Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 678

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Chapter 678: 678
Everyone wanted the white elephant Companion Egg, but no one dared to send a Companion Beast into the mountain temple . The death of the Epic immortal crane was truly shocking .

Although Zhou Wen felt that his Mythical Companion Beast was likely capable of withstanding the golden light emitted by the monk-robed skeleton, he was afraid that the golden light from the crystal would erupt again . When that happened, even a Mythical might not be able to withstand it . To sacrifice a Mythical Companion Beast for a Mythical Companion Egg, with the possibility of not getting it back made it too risky .

An Tianzuo and Leng Zongzheng didn't let their Companion Beasts enter the mountain temple . Clearly, they had the same qualms .

Two Mythical creatures had died . No one dared to enter the temple to grab the Companion Eggs . There were no new changes in Dragon Gate Grotto .

Qin Wufu had already ordered the troops to disperse and rest . The soldiers and officers returned to their respective positions . As for the Epic experts from the noble families, they sized up the Companion Egg unwillingly and tried to think of ways to get it out .

In the end, they lost several Epic Companion Beasts and failed to enter the mountain temple .

Zhou Wen ultimately held back his urges and didn't let his Mythical Companion Beast enter . Before figuring out the origins of the monk-clothed skeleton and the crystal, taking risks meant death .

"Young Master Wen, Chancellor Leng wants to see you," An Sheng said as Zhou Wen was loading the supplies .

Zhou Wen put down his work and followed An Sheng to Leng Zongzheng's office .

When Zhou Wen arrived, he realized that An Tianzuo and Qin Wufu were there . Zhou Wen pretended not to see An Tianzuo and only greeted Chancellor Leng and Qin Wufu .

"Little Zhou, come and have a seat . " Qin Wufu warmly invited Zhou Wen to take a seat .

Only then did Leng Zongzheng say, "You all saw what happened in the mountain temple . What are your thoughts?"

Qin Wufu said, "Chancellor, do you think the golden crystal in the skeleton's hand is the legendary Relic?"

"There's a possibility, but Relics are Buddhist treasures . Logically speaking, they shouldn't have such destructive force," said Leng Zongzheng .

An Tianzuo thought for a moment and said, "I do have an idea . Perhaps that monk-robed skeleton isn't a dimensional creature from Dragon Gate Grotto . "

"Go into the detail . " Leng Zongzheng gestured for An Tianzuo to continue .

An Tianzuo continued, "When we saw him sitting cross-legged in his monk robes, we thought he was a dimensional creature from Dragon Gate Grotto . However, the power he used, including the crystal, looks different from the Buddhist-type creatures I've seen before . "

"That's right . " Leng Zongzheng nodded calmly .

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"Tianzuo's guess coincides with mine . The golden-winged bird and the monk-robed skeleton are top Mythical creatures . If we want to achieve anything, I'm afraid we won't be able to avoid competing with them . We need to make early preparations . " After Leng Zongzheng said that, he looked at Zhou Wen and said, "When the time comes, you can enter the mountain temple with us . You have to be prepared to fight the golden-winged bird and the monk-robed skeleton . If you have any worries, tell me ahead of time . "

"Yes, I'll prepare well," Zhou Wen answered .

Leng Zongzheng nodded and continued, "Let's say that the monk-robed skeleton isn't a dimensional creature from Dragon Gate Grotto, nor is he a Buddhist-tye creature . Which type do you think it is?"

Qin Wufu pondered and said, "I've seen quite a number of dimensional creatures over the years, but this is the first time I've seen such power . "

Seeing Leng Zongzheng look at him, An Tianzuo shook his head and said, "I've never seen it before . "

Seeing that everyone was unsure of the skeleton's strength, Leng Zongzheng said, "Since that's the case, let's start from judging the skeleton's Strength stat . "

Zhou Wen listened to their discussion from the side and didn't say a word . After all, he was still too young . The dimensional zones and dimensional creatures he had come into contact with were limited . His experience couldn't compare to the few people present, so all he could do was listen to their discussion . It would also broaden his knowledge .

Leng Zongzheng and company planned on using the most primitive and most effective method to probe what kind of dimensional creature the monk-robed skeleton was .

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The method was very simple . It was to use the principle of attribute strengths and weaknesses . They would send Companion Beasts of similar strength but of different types into the mountain temple .

Then, they could observe the reactions after being attacked by the golden light in the mountain temple . If they were strong or weak against it, they would definitely have different reactions . They might die quickly or last a little longer .

By using these minute differences, one could roughly deduce the monk-clothed skeleton's type .

Of course, this method had a premise . Among the Companion Beasts used for testing, there had to be existences that were strong or weak against the monk-robed skeleton or they would be useless .

After the discussion ended, An Sheng was in charge of the probe . Zhou Wen didn't receive any assigned missions as he continued his preparations .

The test didn't go smoothly . An Sheng used nineteen different Legendary Companion Beasts to test, but he didn't find anything abnormal .

Finally, he felt that it was likely that a Legendary Companion Beast was too weak . Even if it was strong or weak against it, it was difficult to show it . They had to use Epic Companion Beasts in the second round of testing .

The results of the second round of tests were the same . Despite sacrificing more than ten Epic Companion Beasts, they still failed to figure out the attributes of the monk-robed skeleton .

The only thing they could confirm was that the monk-robed skeleton wasn't a Buddhist-type .

Zhou Wen kept thinking about how he could safely get the white elephant Companion Egg out, so he was also studying the attributes of the monk-robed skeleton .

Unfortunately, there wasn't an anomaly in Dragon Gate Grotto in-game, nor was there a mountain temple or monk-robed skeleton . There was no way to test it in-game .

After some thought, Zhou Wen had an idea .

Primordial Spore's Life Providence was Eternal Immortality . Although its stats weren't high, it wasn't easy to kill it .

Even the Golden Overlord Sword's golden sword beam, which had the augmentation of Ever-Victorious and Unstoppable, couldn't kill Primordial Spore . This showed how powerful the Eternal Immortality Life Providence was .

At present, Zhou Wen only knew that there were two types of skills that could directly kill Primordial Spore—Bright Torch Vision World and Tai Sui's innate talent .

Therefore, Zhou Wen thought of letting Primordial Spore enter the temple to give it a try . Perhaps he might discover something .

Having made up his mind, Zhou Wen didn't hesitate any further . He released Primordial Spore and allowed it to float slowly towards the mountain temple .