Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 676

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Chapter 676: 676
As if charcoal had encountered water, the black claw retreated back into the river .

The huge white elephant continued walking towards Dragon Gate Grotto as though nothing had happened . It was as though it only had one goal in its eyes .

The black claw never appeared again even when the white elephant stepped onto the river bank .

When it tore out of the water and got ashore, the water droplets on his body automatically slid off, leaving nothing behind .

Zhou Wen and company watched helplessly as the white elephant walked towards Dragon Gate Grotto and headed for the mountain temple .

Li Xuan looked at where An Tianzuo and company were . Seeing that they were only standing high above and watching without giving any orders, he turned back to look at the white elephant .

The white elephant walked on the mountain rocks . Wherever the giant foot passed, the rocks cracked, leaving behind huge footprints .

The dimensional creatures in Dragon Gate Grotto didn't dare approach the white elephant . All of them hid in the cave and trembled, not daring to walk out of the cave .

The huge white elephant walked all the way to the temple before stopping to look at the monk-robed skeleton that emitted a resplendent golden light . It raised its trunk and let out an elephant's trumpet .

"Not good! Quickly cover your ears!" Zhou Wen shouted at Li Xuan .

However, it was already a little too late . Everyone felt a thunderclap in their ears, causing their minds to buzz . The soldiers with weaker cultivation levels fell to the ground . Even Epic officers saw stars .

"Help… Help me up… Why do I feel like I'm in front of gold ingots…" Li Xuan seemed drunk as his body swayed violently .

Zhou Wen was fine as he hurriedly held him up .

After a while, Li Xuan, the Epic officers, and tutors came to their senses . As for the soldiers, they were still lying on the ground, unable to stand up as though they were drunk .

When Zhou Wen looked at the temple, he saw that the white elephant had already stepped into it .

The moment it stepped into the temple, the golden light on the monk-clothed skeleton suddenly flared up brightly like the sun . The golden light shone on the white elephant's body, causing it to falter .

The white elephant paused for a moment, but it quickly walked towards the monk-robed skeleton again . Under the suppression of the terrifying golden light, it found it extremely difficult to take a step forward .

However, it had no intention of giving up . It continued walking towards the monk-robed skeleton . The closer it was to the skeleton, the slower its speed became .

When it was only a few steps away from the skeleton, it took each step like it was carrying a mountain .

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"It wants to destroy the monk's remains?" Li Xuan said in surprise .

Just as he said that, the white elephant's trunk slammed into the monk-robed skeleton . However, the monk-robed skeleton wasn't smashed to bits . It continued sitting there cross-legged .

It suddenly raised its bony hand and grabbed the white elephant's trunk .

In the next moment, everyone saw an unbelievable scene . With a wave of the skeleton's hand, the gigantic elephant's body was easily thrown away .

Under Zhou Wen and company's horrified gazes, the massive elephant fell into the river beneath Dragon Gate Grotto .


Water splashed up hundreds of feet high as the huge elephant's body smashed into the river, creating a huge crater at the bottom . Instantly, the water level around the river bank increased drastically, almost reaching the encampment .

"That monk-robed skeleton is alive? Did he throw the terrifying elephant flying with one hand? What kind of crazy strength is that?" Li Xuan exclaimed .

Zhou Wen was alarmed and uncertain . It could fling such a massive and powerful white elephant easily . Such immense strength was probably something only Tyrant Behemoth could achieve when it used Absolute Strength .

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However, no matter how Zhou Wen looked at it, the monk-robed skeleton didn't look like it had powers like Absolute Strength .

What's his background? Why is the white elephant attacking him? Zhou Wen sized up the monk-robed skeleton in surprise .

The skeleton was crystalline and it emitted an intense golden glow, like a Buddha's golden body .

Although the monk robe was tattered, it couldn't conceal the Buddhist light .

He sat in a lotus position with a stone door behind him . There were no words or patterns on the door, and behind it was an extremely simple squarish stone house .

The stone house was less than two meters tall, and the stone door was even shorter . The monk-robed skeleton was sitting in front of the door which was only twenty to thirty centimeters taller than him . A normal adult would probably have to bend to enter .

Could it be that there's something strange in the stone house behind the monk-robed skeleton? Zhou Wen was guessing when he heard a tumultuous sound .

Turning his head, he saw the white elephant fighting a similarly gigantic black creature in the river . As the river water churned, Zhou Wen finally saw what the black object was .

"What a huge turtle! Such a huge turtle must have lived for hundreds of thousands of years . Killing it to make a stew will definitely be nutritious," Li Xuan exclaimed with widened eyes .

The black creature was actually a huge turtle . It was pitch-black and its shell was like black iron . Its body wasn't much smaller than the white elephant .

It fought the white elephant in the river and bit its neck, refusing to let go . The white elephant couldn't shake it off no matter how hard it tried . Its holy flesh and blood couldn't defend it from the turtle's teeth . Blood gushed out from the bite, dyeing the river red .

Terrifying power constantly erupted from the elephant's body, but it couldn't do anything to the huge turtle . The turtle's shell was just too hard . Even with the elephant's strength, it couldn't smash it open .

The holy light on the white elephant's body grew dimmer . Just as the huge turtle was about to kill it in the river, a bird's cry suddenly resounded .

A golden light descended from the sky . It was the giant golden bird .

It tore through the air like a bolt of lightning as its pair of talons grabbed at the tortoise's turtle shell . It managed to penetrate the black iron-like turtle shell . The pain made the turtle release its grip .

However, the golden bird didn't stop . It flapped its wings and lifted the huge turtle high into the sky . It brandished its sharp claws and tore it to pieces in the blink of an eye . Blood splattered across the sky .

The people in the encampment were dumbfounded . The golden bird was so ferocious that it left them terrified .

This giant bird's strength is probably comparable to Tyrant Behemoth! Zhou Wen was also alarmed . Only now did he realize how impressive Leng Zongzheng's feat of getting the giant golden bird to retreat was .