Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Commanding

“I don’t think so,” Liu Zhengyan said with a smile .

“Why?” Wang Fei asked, looking perplexed .

Anyone who had seen the video of Zhou Wen and Li Xuan’s fight with the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus knew that they had the means to kill the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus and were just short of the final strike .

Now, with four stronger people, it made no sense that they wouldn’t succeed .

“Watch this now . ” Liu Zhengyan unlocked his phone and played a video .

“This is the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus? It doesn’t seem to be the same one?” Wang Fei gave the video a look and immediately saw a few soldiers fighting the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus via their Companion Beasts .

Liu Zhengyan said, “This is a blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus found by the military elsewhere in Underground Buddha City . They used five Legendary Companion Beasts but ended up with tragic losses . They were almost wiped out . ”

“I didn’t know that . ” Wang Fei was somewhat alarmed .

Liu Zhengyan skipped to the end of the video and let Wang Fei watch carefully . The final scene had twenty to thirty jets of blood spew out from the lotus receptacle .

Once they were hit by the blood, the flesh melted off the five Legendary Companion Beasts, plummeting them into the lotus pond amidst cries . None of them survived with an intact body .

“I never expected the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus to have such an ability . Should we stop Hui Haifeng and the rest?” Wang Fei frowned after finishing the video .

Liu Zhengyan shook his head and said, “If we were to warn them now, who can warn them when they head to some unknown dimensional zone in an expedition? Cruel reality is the best teacher . Today, they will pay for the experience using only a few Companion Beasts . In the future, it might save their lives . ”

Wang Fei nodded slightly . Liu Zhengyan was right-in school, the dimensional zones they encountered had all been explored by the military . The level of danger wasn’t too high, causing some students to think little of dimensional zones . It was also good to let them suffer a little .

“Mr . Liu, what’s your take on Zhou Wen?” Wang Fei’s gaze landed on Zhou Wen who was overseeing the battle .

“To be honest, although his performance with Li Xuan was very exciting, I still think more highly of Li Xuan when it comes to potential . After all, to go far, relying on talent and hard work isn’t enough . Besides, I’ve heard that Zhou Wen is engrossed in gaming . He might not amount to much . ” Liu Zhengyan paused and looked at Wang Fei . “You are the teacher in charge of Zhou Wen’s class, right? I’m afraid it will be hard for you . ”

Wang Fei nodded as she looked at the distant Zhou Wen with a deep, meaningful look . She muttered to herself, “I don’t think so . This Zhou Wen might be quite an interesting fellow . ”

Under Zhou Wen’s commands, the four Companion Beasts besieged the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus . Hui Haifeng and the other three followed his instructions and were good at controlling their Companion Beasts . Soon, they tore open the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus’s petals and defeated the venomous toad .

After the toad exploded, the four controlled their Companion Beasts to charge at the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus, hoping to slay it .

“Windchime Bird, Blood Raven, retreat ten meters . Water Wisteria, retreat fifteen meters . Crow Tengu, head left seven meters and shoot Crow Feathers,” Zhou Wen instructed .

Seeing that victory was at hand and that the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus was about to die, the boy controlling the Blood Raven said in excitement, “Let me finish the final strike . Blood Raven, cast Blood Feather Storm!”

Hui Haifeng and Nana had followed Zhou Wen’s instructions and retreated the Companion Beasts they controlled . As for the boy, he didn’t make his Blood Raven retreat and instead launched the final strike .

Everything had gone too smoothly, so smoothly that he felt he could complete everything without the need for Zhou Wen .

As the blood feathers hit the lotus receptacle, it immediately riddled them with wounds . It seemingly cracked open as the boy felt a sense of smugness when he heard a boom .

The lotus receptacle suddenly exploded as blood splattered out, instantly raining down .

The Companion Beasts of Hui Haifeng and the other two had already retreated according to Zhou Wen’s instructions . They reacted with great composure, retreating out of reach of the blood rain’s range in a timely fashion .

As for the Blood Raven, it was too close to the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus since it hadn’t retreated ahead of time . It had no time to escape and it was drenched by the blood rain .


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The Blood Raven cried out tragically as most of its feathers rotted . It fell straight into the lotus pond, leaving all the other students drawing a cold gasp . The boy’s expression also turned nasty .

Zhou Wen didn’t say a thing as he continued commanding, “Windchime Bird, cast Primordial Energy Skill attack to attack the flower stalk . Crow Tengu, use Crow Feathers as cover . Water Wisteria, prepare to catch the lotus flower . ”

Under Zhou Wen’s command, the trio successfully slew the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus and dragged the damaged lotus flower out .

“Junior, not bad,” Nana said with a smile .

“Blood Raven’s death wasn’t my responsibility . I’m not making compensation,” Zhou Wen said .

The boy who controlled Blood Raven blushed as he said in embarrassment, “You don’t have to . I’m sorry, I was just too anxious . Zhou Wen, you were impressive . How did you know that the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus still had such an internecine attack?”

“Faced with any dimensional creature, one has to view it with a sense of fear and reverence . Otherwise, you might end up paying with your life . I was only trying my best to prevent any accidents . ” Zhou Wen randomly gave an excuse .

“I have to thank you or we would have really suffered terribly,” Hui Haifeng said with narrowed eyes . He didn’t mind the losses, but Zhou Wen’s performance had garnered his interest .

“I was paid so it was part and parcel of my job . If there’s nothing else, I’ll be heading back . ” After Zhou Wen said that, he turned and left . The only thing on his mind was to head to Small Buddha Temple’s main temple and figure out what was inside . He really didn’t have the mood to say anything else .

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Gao Yang watched Zhou Wen leave with mixed expressions . He always felt that Hui Haifeng’s hiring of Zhou Wen was superfluous, but now, he realized that without Zhou Wen, it was very likely that all four Companion Beasts would have died . It was better to lose a single Companion Egg

Liu Zhengyan also wore an odd look . “Strange, could it be that he has a relationship with the military and has seen that video?”

Wang Fei smiled and said, “Don’t you know that Zhou Wen’s staying at the Four Seasons Garden was arranged by the An family?”

“I see . No wonder . ” Only then was Liu Zhengyan enlightened .

However, Wang Fei narrowed her eyes as she watched Zhou Wen leave . She still had something she didn’t say: Although Zhou Wen’s ties with the An family aren’t to be dismissed, this is definitely not obtained from the An family . How did this fellow do it? What an interesting chap . From the looks of it, I should delve deeper and treat it as helping Little Lan .

Zhou Wen returned to his dorm and eagerly launched the game on his phone, entering Underground Buddha City .