Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 74

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Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Dimensional Forum

After Fang Ruoxi and Tian Xiangdong had finished matriculation and were taken to their dorms, Zhou Wen returned to his . He wasn’t too interested in such activities .

Just as he reached Four Seasons Garden, he saw a few students walking in with their luggage in tow . Clearly, the special admissions students had arrived and were beginning to move in .

Zhou Wen wasn’t interested in them . He naturally didn’t care what they looked like . He walked to the row of buildings at the back of Four Seasons Garden with his head bowed .

Just as he reached the last row, he saw a girl standing in front of the other building, opening the door with her dorm key .

“Hello there . My name is Wang Lu . You live next door, right? We will be neighbors in the future,” the girl greeted Zhou Wen in a friendly manner .

“I’m Zhou Wen . ” Zhou Wen replied before entering his dorm .

This guy is odd . As expected of special admissions students . Do all of them have such a character? Wang Lu was curious .

Zhou Wen returned to his room and used his phone to enter Ant Nest .

Previously, he had encountered a bottleneck at Ant Nest . After entering, his strength hadn’t allowed him to progress deeper . Now with the Silver-Winged Flying Ant evolving to an adult state, he planned on giving it another try .

Ant City was identical to before . It looked mysterious and bizarre . The ants were coming in and out of their nests and many of the black-winged flying ants were flying around .

He controlled the blood-colored avatar and stayed far away from the City, sending Silver-Winged Flying Ant to fly over alone .

The adult Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s stats made it a pinnacle existence among Legendary Companion Beasts . With a flap of its four wings, it flew directly towards Ant City .

The black-winged flying ants immediately discovered it and rushed at it while flapping their black wings . The black swarm looked rather frightening .

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant moved like lightning as it used its stinger to shoot Magical Needle, tearing through the head of the black-winged flying ant that charged headfirst . It then plummeted .

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant didn’t stop as it shot into the ant swarm like a silver bolt of lightning

‘Killed Black-Winged Soldier Ant . Discovered dimensional crystal . ’

Zhou Wen saw a dimensional crystal drop due to the black-winged flying ant’s death, but he was unable to pick it up due to the distance .

If the blood-colored avatar were to rush into the Ant City’s vicinity, it would suffer an attack . With his present strength, it would be difficult for him to survive the black-winged flying ant swarm .

He kept watching as chimes kept ringing . Many dimensional crystals dropped, but Zhou Wen didn’t dare pick them up . He felt quite depressed as a result .


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The Silver-Winged Flying Ant could hardly move amidst the black-winged flying ant swarm . Although he slew a lot, there were just too many of them . The Silver-Winged Flying Ant was constantly in peril with the chances of it being overwhelmed by the ant swarm at any time .

Damn it . There are too many ants and they are Legendary creatures . The Silver-Winged Flying Ant can’t rush in at all . Zhou Wen thought of getting the Silver-Winged Flying Ant to rush out, but it was already too late . Surrounded, it could only fight the black-winged flying ants that inundated it, the injuries it suffered increasing .


Another black-winged flying ant was killed, dropping a black-winged flying ant dimensional crystal-a black-winged flying ant’s Primordial Energy Skill Crystal .

I’ll risk it! Zhou Wen looked at the copious numbers of dimensional crystals strewn across the ground . He could hold back, but upon seeing the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal, he couldn’t hold back any longer .

He sent the blood-colored avatar to rush to the periphery of Ant City without any hesitation, summoning the Mutated Skeleton Ant and Truth Listener to distract the swarm .

The black-winged flying ants quickly noticed him . Before he could arrive near the dimensional crystal, massive numbers of them rushed over .

The Mutated Skeleton Ant tried to lead a number away, but it was only a Mortal Companion Beast . It died almost instantly under the Legendary creature horde .

Using this brief moment, he leaped up and rushed towards the spot where the dimensional crystal dropped . He had his eyes fixed on the black-winged flying ant crystal .

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant also died at this moment from the barrage of attacks . Its bleeding carcass fell and large numbers of black-winged flying ants turned around and rushed for the blood-colored avatar .

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Let me pick it up! Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar and used his greatest Speed and Strength to grab that black-winged flying ant crystal .

However, when its fingers were two feet away from the crystal, a large swarm of black-winged flying ants had rushed over, drowning it .

Thankfully this is in-game . If I had done that in real life, death would have been a certainty . Zhou Wen looked at the black screen and wore a bitter smile .

Dying without gaining anything in return was something Zhou Wen was already used to . Recently, he seldom died, unlike the period when he had first obtained the mysterious phone .

Dripping a drop of blood to revive himself, Zhou Wen entered the game once more . However, he knew that his strength was still lacking if he wanted to charge into Ant City . Therefore, he headed for Underground Buddha City .

Zhou Wen wished to visit Small Buddha Temple and see if he could make the selection again with the dungeon refreshed, hoping to get another Mythical Companion Egg .

However, he was disappointed when he entered . Even though Small Buddha Temple had been respawned, he wasn’t able to trigger the scene with the three-faced Buddha .

From the looks of it, I can only obtain one Mythical Companion Egg in-game . I wonder if visiting it in real life will allow me to trigger the three-face Buddha’s gift of a Companion Egg . Although Zhou Wen was somewhat tempted, he didn’t wish to take the risk and finally eliminated the thought .

To obtain the three-faced Buddha’s Companion Egg, I apparently need to first master the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra or death is certain . Those soldiers do not know this secret, so I’m afraid there will be many sacrifices . Zhou Wen had the intention of telling this secret to the scouts who explored Underground Buddha City; thus, reducing their losses . However, firstly, he didn’t have the chance to interact with these soldiers and secondly, he had no way of explaining how he knew that .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen’s eyes lit up as he muttered, “Since I can’t tell them directly, I can post the strategy guide of Underground Buddha City on the League’s Dimensional Forum . This way, I can receive the official’s reward and also prevent those soldiers from making sacrifices in vain . ”

The League had always been encouraging its citizens to write out their thoughts and experiences regarding dimensional zones . For this, it had specially set up a server and an official Dimensional Forum .

Posting dimensional zone strategies on the forum could be set as paid articles . It was even possible for the officials to buy the rights and use it as teaching material in textbooks .

To ensure that the poster didn’t have any hesitation in writing these, the Dimensional Forum used a completely independent server and high-security measures . Unless it was voted by Congress, no one could check the data of the Dimensional Forum .

For this, the League had clearly set up a guarantee by law . It was to prevent experts who didn’t wish to expose themselves to freely write their strategies on the forum .

The League had many powerhouses who had the habit of browsing the Dimensional Forum . The typical citizen also treated it as a resource database .

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