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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 684

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:22 PM

Chapter 684: 684
The golden sword beam was immediately shattered . The Azure Rainbow Flying Sword was sent flying almost simultaneously .

An Sheng's text came in front of it . It opened its mouth and blew out a strange cold wind that scattered the power of the text .

Despite fighting three alone, the skeleton still had the upper hand . It held up the crystal in its hand again and shot out a golden beam .

However, the golden beam wasn't directed at Zhou Wen and company . It transformed into a beam that shot into the sky, targeting the golden-winged bird .

It turned out that the golden-winged bird had taken advantage of the battle between the monk-robed skeleton and the trio to fly towards the Buddha, hoping to snatch the cocoon of the Guardian from the Buddha's glabella .

"Let's go to the Buddha quickly . " Leng Zongzheng didn't seem to be in the mood to fight the monk-robed skeleton as he shouted loudly .

Zhou Wen hurriedly got the Great Might Vajra Bull to rush towards the Buddha . The monk-robed skeleton and the golden-winged bird were occupied with fighting, so they couldn't be bothered with them .

Soon, the Great Might Vajra Bull ran to the foot of the Buddha, but it couldn't fly . It was difficult to ascend the Buddha .

"It should be fine now . Let's head up," Leng Zongzheng said as he leaped up from the bull's back . He stepped onto the Azure Rainbow Flying Sword and flew towards the cocoon of the Guardian .

Zhou Wen unsummoned the Great Might Vajra Bull and flapped his wings to catch up .

Ah Sheng quickly jumped up the Buddha statue . He was slightly slower . Leng Zongzheng seemed to be very anxious . Without waiting for them, he charged forward alone .

The golden-winged bird and the monk-robed skeleton, who were originally fighting, realized that Leng Zongzheng and company were charging towards the cocoon of the Guardian . They stopped their tussle simultaneously and attacked Leng Zongzheng .

"Help me hold them back . Don't let them come up . " Leng Zongzheng was extremely bold . He leaped up from the Azure Rainbow Flying Sword and lunged towards the cocoon of the Guardian . As for the Azure Rainbow Flying Sword, it headed straight for the monk-robed skeleton .

Another white beam flew out . It was the white parrot that Zhou Wen had seen before . It flapped its wings and faced the golden-winged bird .

After some thought, Zhou Wen brandished his sword and slashed at the monk-robed skeleton . The crystal in the skeleton's hand was too terrifying . If he held it back, he could give Leng Zongzheng greater opportunities .

"Go!" Zhou Wen summoned Tyrant Behemoth and made it charge at the monk-robed skeleton while he charged at the golden-winged bird .


Tyrant Behemoth landed on the ground and roared at the skeleton .

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The crystal in the monk-clothed skeleton's hand emitted a golden glow as it struck Tyrant Behemoth . Tyrant Behemoth raised its arm to block, but its arm was penetrated by the golden light .

In the next second, Tyrant Behemoth activated Absolute Strength . Its body turned into a black hole, causing the surrounding space to distort and form a strange suction force .

The monk-clothed skeleton's body was sucked towards Tyrant Behemoth, but it refused to be outdone . It raised the crystal in its hand again and shot out a terrifying golden light towards Tyrant Behemoth .

However, the golden light was suppressed by Tyrant Behemoth's Absolute Strength . Tyrant Behemoth charged forward, tanking the golden light before punching the monk-robed skeleton .


Tyrant Behemoth blasted open a huge pit in the gold-bricked ground . As for the monk-robed skeleton, it used some unknown method to dodge Tyrant Behemoth's attack and moved a few hundred meters away .

Tyrant Behemoth roared and immediately chased after it .

In the sky, the white parrot actually spoke the human language . As it flew, it cursed, "Little eagle brat, go back and ask your mother . See who's son you are? How dare you not kneel down and call me daddy when you see me? You're worse than a beast . If I had known, I would have ejaculated you towards the wall…"

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Zhou Wen had never seen a Companion Beast being so vulgar and offensive . Its strength was inferior to the golden-winged bird, so it could only flee for its life . However, as it fled, it kept on cursing the golden-winged bird . This infuriated the golden-winged bird, making it abandon its attacks on Leng Zongzheng as it directed its sights on the white parrot . It wanted the parrot dead .

Even Zhou Wen felt his head spin after hearing its words . He really wanted to slap it .

"A son killing his dad… Aren't you afraid of heavenly punishment… You'll be fried into a fragrant, mala eagle…" the white parrot cried as it fled .

It was vulgar, but its flying speed wasn't slow at all . It was actually comparable to the golden-winged bird . Furthermore, this fellow's flying trajectory clearly had some technique involved . It wasn't as simple as relying on speed .

When Zhou Wen rushed forward, the golden-winged bird was already enraged . Its body emitted a golden glow as mysterious ancient text appeared on its feathers, causing its body to emit a terrifying divine glow . With a flap of its wings, its body tore through the void and appeared above the white parrot . Its claws, that resembled sharp blades, were about to grab the white parrot .

The white parrot's figure phased away as it used a teleportation skill to avoid the golden-winged bird's talons .

"No matter how awesome a son is, he's still a son . If you want to capture me, spend another ten thousand years training and there might still be hope," the white parrot cursed as it fled in the opposite direction of the Buddha statue .

Unfortunately, its teleportation skill was the same as Zhou Wen's Lost Country . It couldn't be used continuously . The golden-winged bird that had already gone berserk instantly caught up to it and grabbed it in midair .

"Let go of your daddy . There's nothing impressive about flying fast . If you have the guts, let's fight on the ground . " The white parrot had already been caught, but its mouth didn't stop .

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Zhou Wen flapped his wings and slashed at the golden-winged bird's claw, hoping to save the white parrot .

To his surprise, the golden-winged bird hated the white parrot to the core . It ignored the golden sword beam and retracted its claw, about to tear the white parrot's body into pieces .


When the golden sword beam struck the bird's claw, white feathers flew everywhere . The golden-winged bird's claws were covered in white feathers, but the parrot's body was gone .

"Little eagle brat, let daddy teach you one more move . This is slough off the cicada's golden shell from the Thirty-Six Stratagems . Learn it…" The white parrot had a few feathers left on its body . It was like a featherless chicken, but it was still making bold claims .

The fellow wasn't stupid either . As it shouted, it fled behind Zhou Wen . The wings that were without feathers could still fly very quickly .

What the hell is this bird! Zhou Wen was rendered speechless . If he were the enemy of this crappy bird, he would wish to slaughter it immediately .

The golden-winged bird clearly had the same thought as well . It rushed over immediately as the golden light on its body flashed like lightning . Its speed was unbelievably fast .

However, Zhou Wen was right in front of the parrot . He immediately bore the brunt of the attack . He had already used Transcendent Flying Immortal to dodge the golden-winged bird's attack, but the divine-level Transcendent Flying Immortal was like an electric tricycle against a sports car in front of the golden-winged bird . It was overtaken before it even started .

As Zhou Wen retreated, he slashed out Golden Sword Aura . However, when it struck the golden feathers, it bounced off . Ignoring the fact that he failed to injure the golden-winged bird, he couldn't even obstruct it for a moment .