Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Three Choose One

With the naked eye, the three Companion Eggs were golden in color, but the three types of gold were different .

As this was in-game, Zhou Wen wasn’t able to tell how big the three Companion Eggs were . Using the blood-colored avatar as a comparison, the biggest Companion Egg was about half a person’s height . Not only did it have a golden Buddha glow swirling around it, but there was even a scarlet hue amidst the golden glow . Although its temperature couldn’t be felt, the huge egg seemed to be scorching hot inside .

The leftmost Companion Egg was the smallest . It was about the size of the blood-colored avatar’s fingertip . It was also golden, but the Companion Egg was crystalline like a golden opal .

The middle Companion Egg was about the size of a soccer ball . It looked like it was tempered with gold and its outer shell was filled with rugged patterns . They looked like Buddhist scriptures that Zhou Wen couldn’t understand .

Which one should I choose? Zhou Wen sized up the three Companion Eggs, having been thrown into a dilemma .

Although he could sense the same sensory feelings as the blood-colored avatar, he wasn’t able to tell which was better from its vision .

‘My child, choose by following your heart . There’s no need to hesitate . ’ The strange three-faced Buddha spoke again . And again, it appeared in text form .

Zhou Wen thought for a while and realized that there was nothing to be hesitant about . He had never heard of the three Companion Eggs before and had nothing to base his judgment on . He might as well choose one that caught his fancy and leave the rest to fate .

With this in mind, Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate further . He got the blood-colored avatar to reach out to grab the smallest of the three Companion Eggs .

The small Companion Egg appeared like a golden crystal in the blood-colored avatar’s hand . Immediately, the Buddhistic glow emitted .

‘Obtained Mythical Companion Egg, Truth Listener . Automatically incubating…’

“F**k… You are going to kill me…” Zhou Wen immediately cried out as he threw the mysterious phone out of his hand .

A Mythical Companion Egg was very strong and impressive, but Zhou Wen knew himself . With his Primordial Energy, just incubating a Legendary Companion Egg was enough to suck him dry, much less a Mythical Companion Egg .

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen wasn’t fast with the throwing . A terrifying force surged out from the phone and instantly sucked dry Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy .

11 points of Primordial Energy was pathetic . Zhou Wen instantly felt drained and that wasn’t all . His blood seemed to be sucked by a water pump, gathering towards his ten fingers .

The tips of his fingers burst as ten spouts of blood spewed onto the phone, and instantly, the phone sucked it clean .

I’m doomed . Am I going to be the first college student in the new era to die gaming? This thought flashed across his mind, but the suction force from the phone vanished the next second .

Zhou Wen’s fingers finally regained their freedom . They no longer had blood gushing out . At the same time, a strange golden pattern appeared on his left ear .

The golden pattern resembled a symbol that tattooed itself on the back of his left concha . It gave him a warm, fuzzy feeling in his left ear .

I actually incubated a Mythical Companion Egg? Zhou Wen couldn’t believe the outcome for it was too unbelievable .

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A Legendary Silver-Winged Flying Ant Companion Egg was enough to kill the blood-colored avatar, but the Mythical Companion Egg didn’t blast it apart . It only sucked dry all of Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy and a portion of his blood . This didn’t seem to match the status of a Mythical Companion Beast .

After Zhou Wen incubated Truth Listener, the two other Companion Eggs in the three-faced Buddha’s hands disappeared . The resplendent Buddha statue that emitted a Buddhistic glow also slowly converged its glow and was restored to its original stone form . It no longer spoke or did anything .

Zhou Wen hurriedly checked Truth Listener’s stats to confirm whether it was really a Mythical Companion Beast .

Truth Listener: Mortal (Evolvable)

Strength: 11

Speed: 11

Constitution: 11

Primordial Energy: 11

Talent Skill: Truth Listener, Indestructible Golden Body, Evil Warding, Nine Extremes

Companion Form: Earring

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Zhou Wen’s eyes nearly popped out . Truth Listener wasn’t at the Mythical stage but at the Mortal stage . However, Zhou Wen had never really heard of a Mortal Companion Beast with 11 for all its stats .

Furthermore, it had four talent skills . This was already the maximum number of talent skills a Companion Beast could have .

The system’s notification said that it was at the Mythical stage, but why is the incubated result at the Mortal stage? Could it be related to the evolvable trait? But how do I evolve it? Don’t tell me it’s like the Silver-Winged Flying Ant-evolving by eating Companion Eggs? Zhou Wen didn’t dare to stay in the temple any longer, worried that something bad might happen .

After leaving, he circled Small Buddha Temple and realized that it lived up to its name-it was really small . Apart from the temple hall, there weren’t any other temples, but it was possible that the collapsed rubble had covered the other areas of the compound .

Zhou Wen didn’t find anything after circling Small Buddha Temple once . The three-faced Buddha didn’t react when he entered the temple again .

All he could do was leave and quit the game . Only then did he dare summon Truth Listener .

Small Buddha Temple was just too odd . Even in the game, Zhou Wen didn’t dare mess around in there .

Zhou Wen wasn’t a stranger to the name Truth Listener’; in fact, he knew it well .

In Buddhist myths and legends, Truth Listener was the mount of Kșitigarbha Bodhisattva . Legend has it that it was manifested from a white dog and had the ability to know all that happened in the world . It was also extremely loyal .

In Journey to the West, the six-eared Macaque had impersonated Sun Wukong and no deity was able to distinguish between them . Although Truth Listener could tell them apart, it didn’t dare speak it out loud .

Don’t tell me this fellow is really the legendary Truth Listener? Zhou Wen felt somewhat expectant .

However, after Truth Listener was summoned, Zhou Wen was left somewhat depressed . It wasn’t a white dog but a golden-silk monkey the size of a palm .

Its golden fur resembled golden silk and its eyes resembled two golden gems . It looked extremely adorable, but it was just too small .

This fellow is Truth Listener? Zhou Wen found it somewhat unbelievable .

This mini-figure stood at opposite ends with those terrifying stats . They didn’t seem connected at all .

Zhou Wen tried Truth Listener’s companion form and immediately, it turned into a golden earring behind Zhou Wen’s left ear .

He felt his ear quiver suddenly as though whatever blockage in his ear had been pulled out . His hearing became clear, many times sharper than his normal hearing . What he couldn’t hear before could now be heard very clearly .

“Uh!” A woman’s moan suddenly sounded in Zhou Wen’s ear, making him feel somewhat odd . When he glanced at the direction it came, he realized it was from his neighbor .

And his neighbor was that proud and cold, somewhat crazy, An Jing .

That’s not right . The buildings here should have special soundproofing features . Even those with hearing Primordial Energy Skills can’t hear things through the walls, so how am I hearing what’s happening next door? Don’t tell me that Truth Listener boosts my hearing ability this much? Zhou Wen thought .