Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Blood Replenishment Tea

“You don’t look fine . ” Zhou Wen thought and said in enlightenment, “Are you afraid that I’ll take this opportunity to seek revenge? Don’t worry . Although I don’t think too highly of you, I wouldn’t harm you on account of Sister Lan and my dad . I’m just calling for a doctor . ”

With that said, Zhou Wen continued calling the emergency hotline .

An Jing burned with anxiety and embarrassment as she shouted once more, “There’s no need . Really, there’s no need . I… I… I was having menstrual cramps… I’ll be fine after some rest… Leave… Don’t disturb my rest…”

An Jing had given that reason because she couldn’t think of anything else . She just wanted him to leave .

“I see . I’ve heard that women can be in great pain a few days a month, but I never expected it to be this bad . ” Zhou Wen had lived alone from a young age and he didn’t have a mother Thus, he had little contact with women . When he was a little older, he began cultivating and hadn’t ever had a girlfriend . He knew almost nothing about such matters .

Although he remained suspicious, Zhou Wen believed that it was unlikely that she would play games with her life .

“I’m really sorry . I’ll leave now,” Zhou Wen said in embarrassment before he turned to leave An Jing’s room .

An Jing heaved a sigh of relief when she saw him leave . The pain she was experiencing also seemed to lessen significantly .

“Women sure have it tough . Fortunately, I’m a man . I don’t have to endure such pain every month,” Zhou Wen mumbled to himself as he returned to his residence .

However, on second thought, he realized that he had it tough as well . He had endless noise blaring into his ears like an irritating chant when he slept . He also had to lose large amounts of blood daily . It was especially so this time . To incubate Truth Listener, he had lost at least 500-600 cc of blood . He didn’t have it good either .

I bought some brown sugar and wolfberries last time, and I’ve no idea if it will work . I might as well cook some to give it a try . My anemia has been pretty terrible recently . Zhou Wen scratched his forehead and thought to himself .

Returning to his room, Zhou Wen forgot the matter of making the blood-replenishment drink as he continued grinding .

This time, Zhou Wen entered the Ancient Imperial City dungeon . After killing the Skeleton General, he had a Skeleton General Companion Egg drop .

However, the stats weren’t comparable to the first one in every aspect . Zhou Wen directly fed it to the Silver-Winged Flying Ant . As for Truth Listener, as there weren’t any hunger notifications, Zhou Wen didn’t know if it needed to be fed .

Switching to the Underground Buddha City, he no longer had any need to explore the Small Buddha Temple again since he had finished covering the area . He had slain the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus in the lotus pond and it hadn’t spawned again .

Zhou Wen skipped the lotus pond and ventured deep into Underground Buddha City .

In the midst of his travels, he saw a few lotus ponds, but not every one of them had a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus . After spending an entire day, only one ordinary Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Egg dropped .

Although the stats were relatively ordinary, it was a heart-type Companion Beast . Zhou Wen incubated it, planning on using its companion form to temporarily allow his heart to continue functioning if it was ever damaged .

After so many sleepless nights, Zhou Wen finally couldn’t take it . He switched off his phone and slept through to the next morning . Only then did Zhou Wen get up to cook the supplements, making a pot of brown-sugar, wolfberry tea .

“Zhou Wen, are you up? Today is matriculation day . Come on out and walk around . ” Just as Zhou Wen finished brewing his tea, Li Xuan called .

“What’s there to see?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

“Today’s the matriculation day for the freshmen . Many clubs in school are recruiting freshmen . We can also take a look,” Li Xuan said with a chuckle .

“I have no interest in joining any clubs . ” Zhou Wen poured a cup of blood-replenishing tea and drank it .

“You don’t have to join one . You can take a look at all those beautiful female juniors and seniors . ” Li Xuan revealed his true motives .

“Not interested . ” Zhou Wen still planned on exploring Underground Buddha City .

“Don’t be so cold . There are benefits . The school will assign missions and most of them need to be completed by a team . The seniors already have their own teams . If we want to make a new team, we will have to recruit from the freshmen . To walk around now is also to prepare for the future…”

Li Xuan gave plenty of reasons that irritated Zhou Wen so much that he agreed to walk around campus .

After drinking a huge bowl of tea, Zhou Wen filled up a thermos and walked out of his place .

It just so happened that An Jing walked out at the same time . She couldn’t help but grit her teeth when she saw him . However, she was slightly taken aback when she saw the glass thermos in his hand .

She recognized it . There were wolfberries and other supplements in it and it was obvious that it was brewed with brown sugar . Her servants had previously prepared it for her .

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Do you think you can bribe me with a cup of brown-sugared water? Men almost never drank this and after what happened yesterday, An Jing imagined that he had brewed it for her, hoping to warm up his relationship with her .

Although she had this in mind, the look in her eyes softened . She found Zhou Wen rather thoughtful and sensitive .

When Zhou Wen walked out of his yard, An Jing came out as well . He needed to walk past her to leave the compound .

She watched as Zhou Wen walked over, wondering if she should accept it if he were to give it to her .

Amidst her thoughts, he arrived in front of her and saw An Jing looking at him . He nodded at her gently as a greeting .

An Jing imagined that Zhou Wen was about to give her the tea when he nodded at her . She turned her head away slightly, waiting for him to hand it over .

To her surprise, Zhou Wen just walked past her with the thermos in hand . He had no intention of walking towards her . Furthermore, he even drank a mouthful while walking off .

“It seems to be a little too sweet,” Zhou Wen muttered to himself after taking one mouthful .

An Jing’s face burned as her eyes nearly spewed flames .

Zhou Wen hadn’t paid any attention to her and walked straight out of Four Seasons Garden .

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Why don’t you die from an overdose drinking something like that! An Jing clenched her teeth hatefully as she looked at his departing figure .

Today was matriculation day . However, Sunset College was unlike the typical school . There wasn’t any welcome ceremony or many decorations . Apart from the crowds, it didn’t seem any different from usual .

On the two sides of the road, there were two rows of tables neatly placed . There were banners and signs placed in front of themrecruitment notices of the school’s clubs .

Sunset College encouraged them to set up clubs, hoping that it could increase cooperation between students, especially when they entered dimensional zones to complete missions .

“Zhou Wen, I’m here . ” Just as Zhou Wen was looking around, he heard Li Xuan’s voice from a particular club’s recruitment booth .

He looked over and found Li Weiyang and Li Xuan standing together, the former waving her hand at him .