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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 681

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:25 PM

Chapter 681: 681
An Tianzuo's first Mythical Companion Egg was obtained from there . However, one person could only open three treasure chests in the maze .

An Sheng's luck wasn't too good . He opened three treasure chests, but he didn't obtain any Mythical Companion Eggs . However, it wasn't as though he didn't get anything .

In the maze, An Sheng obtained a mysterious pill from a treasure chest . After using it, his physique underwent some changes . In the past, An Sheng had told Zhou Wen that he was especially sensitive to Spirit Bodies . It was thanks to the mysterious pill .

"In this era, there's really nothing out of the ordinary . To think that there's actually such a good place . There are countless strange dimensional zones around the world . I wonder how many people have obtained fortuitous encounters . The fortuitous encounters of wuxia novels in the past are too common in this era," Zhou Wen said wistfully .

However, Zhou Wen had a slight advantage . Other people's fortuitous encounters were life-threatening . As for him, all he needed to do was download the dungeon and slowly encounter them . He was bound to encounter one .

Other people's fortuitous encounters could be deemed as Heaven selecting them, but the mysterious phone made Heaven's selection inevitable .

"The world is changing, and humans are changing as well . It's the same for the Federation . However, no matter how the world changes, there's one thing that won't change," An Sheng said .

"What?" Zhou Wen really couldn't think of anything in this world that wouldn't change .

"The winner is king," An Sheng said seriously .

Zhou Wen was taken aback . This didn't sound like An Sheng's style . He imagined that An Sheng would say something about family .

An Sheng smiled and said, "Let's talk about the maze . The maze itself changes automatically . To walk out of it, one needs to understand the Book of Changes and Chinese divination . Last time, we found a total of twelve treasure chests when Overseer took me through the maze . We opened six and left the remaining six for Madam and Miss Jing . However, in the maze, one needs the strength of an Epic to survive . Miss Jing hasn't had the chance to go . Madam has been investigating Mr . Ouyang's matter, so she hasn't had the time to go either . Now, she's investigating Chu He . I reckon she won't be going . Why not use the White Elephant to exchange for a chance to enter and try your luck?"

"Since this is Sis Lan's chance, it's not nice of me to exchange for it, right?" Zhou Wen was somewhat hesitant .

Zhou Wen thought that it made sense . Since Sis Lan wasn't going, it was fair for him to use the White Elephant Companion Egg to exchange for this opportunity .

"Alright . " Zhou Wen nodded slightly .

"After the matter at Dragon Gate Grotto is resolved, I'll take you there . That place isn't in Luoyang . Besides, before you go, you have to remember the maze's possible path changes . I'll give you the map of the maze later," An Sheng said with a smile .

After An Sheng left, Zhou Wen continued grinding dungeons .

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He got nothing from entering Dragon Gate Grotto and grinding the baby tiger . Zhou Wen was already numb with disappointment .

Why doesn't the dungeon in-game change as well? If the game dungeons can intrinsically change, I can try cracking the golden light's secret in-game, Zhou Wen thought greedily .


When Zhou Wen was grinding the Endless Sea of Stars, an Essence Energy Skill Crystal dropped . On careful look, it was the Neck Gold Dragon Essence Energy Skill he had been looking forward to .

It finally dropped! Zhou Wen was overjoyed . He had been grinding for many days . He had already obtained quite a number of the other six palaces of the Azure Dragon's seven palaces, but only the Neck Gold Dragon eluded him . He had finally fulfilled his wish today .

After impatiently absorbing the Essence Energy Skill Crystal, Zhou Wen felt another nail-like Essence Energy acupoint appear on his body . When the Essence Energy acupoint formed, the other six Essence Energy acupoints that were like dead acupoints suddenly came to life . They formed an Essence Energy circulation between the seven Essence Energy acupoints .

Horn, neck, root, room, heart, tail, winnowing basket . The seven palaces were identical to the shape of a dragon . The horn was the horn of a dragon, and the neck was a dragon's neck . Root was the stem of the neck . Room corresponded to the arms, the heart was the heart, and the winnowing basket was the tail .

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Essence Energy flowed through the seven Essence Energy points like an Azure Dragon . Zhou Wen could even hear the Azure Dragon's long roar .

Zhou Wen looked at his stats in-game and realized that the seven Essence Energy Skills had vanished, turning into an Essence Energy Skill .

Eastern Azure Dragon Seven Lunar Mansions (Mortal): Horn Wood Scaly Dragon, Neck Gold Dragon, Root Earth Raccoon Dog, Room Solar Rabbit, Heart Lunar Fox, Tail Fire Tiger, and Winnowing-basket Water Leopard .

Zhou Wen saw that the Essence Energy Skill was still at the Mortal stage, having not leveled up just because of the fusion of seven skills . However, the Essence Energy Skills that he couldn't use previously could now be used .

He attempted to use the skill of the Azure Dragon's Seven Lunar Mansions in-game . The Essence Energy in his body surged and transformed into an invisible force that coiled around his body, protecting him .

This feels a little similar to the Lotus Flower Buddha Body's functions . They are all protective Essence Energy Skills, but they seem much weaker than the Lotus Flower Buddha Body . Zhou Wen couldn't help but be in a dilemma . He hadn't used the Lotus Flower Buddha Body for a long time because it wasn't strong enough .

Now, the Eastern Azure Dragon's Seven Lunar Mansions was only at the Mortal stage, so the effects were even weaker .

When Zhou Wen used it, he realized that the Azure Dragon Seven Nights could transform into the seven different forms—Heart Lunar Fox, Room Solar Rabbit, and so on . But he didn't notice anything special .

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After grinding for so long, it's only a protective Essence Energy Skill? Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss . With an Essence Energy Skill named after the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions and one that was so difficult to grind, it shouldn't be so weak .

Should I try gathering the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions Essence Energy Skill and give it a try? Zhou Wen wasn't willing to give up . He decided to grind the other Lunar Mansion skills if he had the time .

However, Zhou Wen didn't plan on deliberately grinding them any further . It was just that he would farm them if he saw them during his search for Astral Combat Beasts . It was best if he could gather all of them but it was not necessary .

He controlled the blood-colored avatar to constantly search for Astral Combat Beasts in the endless sea of stars . After heading to other stellar zones, he indeed obtained other Lunar Mansion skills .

After grinding for some time, Zhou Wen realized the pattern .

In the four Lunar Mansion regions of north, south, east, and west, every Lunar Mansion region had one Essence Energy Skill that was especially difficult to obtain . Furthermore, one couldn't use it unless one gathered all seven Essence Energy Skills .

Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise are in the four Lunar Mansion zones . I wonder what effects they will have if I gather all of them . It was only a passing thought for Zhou Wen; he didn't deliberately complete the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions .