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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 683

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:23 PM

Chapter 683: 683
He turned his head and realized that there was no longer a stone door behind him . Behind him was an endless void . The huge golden Buddha nation was floating in the void like an island while they were standing at the edge of the golden Buddha nation .

Zhou Wen looked around and failed to find a way back . He looked at An Sheng and asked, "Ah Sheng, can you tell the way back?"

An Sheng shook his head and said, "I can't tell . It's probably going to be troublesome . Young Master Wen, you have to be careful at all times . "

Leng Zongzheng said, "Look at the spot between the giant Buddha's eyebrows . "

Zhou Wen and An Sheng looked over and saw a huge piece of sun-like glass between the Buddha's brows that emitted a strange glow .

"In Buddhism, that's an Urna . It's one of the thirty-two aspects of Gautama Buddha . It represents the source of all religions," An Sheng said .

Leng Zongzheng nodded and said, "An Urna is one of the original forms of Buddha . It shrinks between the eyebrows . And when a craftsman carves a Buddha statue, there's no way to depict the true appearance of an Urna . They usually just carve a circle or spiral to represent it . Look carefully at the Urna . Do you find anything odd?"

Zhou Wen and An Sheng looked over and felt that the Urna was blinding, as though it was clear glass .

As Truth Listener's power couldn't reach such a distance, Zhou Wen didn't sense any danger descending . He switched to the Small Perfection of Wisdom and the Hell King Life Soul to strengthen his senses before carefully looking at the Urna .

Upon doing so, Zhou Wen immediately realized something . The Urna wasn't glass . It was clearly a cocoon formed from crystal threads .

"That's… the cocoon of a Guardian…" Zhou Wen said in surprise .

Leng Zongzheng said with a heavy expression, "It's probably a cocoon of a Guardian . I originally thought that Dragon Gate Grotto only had one in Dragon's Well, I didn't expect there to be another one . "

"Could it be that everything that happened in Dragon Gate Grotto is due to the cocoon of the Guardian? But that doesn't make sense . Doesn't a Guardian only choose humans as contractors? Why are the monk-robed skeleton and the golden-winged bird here?" Zhou Wen frowned .

No one could answer his question . The three of them watched from afar as the monk-clothed skeleton walked towards the Buddha and the golden-winged bird flew at high speed .

However, be it the skeleton in monk robes or the golden-winged bird, they couldn't close the distance . It was as though they were running on the spot .

Zhou Wen hurriedly summoned the Great Might Vajra Bull and made it try walking in the direction of the Buddha .

It was odd . The golden-winged bird's flying speed was tremendous . It could fly hundreds of kilometers with a flap of its wings, but it was unable to approach the huge Buddha .

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However, the Great Might Vajra Bull easily closed the distance by slowly walking on the golden bricks . It was about to catch up to the monk-robed skeleton .

"As expected . Only Buddhist-type creatures can travel through the Buddhist kingdom . That monk-robed skeleton isn't a Buddhist-type creature after all . It's probably relying on the crystal in its hand to slowly walk towards the Buddha . As for the golden-winged bird, it can't approach it no matter what . It's worse than the monk-robed skeleton . " As Leng Zongzheng spoke, he got Zhou Wen to summon the Great Might Vajra Bull back to prevent it from meeting the monk-robed skeleton .

At that moment, a bird's cry rang through the clouds . The golden-winged bird's body expanded like a golden cloud that blotted out the sky . It nearly enveloped the entire Buddhist kingdom in its shadow .

It flapped its wings as a terrifying power tore through space and rapidly approached the Buddha . It actually broke through the restrictions of the Buddhist kingdom's strange powers .

What terrifying might . Only the gigantified Tyrant Behemoth can match it . Zhou Wen was alarmed .

Soon, the golden-winged bird arrived in front of the Buddha statue . As Leng Zongzheng had expected, it had indeed come for the cocoon of the Guardian . It flew to the top of the Buddha's head and grabbed at it .

The monk-robed skeleton also noticed the golden-winged Bird's actions . A strange glint flashed in its eyes as it lifted the crystal in its hand . A golden beam shot out from the crystal and instantly struck the golden-winged bird .

The golden-winged bird didn't dare let the golden beam of light strike it . It gave up on the cocoon of the Guardian and flapped its wings to dodge .

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The crystal in the skeleton's hand constantly emitted golden beams, preventing the golden-winged bird from approaching the cocoon .

The golden-winged bird's actions were interrupted a few times . It immediately turned ferocious as it flapped its wings and transformed into a golden beam that charged at the monk-robed skeleton . Its eyes flashed with lightning .

As the skeleton advanced, it raised the crystal in its hand and emitted a golden glow that fought the golden-winged bird .

The golden-winged bird seemed to be afraid of the crystal in its hand . It was forced back by the crystal's light repeatedly .

Leng Zongzheng stared at the monk-clothed skeleton and the crystal in its hand for a long time as though he was thinking about something . After a while, Leng Zongzheng suddenly turned to Zhou Wen and said, "Little Zhou, get the Great Might Vajra Bull to carry us to the Buddha . "

Although Leng Zongzheng didn't explain why he was doing so, Zhou Wen hurriedly summoned the Great Might Vajra Bull when he saw his solemn expression .

Thankfully, the Great Might Vajra Bull was huge . It was more than big enough to seat three people .

The three of them sat on the bull's back . The Great Might Vajra Bull immediately ran towards the Buddha .

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The monk-robed skeleton needed to walk towards the Buddha step by step . As for the Great Might Vajra Bull, it ran very quickly . Soon, it caught up with the monk-robed skeleton . While it was fighting the golden-winged Roc, it charged past it .

When the monk-robed skeleton saw the Great Might Vajra Bull rush over with three people on it, the strange light in its eyes immediately lit up . The crystal in its hand immediately emitted a golden glow that resembled the one in the mountain temple . It enveloped a large area, including the Great Might Vajra Bull, Zhou Wen, and company .

Zhou Wen immediately felt the Runic Heavy Armor on his body melt like bubbles . Even the Great Might Vajra Bull's body couldn't withstand the terrifying golden light . It was like a melting candle as its golden flesh melted .

Leng Zongzheng and Ah Sheng's situation was the same . The armor on their bodies was melting, and in an instant, their armor was about to collapse .

Zhou Wen pulled out the Golden Overlord Sword and slashed at the monk-robed skeleton . At the same time, he ordered the Great Might Vajra Bull to use the Soul Suppression Bell .


The moment the Soul Suppression Bell sounded, the monk-robed skeleton was stunned . The golden light emitted from the crystal in its hand also dimmed .

Taking this opportunity, Leng Zongzheng and Ah Sheng attacked at the same time . Leng Zongzheng summoned the Azure Rainbow Flying Sword that Zhou Wen had previously seen and slashed at the monk-robed skeleton . As for Ah Sheng, he used Love Letter's text ability and sent a text to the monk-robed skeleton .