Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Matriculation Day

“Zhou Wen, are you interested in joining the Weiyang Club?” Li Weiyang winked at him . “Members of our Weiyang Club are basically all women . Many of them are beautiful female seniors . ”

Zhou Wen didn’t reply as Li Xuan yelled, “Sis, that’s not fair . How can you snatch him from me? However, it’s useless even if you try . Zhou Wen and I are establishing a new club . He won’t join your Weiyang Club . ”

Li Weiyang curled her lips and said, “That depends on whether Zhou Wen is willing to establish a new club with you . Sisters, let’s show our Weiyang Club’s strength to our junior . ”

The row of female students behind-all contending in beauty and fascination-began putting up all kinds of sexy, mesmerizing, and adorable poses . They were like flowers in full bloom .

“A honey trap!? Sis, that’s against the rules!” Li Xuan protested as he salivated .

“It’s called the reasonable usage of available resources . ” Li Weiyang ignored Li Xuan’s protests as she smiled at Zhou Wen . “How about it? Consider joining the Weiyang Club . I won’t treat you shabbily . ”

Zhou Wen shook his head . “I’ve already told Li Xuan I’d set up a new club with him . ”

Li Weiyang was somewhat helpless after he declined her invitation . “Alright then, but I hope that your new club can ally with our Weiyang Club . We can always complete missions together if an opportunity arises . ”

“No problem . Absolutely no problem,” Li Xuan agreed immediately, his gaze wandering across the bodies of the female students of Weiyang Club .

“What are you looking at? Little Virgin?” Li Weiyang mocked Li Xuan . After saying bye to Zhou Wen, she led the girls to recruit other freshmen .

Li Xuan chuckled and said, “Zhou Wen, you missed an excellent opportunity . The Weiyang Club usually only recruits female students . You almost became their only male member . You missed a chance of being an emperor . ”

However, Zhou Wen thought nothing of it . He looked around and said, “When can we establish the club? Can we begin recruiting members now? If we don’t do it now, the better freshmen might all be taken . ”

The other clubs were recruiting freshmen, but Li Xuan didn’t seem prepared at all .

He said helplessly, “This is also beyond our control . Freshmen can only apply to set up a club one month after matriculation . Also, you will need to have at least five students before you can make the application . The typical student will choose to join existing clubs, so it will make it quite difficult for us to set up a new one . However, we wouldn’t be under the mercy of others or care about other older members . ”

Zhou Wen nodded . That was one of the reasons he hadn’t joined the Weiyang Club .

If possible, he’d rather not join any club . Gaming alone in peace was much better than joining any club .

Zhou Wen looked at the freshmen entering from the school’s main gates when he was suddenly taken aback . He saw two familiar figures .

One of them was a tall girl and the other was a boy of medium stature . They were none other than Fang Ruoxi and Tian Xiangdong .

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The duo also saw Zhou Wen . They walked over with backpacks . Tian Xiangdong even greeted him in a rather triumphant manner . “Zhou Wen, you never expected to see us here,


“I never expected the two of you to be admitted into Sunset College . ” Zhou Wen was really surprised . The League had plenty of universities and Sunset College wasn’t the best choice . Yet, the duo had chosen to study here .

Fang Ruoxi looked at the clubs around and asked Zhou Wen, “Zhou Wen, have you chosen a club?”

“Babe, Zhou Wen and I plan on setting up our own club . Join us . I’ll make you vice chairwoman . ” Li Xuan posed handsomely and hit on Fang Ruoxi .

“Alright,” Fang Ruoxi replied with a smile .

Li Xuan never expected her to answer so quickly, leaving him stunned . Then, he said bashfully, “However, we are all freshmen . We will only be able to apply for the club in one month . Babe, if you are in a rush, you can always take a look at the established clubs . ”

Li Xuan might speak bombastically, but he was a genuine virgin . Furthermore, he was a virgin who didn’t dare lose his virginity .

“There’s no need . I’ll wait till your new club is established,” Fang Ruoxi said firmly as she stole a glance at Zhou Wen .

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“Zhou Wen, you sure are fortunate,” Li Xuan patted Zhou Wen on the shoulder and said with a smile .

He naturally could tell that Fang Ruoxi was only joining because of Zhou Wen .

“Zhou Wen, I’m really sorry about what happened . Please believe me that nothing like that will ever happen again . ” Fang Ruoxi was naturally referring to her sudden quitting of the team during the college entrance exams .

“No worries . It wasn’t your fault . ” Zhou Wen didn’t take it to heart .

He always believed that since Fang Ruoxi and Tian Xiangdong were unrelated to him, it was only normal for them to quit .

Tian Xiangdong hurriedly said with a smile, “That’s right . We really had no choice . Now that we are at Sunset College, we have a promising future . We don’t have to worry that much anymore . We guarantee you that nothing like that will happen again . ’

Zhou Wen didn’t speak further . Things were always unpredictable . No one knew the future, so any guarantee now was without meaning .

“Since we are all former schoolmates, I’ll take you to the matriculation booth,” Li Xuan introduced as he walked . “Sunset College is different from the other schools . There are very few protocols and ceremonies . There aren’t any welcoming ceremonies or matriculation ceremonies for freshmen . Just register at the matriculation booth and be assigned to your dorm . Classes start tomorrow . By the way, I forgot to tell you, the first class of the first day at Sunset College is a combat test . Freshmen will be sent into dimensional zones to hunt dimensional creatures . Make sure you are mentally prepared . ”

“Where will be the test? Buddha City?” Zhou Wen asked in surprise .

“Of course not . Buddha City was only recently discovered . It isn’t fully under control, so they won’t send freshmen to take risks . Based on past experience, they will go to one of the four relatively safer dimensional zones on campus . Every freshman just needs to kill one dimensional creature to complete the mission . The more killed, the better the results,” Li Xuan said .

“What’s the point in that?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Count it as a way to benchmark . Although you can be admitted into Sunset College and everyone is a top student in their various high schools, everyone’s abilities are varied . Such a test allows the teachers to understand their true strength . Secondly, it’s also to create a ranking of the freshmen,” Li Xuan explained .

“What’s the freshmen ranking?” Tian Xiangdong asked out of curiosity .

“A results ranking . The higher the ranking, the more resources the school will provide . Consider it a reward system . ” Li Xuan looked at Zhou Wen and continued, “If this were in the past, Zhou Wen would have had the chance to enter the top three, but there are just too many strong freshmen this year . Just An Jing alone, who advanced to the Legendary stage two to three years ago, makes her a definite first in the rankings . ”