated to the surface of the river .

No one dared to fish up the shrimps . In the end, they fell apart from the river's boiling and sank .

"What's the origins of the monk-robed skeleton in the mountain seal? Do you think the anomaly in Dragon Gate Grotto is because of the monk-robed skeleton?" After Li Xuan and Zhou Wen finished transporting the supplies, they stood by the river's defense line and looked at Dragon Gate Grotto . All they could see was golden light enveloping it . And the source of the golden light was the monk-robed skeleton .

"That's possible . " Zhou Wen also felt that it was possible .

However, up to now, no one could clearly tell the source of Dragon Gate Grotto's anomaly .

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Leng Zongzheng hadn't looked for Zhou Wen since his private conversation with him . Therefore Zhou Wen wasn't kept abreast of the situation .

There was one thing that Zhou Wen was more concerned about . For so many days, the giant golden bird that had lived above Dragon Gate Grotto hadn't revealed itself . It was unknown what it was waiting for .

Boom! Boom!

As the two of them were watching Dragon Gate Grotto, a terrifying sound suddenly came from the other side of the river bank . The ground seemed to quake with the sound .

The river also produced ripples due to the shock . The ripples pushed forward ripple by ripple before finally creating a wave .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan looked in the direction of the sound . Under the moonlight, they saw a gigantic white elephant walking along the river bank . It was likely heading to Dragon Gate Grotto based on the direction it was traveling .

"What a huge white elephant . Where did this fellow come from?" Li Xuan asked in surprise .

The white elephant was indeed massive . An ordinary elephant probably didn't even reach its knees . Not only was its body huge, but it also emitted a strange glow as though it was bathed in holy light .

Its pair of tusks were pure and white as if they were made of jade .

The gigantic white elephant walked over step by step . Every step it took made a huge print in the ground, causing the ground to tremble . The houses in the encampment seemed to sway with every step .

The white elephant was clearly not a dimensional creature from Dragon Gate Grotto . It walked to the opposite side of Dragon Gate Grotto and directly entered the river . It looked like it wanted to cross the river and enter Dragon Gate Grotto .

The river was boiling and the temperature was extremely high . However, the white elephant didn't seem to notice it . The moment it stepped in, the river overflowed .

Leng Zongzheng, An Tianzuo, Qin Wufu, and company had already come out . They were also watching the white elephant .

The soldiers guarding the front line couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief when they saw that the white elephant wasn't heading towards the encampment . The pressure the white elephant gave them was just too strong .

The elephant parted the river's water; its might left one shuddering .

Just as the elephant was about to reach the center of the river, a hook-like black claw suddenly reached out from the river .