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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 680

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:26 PM

Chapter 680: 680
Feng Qiuyan had also seen the Companion Egg come down the mountain to look for Zhou Wen . After some thought, he came to a realization . "Coach, you must be proficient in the language of eggs . You can communicate with the Companion Egg, right?"

Zhou Wen was instantly rendered speechless . All he could do was explain, "I used a microscopic Companion Beast to push the Companion Egg down . I know nothing about egg language . "

"I see . " Li Xuan and Feng Qiuyan were immediately enlightened .

Zhou Wen took some time to look at the stats of the huge white elephant's Companion Egg and realized that its stats were rather good .

White Elephant: Mythical

Life Providence: Guardian Elephant

Life Soul: Holy Tusks

Wheel of Destiny: Holy Guardian

Strength: 80

Speed: 72

Constitution: 79

Essence Energy: 80

Talent Skill: Saint Energy Augmentation, Heaven Pillar Strike, Holy Impact

Companion Form: Mount

Another mount? Zhou Wen was immediately depressed . He only had one butt, so how could he ride two Companion Beasts at the same time?

After some thought, Zhou Wen didn't store White Elephant into his phone, nor did he hatch it .

White Elephant and Great Might Vajra Bull were considered Companion Beasts of the same type . Furthermore, its stats couldn't compare to the Great Might Vajra Bull . Even if he hatched it, it wouldn't be of much use to Zhou Wen .

As for using it as an ordinary Companion Beast, Zhou Wen felt that it wasn't necessary . Now that he had the ability to grind Mythical Companion Eggs, there would definitely be many Mythical Companion Beasts with such stats in the future . Furthermore, he couldn't take those Mythical Companion Eggs out for sale .

Why don't I sell this White Elephant Companion Egg or exchange it for something? It's useless to me anyway . Zhou Wen thought for a moment and realized that selling it didn't seem appropriate .

Mythical Companion Beasts were rare . There were probably only about a hundred of them in the entire Federation . They were no longer things that money could measure .

Furthermore, it was useless for Zhou Wen to have so much money . He was not at all materialistic .

"Old Zhou, your luck is too good . How old are you, and you've already obtained another Mythical Companion Beast . I reckon the old fellows from the six families don't have as many Mythical Companion Beasts as you," Li Xuan said enviously .

"If you want it, you can buy it," Zhou Wen said .

"For real?" Li Xuan was slightly taken aback . He never expected Zhou Wen to say that .

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"Of course it's true . I'm short of money . You can't cheat me on the price . " Zhou Wen felt that letting Li Xuan have a Mythical Companion Beast wasn't a bad idea .

"Qiuyan, what about you? Are you interested?" Zhou Wen asked Feng Qiuyan again .

"The white elephant doesn't suit me . " Feng Qiuyan was even more direct .

Zhou Wen was depressed . He wanted to give the Companion Egg away, but no one wanted it .

"Since you aren't interested, I'll get An Sheng to help me sell it," Zhou Wen said as he called An Sheng .

"Young Master Wen, is there something urgent? If not, I'll come over to you after I'm done with my matters," An Sheng carefully said as he glanced at the sullen An Tianzuo .

"It's nothing serious . It's just the White Elephant Companion Egg . I want to sell it . Help me see if anyone wants it," Zhou Wen said .

An Sheng was immediately alarmed when he heard that . "Young Master Wen, you want to sell the White Elephant Companion Egg? Why are you doing this? If there's a problem with the incubation, we can help you . "

"No, I just feel that it's useless . It's a waste having it with me . I want to exchange it for something useful," Zhou Wen said .

An Sheng was immediately rendered speechless . Zhou Wen was the only one who claimed that Mythical Companion Beasts were useless .

However, on second thought, it made sense . Zhou Wen had too many Mythical Companion Beasts . Furthermore, with terrifying existences like Torch Dragon and Tyrant Behemoth, a White Elephant was nothing to him .

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"Young Master Wen, wait for me . I'll come to you . Let's talk in person," An Sheng said before hanging up .

"Overseer, Young Master Wen wants to sell the White Elephant Companion Egg," An Sheng said to An Tianzuo .

An Sheng had said it loudly just now, so An Tianzuo had naturally heard it . He said with a deadpan expression, "Foolish . He's beginning to become arrogant just because he has some wealth . Since he wants to sell it, buy it . Give him whatever he wants . Don't miss a single cent . "

"Young Master Wen isn't a greedy person . He might say that he wants to sell it, but he just wants to give it to us," An Sheng explained on Zhou Wen's behalf .

"There's no sincerity at all . Is this how a gift is given to someone? Furthermore, even if it's a gift, it's for you . I have nothing to do with him, nor will I take his things . Therefore, it should be you, not us . Be more precise with your words in the future . As my adjutant, you aren't even precise with your words . What kind of adjutant are you?" An Tianzuo waved his hand and said, "Don't bother me . Go back to work . "

An Sheng had no choice but to leave the office and head to Zhou Wen .

"Young Master Wen, what do you want to exchange it for?" An Sheng asked as he looked at the White Elephant Companion Egg .

"I want five million," Zhou Wen said .

"That's nothing . Mythical Companion Eggs are worth far more than that," Zhou Wen said .

"As for the rest, I want some rather special Epic Essence Energy Skill Crystals," Zhou Wen said after some thought . His offensive means were still too uniform . He wanted to try and see if he could develop a divine offensive skill .

"Be specific," An Sheng said .

"It's best if it's an attack skill with special effects . It's best if it's a palm technique . " Zhou Wen had always wanted to advance his Ashen Palm, but he had no suitable direction .

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"How about this? I don't think you've thought it through . I'll give you a catalog later for you to choose," An Sheng said .

"Alright, that's settled then . Take the Companion Egg away . " Zhou Wen was rather satisfied with the deal .

An Sheng didn't stand on ceremony as he took the White Elephant Companion Egg back and quickly returned with a catalog for Zhou Wen . There were many Epic Essence Energy Skill Crystals listed on it .

However, the catalog only had the names of Essence Energy Skill Crystals . He didn't know what kind of skills they were .

"You probably can't tell what kind of Essence Energy Skills they are just by their names . What you can choose is probably the attributes . It's best if you choose an Essence Energy Skill Crystal that matches your Essence Energy Art," An Sheng suggested .

Zhou Wen read for a while, unsure what Essence Energy Skill he should choose .

He had dropped quite a number of Essence Energy Skill Crystals and had learned quite a number of skills, but there were very few that he could usually use .

"Young Master Wen, if you can't make up your mind, I have a suggestion," An Sheng said .

"What's the suggestion?" Zhou Wen asked .

"Rather than exchanging the egg for Essence Energy Skill Crystals, why don't you exchange it for a chance?" An Sheng said with a serious expression .

"What chance?" Zhou Wen looked at An Sheng in puzzlement .

"Previously, I entered a mysterious dimensional zone with the Overseer…" An Sheng explained .