Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 679

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Chapter 679: 679
Although there were many Fairies and Mallas wandering around, none of them noticed the existence of Primordial Spore .

Zhou Wen realized that using Primordial Spore to scout the way was extremely effective . Few dimensional creatures could discover its existence .

Primordial Spore made its way to the temple without any obstructions . However, the moment Primordial Spore entered the temple, something went wrong .

Although Primordial Spore wasn't killed by the golden light that enveloped the entire mountain temple, its body emitted a blinding light when it clashed with the golden light . It was like a firefly's glow .

Although the light wasn't eye-catching, it made Primordial Spore lose the advantage of being virtually invisible .

Primordial Spore flew through the golden light and soon arrived beside the white elephant Companion Egg . As it had the Eternal Immortality Life Providence, it wasn't killed by the golden light .

Having been exposed, it was too risky to let Primordial Spore fly towards the monk-robed skeleton . Under such circumstances, Zhou Wen wasn't greedy . He got Primordial Spore to land on the white elephant's Companion Egg before getting it to push the Companion Egg . He wanted to see if he could push the Companion Egg out of the temple .

Primordial Spore's Strength was very weak, but that was when compared to other Mythical creatures . At the very least, it had 41 Strength . It was more than enough to push the white elephant's Companion Egg .

Now, Zhou Wen was only a little worried . He didn't know if the monk-robed skeleton would interfere .

Zhou Wen constantly observed the monk-robed skeleton's movements . As long as he made any abnormal movements, Zhou Wen would immediately get Primordial Spore to escape and leave the Companion Egg behind .

However, the monk-robed skeleton didn't react . Primordial Spore stuck to the white elephant Companion Egg, pushing it and making it slowly roll out of the temple .

The soldiers monitoring the mountain temple discovered the phenomenon of the white elephant Companion Egg and immediately reported it to their superiors . Soon, An Tianzuo, Qin Wufu, and company came out . Indeed, they saw the white elephant Companion Egg roll out of the mountain temple .

"What's going on? Why is the Companion Egg rolling out?" Qin Wufu said in surprise as he held a pair of binoculars .

This was because after leaving the mountain temple, Primordial Spore no longer produced any light from resisting the golden light . Qin Wufu and company couldn't see Primordial Spore at all .

An Tianzuo was also somewhat puzzled as he ordered the soldiers, "Be on high alert to prevent any incidents . "

The tutors and Epic experts from the rich and powerful families were also attracted over . Although they all wanted the white elephant Companion Egg, they found it odd to see it roll out . No one dared to snatch it .

"It's coming… It's coming to the encampment…" Someone realized that after the Companion Egg rolled down, it jumped into the river and leisurely crossed the river . It then rolled up to the river bank and rolled towards the encampment .

"Everyone, be careful…" A group of soldiers, tutors, and Epic experts were all waiting solemnly . They stared at the Companion Egg as though they were facing a great enemy . An Tianzuo and Leng Zongzheng were also staring at it .

Zhou Wen only wanted to get the Companion Egg out, having never expected to cause such a grand lineup . It didn't seem right to take the Companion Egg in front of everyone .

Zhou Wen was still hesitating about what to do when the Companion Egg rolled to the encampment . The soldiers aimed their guns at it, as though they would shoot at it with everything they had once the order was given .

The Epic experts had also summoned their Companion Beasts . It looked like they were preparing for battle .

"That… I'm sorry… It's fine, it's fine… Don't worry… It's here for me…" Zhou Wen had no choice but to bite the bullet and walk out . He raised his hands and waved at the soldiers, gesturing for them not to shoot .

Everyone was taken aback when they heard him say that . An Tianzuo's expression was even stranger .

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"What do you mean it's here to look for you?" An Tianzuo and company found it odd . A Companion Egg came down from the mountain temple to find Zhou Wen?

Could it be that it had rested in the temple for too long and wanted to come down the mountain to chat with Zhou Wen? Wasn't that ridiculous?

Everyone stared at Zhou Wen with odd expressions . The soldiers didn't lower their guns . The Epic experts' Companion Beasts were still staring at the Companion Egg . Clearly, they couldn't believe Zhou Wen's words .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to bite the bullet and wave at the Companion Egg . He said, "It's fine . I'll take it now . Everyone, you may return to your work . "

Everyone was alarmed when they saw the Companion Egg roll towards Zhou Wen .

Could it be that something like a Companion Egg would find someone they knew? Many people had mixed expressions .

Zhou Wen carried the Companion Egg and walked back . At that moment, An Tianzuo waved his hand, gesturing for the soldiers to return to their positions before they lowered their guns .

"From the looks of it, Young Master Wen has quite good social relations . Even a Companion Egg delivers itself to him," An Sheng said with a smile .

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An Tianzuo said with a cold expression, "It's just a lowly trick . "

With that said, he ignored everyone and returned to his office .

"This Little Zhou is getting more and more interesting . " Leng Zongzheng looked at Zhou Wen with a smile before turning to leave .

The news of Companion Eggs coming down the mountain to chat with Zhou Wen immediately spread in the encampment . The more it spread, the crazier it became .

"You might not know about this . It was a cold, windy day . Countless heroes used all kinds of Companion Beasts, but none of them were able to extract the Companion Egg from the mountain temple . It could be said that there were countless deaths and injuries . However, who would have expected that the Companion Egg of the huge white elephant couldn't withstand the loneliness in the middle of the dark, windy night? It went down the mountain to chat with Young Master Zhou… Speaking of Young Master Zhou, he's no ordinary person . At Chess Mountain's encampment, he is known as Doctor Little Zhou . He healed the strange ailment of the Chess Mountain . Now, at Dragon Gate Grotto's encampment, he showed his might and wiped out the mushroom monsters that left many helpless…" A soldier, who had seen Zhou Wen while being stationed at Chess Mountain, explained to his colleagues who had missed the development because they were resting .

"Do you know why Young Master Zhou Wen has so many magical abilities? To be honest, my third uncle's niece's second aunt's cousin-in-law is the gardener of the An family . According to his reliable sources, Young Master Wen is Madam Lan's son, the Overseer's younger brother . If you ask me why Young Master Wen's surname is Zhou and not An, then we will have to talk about a tragic past . You might not believe it, but the Overseer and Young Master Wen are twins . Back when Madam Lan was giving birth, a great enemy attacked . After Madam Lan gave birth to the Overseer and Young Master Wen, Young Master Wen was snatched away by the bad guys…"

Ordinary soldiers didn't know about the An family and the Zhou family . However, when they heard that Zhou Wen was Madam Lan's son, and after making some additional associations, the rumors became crazier and crazier .

When the rumors reached An Tianzuo's ears, the corners of his eyes twitched for a long time, but he remained silent .

An Sheng didn't dare say a word as he stood at the side with a solemn expression . His face was taut, but for some reason, he looked very uncomfortable .