Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 677

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Chapter 677: 677
How horrid . To think I actually fought it before . It's really lucky that I didn't die . Zhou Wen was secretly alarmed . Back then, he wasn't as strong as he was now .

Of course, that wasn't a real battle . The golden bird's target wasn't him, or Zhou Wen wouldn't have been able to escape so easily .

When the huge turtle was killed by the golden bird, the white elephant finally crawled out of the river . The wounds on its body rapidly healed .

The strength of the huge white elephant was originally above the huge turtle's, but it had been thrown out by the monk-clothed skeleton, rendering it completely defenseless . This produced an opening for the huge turtle to take advantage of the situation .

The golden bird tore and ate up the turtle, but it had no intention of touching the elephant . It flapped its wings and shot straight into the clouds like a bolt of golden lightning, disappearing behind the mountain peak .

After the wounds on the elephant's body healed, it charged towards the monk-robed skeleton in the temple again . Its holy light surged crazily, but it was barely able to reach the skeleton .

As it had been severely injured, it didn't even have the ability to attack the monk-robed skeleton .

After persisting for a long period of time, the strength of the elephant slowly dwindled from the clash with the golden light . Finally, it couldn't withstand the impact of the golden light as its massive body appeared to be struck by rapids . It rolled down Dragon Gate Grotto and fell into the river, triggering a huge wave .

"That monk-robed skeleton is really too powerful," Li Xuan exclaimed .

"Did you see the object that the skeleton seems to be holding in its hand?" Zhou Wen had been observing the skeleton .

He had managed to throw the white elephant away with one hand, but his other hand never moved . It had always been covered by the monk robes .

Zhou Wen saw that there seemed to be an abnormal bulge . Unfortunately, Truth Listener's ability was affected by the golden light . He couldn't tell what was happening around the monk-robed skeleton, or he would have known if there was anything in his hand .

Li Xuan used his Life Soul's insect eyes to look, but he only saw something vague . He couldn't tell what it was either .

"Do you think the white elephant is so desperate for the item in his hand?" Li Xuan guessed .

"I'm not sure yet . Let's wait and see . " Zhou Wen saw the white elephant crawl out again as it panted by the riverside . However, it was unwilling to give up . After resting for a while, it charged towards the monk-robed skeleton for the third time .

"I'm just afraid that the golden bird and the white elephant are in cahoots . You've seen the outcome of that huge turtle . If you aren't afraid of death, give it a try . " Zhou Wen definitely wouldn't give it a try .

He wouldn't even try it with his pets . After all, each of his Mythical pets had been obtained with great difficulty . Every one of them was obtained through blood and tears . Every death made his heart ache .

"That makes sense . That golden bird is too terrifying . It's probably an existence that can match Primordial Sword Immortal and Tyrant Behemoth . From its abilities, it seems to be focused on speed and offensive strength . Could it be the legendary Golden-Winged Roc?" Li Xuan guessed .

"That's very likely . " Zhou Wen also felt that the golden bird resembled the legendary Golden-Winged Roc .

As the two of them spoke, the white elephant rushed into the temple again and trudged towards the monk-robed skeleton .

This time, the white elephant was different from before . Its tusks lit up like two bright lamps . It resisted the golden light, making it rush towards the monk-robed skeleton in a seemingly easier manner than the first two times .

However, Zhou Wen realized that the elephant's tusks were constantly burning . Its strength seemed to be exchanged from burning the tusks .

Finally, the huge white elephant charged in front of the monk-robed skeleton with the brilliance produced by burning the tusks . It lowered its head and used its burning tusks to slam into the monk-robed skeleton .

Before the tusks reached the monk, the force produced by thrust blew at the monk robes .

Zhou Wen had been paying constant attention to the monk-robed skeleton . When the monk robe fluttered, he saw that the other skeleton hand was placed above his thigh bone .

In that hand was a golden crystal that was about the size of a chicken egg . It looked slightly oval .

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The moment the crystal appeared, it immediately emitted a golden glow that illuminated the entire mountain temple . Nothing could be seen .

Even with Zhou Wen and Li Xuan's eyesight, they couldn't see anything .

After a while, the golden light vanished . When everyone saw the scene inside the temple again, they widened their eyes in horror .

The white elephant was still in front of the monk-robed skeleton . It hadn't been thrown down this time, but its flesh and organs had completely vanished . All that was left was a skeleton standing in front of the monk-robed skeleton, maintaining the posture of lowering its head to strike . It was the last scene Zhou Wen and company had seen .

A gust of wind blew and the huge skeleton suddenly scattered like flour . It landed on the ground and covered the entire mountain temple .

Everyone felt a chill run down their spines as they broke out in cold sweat .

In the middle of the afternoon, everyone felt their bodies turn cold .

"What was that bead just now?" Li Xuan stared at the monk-robed skeleton in the temple . The monk robe fell again, covering the bead . They couldn't see anything anymore .

"I don't know, but there's a Companion Egg on the ground," Zhou Wen said as he pointed towards the temple .

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In the pile of bone powder, there was a white Companion Egg . It was about half as tall as a person . It was clearly left behind by the white elephant after its death .

"The white elephant's Companion Egg is good stuff, but who would dare enter to take it?" Although Li Xuan's self-healing ability was very strong, he wasn't so foolhardy to believe that he could withstand the terrifying golden light .

Zhou Wen had some ideas . Although the elephant wasn't a top-notch Mythical creature, it was still a Mythical creature .

I wonder if I can send an Epic Companion Beast in and get it out? Just as Zhou Wen had this thought, someone had already done so .

Among the Epic experts sent by the local major families in Luoyang, an Epic expert summoned an Epic immortal crane . It flew into the temple, hoping to get the Companion Egg out .

However, just as the immortal crane flew into the mountain temple, its body came into contact with the golden light emitted by the monk-robed skeleton . It immediately disintegrated and died .

Everyone was alarmed . Only then did they realize that not anyone could enter the mountain temple . The white elephant could travel against the golden light in the mountain temple, but that didn't mean they could do the same .

"Thankfully, I didn't enter . " Li Xuan broke out into a cold sweat . He had really wanted to rush into the temple to retrieve the white elephant's Companion Egg .