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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 71

Published at 7th of March 2020 05:30:21 PM

Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Sick

Painful moaning kept sounding from next door . Zhou Wen frowned slightly as he hesitated whether to take a look .

But when he considered how An Jing was an unreasonable person, he decided it was best not to have anything to do with her . Besides, they were on campus with the most advanced hospital attached to it . If An Jing really was in trouble, she was a phone call away from having a doctor rush over to rescue her .

Zhou Wen was just about to take off the Truth Listener earring when he heard a thud as though something heavy had fallen to the ground .

When the sound reached Zhou Wen’s left ear, a blurry scene of An Jing falling to the ground from a great height appeared in his mind . The scene vanished almost as quickly as it came when it was silent next door .

Don’t tell me that something really happened to An Jing? Although Zhou Wen wasn’t too concerned with An Jing, he didn’t have a blood feud with her . On the account of her mother, Ouyang Lan, he couldn’t just watch as she died .

After some hesitation, Zhou Wen decided to head next door to take a look .

Washing his face and walking out of the building, he jumped over the low wooden fence and stood in front of An Jing’s door and pressed the bell that came equipped with a

camera .

Zhou Wen believed that if An Jing could reply, it meant that she was okay . He could then return to gaming .

However, if no one replied, it definitely meant that something had gone wrong . He couldn’t just sit idle; after all, he had a basic sense of compassion . He would call emergency services even for a stranger .

After pressing the doorbell once, he didn’t hear any response as the building was silent . Zhou Wen used the ring on his left ear to listen carefully, but still failed to hear any sounds inside . There weren’t any footsteps either .

Don’t tell me something really happened? Zhou Wen frowned slightly . To make sure, he repeatedly pressed the doorbell, but silence was the only response .

From the looks of it, something really happened . Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen began looking carefully at the building .

The door had a keypad door lock and it was made of special materials . It wasn’t easy to smash through the door . If he couldn’t enter, he planned on reporting it to the school .

Shifting his glance up, he realized that the special tempered glass sliding door on the second-floor balcony was closed but not locked . He leaped up to the balcony, opened the sliding door and entered the building .

The buildings in Four Seasons Garden were identical . Zhou Wen rushed straight for the bedroom with great familiarity .

Fortunately, the problem happened in the bedroom . If something untoward had happened in the cultivation room, I’ll probably have to report it to the school authorities . I wonder if they will be in time to save her though . Zhou Wen opened the unlocked door and entered .

What welcomed him was An Jing in bed, her face shockingly pale . Her eyes were closed as she gritted her teeth tightly . She was profusely sweating and her body appeared stiff . She didn’t look like she was in a good condition .

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“What’s wrong with you?” Zhou Wen walked forward and crouched down beside An Jing . He then pinched the bottom of her nose .

However, An Jing wished she were dead . Due to her physique, she had been diagnosed with a strange illness . She had periodic relapses that would leave her body in excruciating pain . In serious cases, her entire body would go numb and she would remain motionless .

Thankfully, this strange illness was like a woman’s period . It came rather punctually and An Jing could expect when it would happen . During those periods of time, she would stay in her room to silently endure the pain until it

was over .

Today, she had planned to stay in bed to silently endure the pain just like she usually did . But this episode was worse than normal, so she couldn’t help but let out a soft, painful moan . This was heard by Zhou Wen wearing Truth Listener as an earring .

Due to the pain, An Jing fell from the bed while rolling about . The fall made her body stiff and motionless, but she remained lucid .

She had also heard Zhou Wen pressing the doorbell . She believed that he would leave without any response, but to her surprise, he had barged in by jumping into her balcony .

An Jing felt deep regret for not locking the sliding door .

In fact, she wasn’t to be blamed . They were in Sunset College after all . Only students were admitted inside and there were surveillance cameras everywhere . Since no one knew of her physical problem, they wouldn’t dare barge into her room .

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When Zhou Wen walked towards the bedroom, An Jing kept enduring the pain while praying that he wouldn’t enter . This was because she was only wearing a nightgown .

A symptom of each episode was profuse sweating, so there was a need to change her clothes . To reduce the trouble, she changed into a nightgown .

Furthermore, An Jing’s current position was rather unbecoming due to her fall . Having received etiquette lessons from a young age, she couldn’t accept others seeing her in that pose, especially Zhou Wen who she treated as her enemy .

He clearly didn’t think too much about it . He treated her as a patient and asked while pinching her nose . “Can you hear me? Can


An Jing opened her eyes and glared at Zhou Wen, but that was all she could do . At this moment, her pain had already reached its climax . Her body was stiff and her entire body was trembling . Even her teeth were chattering, so she had no strength to speak .

“Don’t worry . I’ll call the doctor for you . ” Zhou Wen felt relieved when he saw her open her eyes . Since she wasn’t dead, there was likely a chance of treating her .

He didn’t hesitate and took out his ordinary phone and called the school’s emergency number to get the hospital to send a doctor over .

As a student of Four Seasons Garden, the perks they enjoyed were pretty good . They also had the best medical facilities .

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An Jing fumed with anxiety when she saw him about to call the hospital . Her ailment wasn’t something an ordinary doctor could treat, so visiting the hospital was pointless . Otherwise, with the An family’s resources, she would have received the best treatment from the best doctors and hospitals in the League .

What made her feel most unacceptable was that she wore a nightgown that only covered half her thigh . Also, her hair was disheveled . She couldn’t accept letting other students see her in this state if she were carried out by the medical team .

Although she knew that he was doing it out of goodwill, An Jing couldn’t help but grit her teeth in anger .

With Zhou Wen about to make the phone call, An Jing tried hard to regain control of her body . With immense willpower, she shouted through chattering teeth, “D… Don’t call… I’m fine…”

An Jing was drained of all her strength by the time she said those words . Her face was even paler and her voice was intensely trembling . She almost couldn’t hear what was being said .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen was wearing the Truth Listener earring and could hear her clearly . However, he looked at her painful expression in a doubtful manner and said, “You don’t seem fine . If you’re sick, you need treatment . You shouldn’t hide your ailment and not take medical advice . Relax and leave the rest to the doctors…”

An Jing was in despair . Thankfully, her pain had already climaxed and she was now feeling a lot better . Enduring the stabbing pain, she said harshly, “I’m really fine . Leave . ”