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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 682

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:24 PM

Chapter 682: 682
Heavy-Armored Titan and Tyrant Behemoth were considered Companion Beasts of the same type . They had powerful physiques and formidable strength and had especially terrifying defenses .

Heavy-Armored Titan's entire body was enveloped by heavy armor . When it used the power of the Wheel of Destiny, almost no one could break its heavy armor .

Primordial Sword Immortal wasn't able to slice apart the heavy armor of the Titan . However, Primordial Immortal Sword's intelligence was much higher than Heavy-Armored Titan . Furthermore, its speed was very fast, so it didn't clash head-on with Heavy-Armored Titan that had activated its Wheel of Destiny . Once its Wheel of Destiny ended, it was completely defeated by Primordial Sword Immortal . It still couldn't force Primordial Sword Immortal into using its Wheel of Destiny .

Zhou Wen also watched the video of the battle later . Heavy-Armored Titan and Tyrant Behemoth were indeed similar, but it wasn't as agile as Tyrant Behemoth . The Wheel of Destiny was purely a defensive force, unlike Tyrant Behemoth's Absolute Strength that was offensive .

I wonder if Tyrant Behemoth's Absolute Strength will be able to produce a suction force on Primordial Sword Immortal . If I can suck it and force it to fight head-on, Tyrant Behemoth will have a chance of winning . If I can't, Tyrant Behemoth will face an awkward situation like Heavy-Armored Titan, Zhou Wen thought to himself and felt that the chances of Tyrant Behemoth defeating Primordial Sword Immortal were relatively low .

It wasn't that his strength wasn't enough, but that his intelligence was too low . He wasn't at an advantage even with his formidable strength .

There's not much time left of the three-month deadline . No one can force out Primordial Sword Immortal's Wheel of Destiny . I'm afraid it won't be easy to vie for first place, Zhou Wen thought for a moment . Unless he got Torch Dragon to use Bright Torch Vision World, it would be difficult to snatch first place .

Why am I thinking so much? Who knows if the problem with Dragon Gate Grotto can be resolved before the three-month deadline . Perhaps I don't have the time to participate in the battle . It's useless no matter how much I think about it . Zhou Wen had to stop thinking about it . He would grind dungeons when he had the time, but most of the time, he needed to help the Sunset Army fight the dimensional creatures that had rushed out of Dragon Gate Grotto . In fact, he didn't even have much time to grind dungeons .

"It's gone… The monk-robed skeleton is gone…" A soldier monitoring Dragon Gate Grotto discovered something strange . The monk-robed skeleton had vanished .

As for the stone house's door, it opened, revealing pure white light from inside .

Just as everyone was feeling bewildered, the golden bird tore through the air and flew into the stone house .

It was huge, and the stone house was short and small . The door was even shorter, but when the golden bird flew in front of the stone house, its body gradually shrank to almost the size of a pigeon as it flew in .

Leng Zongzheng got Zhou Wen to join him before deciding that Leng Zongzheng, An Sheng, and Zhou Wen should enter the stone house to investigate .

An Tianzuo still had to guard Luoyang, so he couldn't easily take the risk .

This was especially so now . Mythical creatures could rush out of Dragon Gate Grotto at any time and someone was needed to guard it . Otherwise, if they all entered, no one would be able to suppress the Mythical creatures that appeared . When that happened, Luoyang would be doomed .

"Although we can't determine the attributes of the monk-robed skeleton, we can only take things one step at a time now . After entering the stone house, safety first . If you discover anything amiss, you have to leave immediately," Leng Zongzheng exhorted Zhou Wen and An Sheng .

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The two of them expressed their understanding before Leng Zongzheng led them to the stone house .

An Tianzuo watched them go up the mountain, but he didn't say a word .

Leng Zongzheng summoned a tiny beast to scout ahead . Without the monk-robed skeleton, the golden light in the mountain temple no longer existed . There was no danger .

The three of them successfully entered the mountain temple and arrived in front of the stone house .

Zhou Wen constantly tried observing the situation inside the stone house, but be it his vision or Truth Listener's ability, neither of them could penetrate the white light inside .

"Follow behind me . If anything happens, retreat immediately . Don't hesitate," Leng Zongzheng exhorted again .

Zhou Wen took out the Substitute Talisman and stuck it on his body . At the same time, he switched his Essence Energy Art to Dao Body . He had Gods Retreat Life Soul on standby .

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Unfortunately, the door was too small . If he summoned Six-Winged, it wouldn't be able to enter . Therefore, Zhou Wen temporarily didn't summon Six-Winged . He planned on summoning it immediately after entering .

Leng Zongzheng had already gotten the little beast to enter the stone house . After confirming that there was no danger of death, he led Zhou Wen and An Sheng into the stone house .

Zhou Wen walked in and entered the white light . He found it very strange as though he was walking in water, but the white light was something he couldn't touch .

Due to the white light, Zhou Wen couldn't see anything . However, this feeling didn't last long . After taking three steps, the white light in front of him vanished as his eyes regained clarity .

However, the scene in front of him left Zhou Wen alarmed .

The scene in front of him wasn't a stone house . In front of him was a mysterious kingdom . The architectural style was very strange . The towers, buildings, monuments, and rooftops all had various Buddha statues .

What was even more surprising was that this nation was made of gold bricks . All the buildings and statues were made of gold . They looked resplendent and dazzling .

All sorts of mysterious Buddha statues dazzled the eyes . Zhou Wen had never seen many of them before, and they didn't match the style of Dragon Gate Grotto .

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In the center of the Buddhist kingdom, there was a huge golden Buddha statue that was more than ten thousand feet tall . From afar, the Buddha statue's body tore through the clouds . Its eyes were lowered as though it was looking down at everything .

Zhou Wen looked at the Buddha statue's shape and realized that it resembled the Lochana Buddha . According to what Zhou Wen knew, Lochana Buddha was a Buddha who had obtained the Buddha Fruit of Absolute Truth . He was a symbol of wisdom in Buddhism .

Legend had it that in Dragon Gate Grotto, there was a Lochana Buddha carved to the likes of an ancient female monarch .

Of course, that was only a legend .

Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief when he saw An Sheng and Leng Zongzheng beside him . When he looked at them, he saw them looking towards the front of the street .

The skeleton in monk robes was walking on the long street . With the golden crystal bead in hand, it walked towards the huge Buddha step by step like it was holding a miniature sun .

For some reason, the monk-robed skeleton walked very slowly as though it was treading on thin ice .

In the sky, the golden bird spread its wings and also flew in the direction of the huge Buddha . Its body was like a great Roc as it spread its wings for 500 kilometers, but for some reason, it failed to close the distance between it and the huge Buddha .