Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Wang’s Man

The firebird was extremely fast . Silver-Winged Flying Ant dodged the firebird’s charge with Silver Wing Flash, but the blood-colored avatar didn’t have the same speed . It was already too late to summon the Silver-Winged Flying Ant to turn it into wings .

Since he couldn’t dodge, Zhou Wen struck out with Ashen Palm .

However, when the palm made contact with the firebird, it felt like he had struck air . There was no corporeal entity to direct his force and by then, the firebird had already charged into the blood-colored avatar’s body .


The next second, the blood-colored avatar exploded like fireworks, turning the screen black .

Unwilling to accept this, Zhou Wen dripped his blood and revived the blood-colored avatar . He charged straight for Fire God Platform and before long arrived there . This time, he was prepared . He first turned Silver-Winged Flying Ant into its companion form . Four translucent silver wings appeared behind the blood-colored avatar .

Indeed, the firebird flew out from the top of the Fire God Platform once more . Zhou Wen used the flight obtained from silver wings to face off with the firebird and, although he couldn’t shake it off, the firebird was unable to catch up to him .

Ignoring the firebird, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to fly towards the Fire God Platform . He wanted to see what was on top of it .

The Platform was squarish in shape like a gigantic chimney . It was a thousand feet tall and although he wanted to fly to its peak, his silver wings only allowed him to fly a dozen meters or so . He wasn’t able to reach higher altitudes .

The Life Providence as King of Low Altitudes allows the Silver-Winged Flying Ant to be extremely agile at low altitudes, but it can’t fly too high . This is a damning weakness . Zhou Wen landed on the stone steps of the Fire God Platform and seeing the firebird about to chase up to him, he summoned the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and shot Magical Needle at it .

The firebird didn’t dodge and allowed it to rush straight at it .


Magical Needle was useful as it exploded the firebird; however, the system didn’t indicate that he had killed a dimensional creature .

Zhou Wen was delighted . Just as he was about to rush up to the Fire God Platform, he saw another flame soar into the sky from the top of the platform . This time, two firebirds swooped down .

Zhou Wen continued rushing up the staircase and before long, the two firebirds came to him . The blood-colored avatar gained the silver wings and faced off with the two firebirds again . After taking painstaking efforts, he finally slew the two firebirds . But this time, four firebirds flew out .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare kill them . All he could do was try his best to escape the firebirds’ pursuit and head to the top of the Fire God Platform as quickly as he could .

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen was wrong . Even if he didn’t kill the firebirds, the top of the Fire God Platform sent out eight firebirds when he reached a certain height .

Zhou Wen was already doing the best he could, but he wasn’t the firebird’s match . Soon, the blood-colored avatar had a firebird charge into his body and exploded to its death .

However, from where it stood, he could already see some of the Fire God Platform’s peak . There was a stone monument erected on it, but Zhou Wen was only able to see the tip and vaguely made out the word: ‘Imperial . ’

The game screen went black, but he didn’t immediately revive again . Instead, he recalled his past experiences .

After killing the firebird, there wasn’t any indication of me killing dimensional creatures . This means that they aren’t dimensional creatures . If they aren’t, it means they are a type of Primordial Energy Skill . But why didn’t the dimensional creature at the top of Fire God Platform release large numbers of firebirds at the very beginning but instead slowly double them up?

Zhou Wen then thought of something . In real life, the ancient city is clearly Guide Ancient City, but the game dungeon’s name is Ancient Imperial City . That Fire God Platform has a stone monument with the word “Imperial” on it . Could it be related?

Unable to figure things out immediately, Zhou Wen decided to take a rest and calm his mind .

Pouring himself a cup of blood-replenishing tea, he sipped at it as he checked if there was any new income from the thread he had posted on the Dimensional Forum .

He was left disappointed as the clicks remained at two . However, he had received a private message on the forum .

Zhou Wen saw that the message was posted by a user named “Wang’s Man . ” He clicked it and gave it a look .

“Dear Sir, might I discuss Small Buddha Temple with you?”

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“Discuss?” Zhou Wen replied .

Wang Fei always had the forum open on her phone . Although she hadn’t received a reply after waiting for quite some time, she had continued waiting patiently .

The discovery of Small Buddha Temple was too astonishing . After using Poison’s method, the military had finally rushed into the compound of Small Buddha Temple and discovered the stone monument with the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra .

This discovery astounded Wang Fei and the military top brass . Such a stone monument had been discovered in other mysterious dimensional zones in the past . People had mastered the Primordial Energy Art on the stone monument and earned a mysterious Companion Beast .

However, Wang Fei and the military top brass knew very well that although the Primordial Energy Art was potent, it wasn’t something that anyone could cultivate . One needed the corresponding special physiques to cultivate the corresponding Primordial Energy Arts .

Although they saw the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, no one dared to cultivate it . A volunteer attempted to memorize the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra on the stone monument, but a few words were enough for him to clasp his head and cry out in pain . He then died with blood gushing out of his seven orifices .

A general had personally visited the stone monument before ordering all soldiers to leave Small Buddha Temple . Furthermore, all news regarding Small Buddha Temple was made top secret .

Wang Fei contacted Poison on the general’s orders .

“Have you mastered Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra?” Wang Fei hurriedly asked .

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“What has that got to do with you?”

“I’m willing to pay large sums of money to buy information from you . ” Sensing the other party’s tone to be somewhat impatient, Wang Fei got straight to the point and indicated her motives .

“What information? Tell me . ”

“Do you know what special physiques are needed to cultivate in the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra?” Wang Fei hurriedly replied .

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback . He had no idea what physiques were needed . However, on second thought, he immediately came to a realization .

I was wondering why the three-faced Buddha called me his child . I thought it had to do with my cultivating of the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, but from the looks of it, it’s not that simple . But I don’t seem to possess any special physique . If Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra requires one to cultivate, how did I succeed? With this in mind, Zhou Wen’s eyes suddenly lit up . Could it be the Lost Immortal Sutra?

He recalled that his brain felt extreme discomfort when he began reading the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra . After the Lost Immortal Sutra took effect, he was able to finish reading the former in its entirety and mastered it .

From the looks of it, it’s most likely Lost Immortal Sutra .

Wang Fei waited for quite a while, but there was no reply . She couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy, but it wasn’t appropriate for her to send another message to rush the person . All she could do was continue waiting, with every second feeling like an eternity .