Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 77

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Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Matriculation Test

Wang Fei didn’t receive a response after waiting all day . Her message was like a rock sinking into the ocean . Finally, she couldn’t help but send another message, but once again, she didn’t receive a reply .

Unbeknownst to her, Zhou Wen had already closed the forum and was gaming away .

He didn’t know what physiques were needed to cultivate the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, so he naturally wasn’t able to answer her . However, he didn’t wish to let the other person know that he was clueless . He decided to not answer for there was a chance he could learn more from the other party in the future .

But this only served to torture Wang Fei . This was because the Dimensional Forum didn’t have any indication of online status, nor was there any way of checking . Therefore, she didn’t know if Zhou Wen was online or not . All she could do was continue waiting .

Wang Fei immediately picked up her phone when it suddenly sounded and she saw the number flash up .

“Little Fei, did you figure out Poison’s identity?” A man’s voice sounded over the phone .

“Sorry, General Shen . There was no response from him . I’m also temporarily unable to figure out his identity,” Wang Fei said after a pause . “General Shen, can we figure out his geographical location through the forum?”

“The Dimensional Forum is under the Zhang family . You know what they are like . Unless Congress passes it through a vote, there’s no way we can get the information from them . It’s impossible . The Zhangs won’t even entertain me,” General Shen thought for a moment before continuing, “Since Poison knows about Buddha City and Small Buddha Temple, as well as the secret of the stone steps, it means he must have been there . This place is a recently discovered dimensional zone, so not many people have been there . Apart from our military personnel, there are only the students and teachers of Sunset College . Investigate it from this angle . You have to find Poison no matter what . ”

“Yes . ” Wang Fei hung up and thought about how she could begin .

Quite a number of students and teachers had entered Buddha City, so it wasn’t an easy task to find out who they all were .

Early in the morning, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan reported for class .

Sunset College used an education system that followed half-restricted military practices . It was different from the typical university . Here, there was no distinction between electives and compulsory classes . They only needed to attend the lessons of one teacher . They could attend the classes of other teachers based on their own interests .

Li Xuan and Zhou Wen happened to be assigned to Wang Fei’s class, and she was in a rather unhappy mood today . After entering the class, she saw all the freshmen looking languid . She pursed her lips before curling the ends of her mouth slightly .

“Students, from today, I’ll be your counselor . Let me introduce myself . My name is Wang Fei . ” Wang Fei wrote her name on the board .

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When the students realized that she was in her late twenties, exuding a mature lady’s sexiness by wearing a gray professional blazer matched with stockings, something that the female students were unable to compare with, some of the bolder students cheered .

Li Xuan was clearly one of the bolder ones . He called out, “Miss Wang, are you taken? If you aren’t, you can consider me . ”

Upon hearing Li Xuan’s words, many students laughed out . Many students also made catcalls .

Wang Fei seemed used to such situations and thought nothing of it . She shot Li Xuan a look and said, “Of course . But you have to first be able to graduate while under me . Alright, this is Sunset College . The word ‘Sunset’ is a warning to us that time is precious . Our school’s purpose is to cherish time . Now, I’ll be assigning you your first matriculation homework . It will also be your first test . Kill a Demonized General within ten days . Each team is only allowed a maximum of four people . The kill has to be done within ninety seconds . If you fail to complete the test, you will be expelled from school . You can then seek out other opportunities for yourself . The school will also arrange for you to apply to other ordinary schools . ”

The noisy classroom instantly fell silent .

Students who were admitted into Sunset College weren’t to be trifled with . Before arriving on campus, many of them had gained an understanding of Sunset College via various channels .

To have a test on the first day of classes was a tradition of Sunset College . It wasn’t much of a surprise .

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However, to slay a Demonized General within ninety seconds in a group of four, it was quite demanding

Sunset College had many dimensional zones, so the typical matriculation test was to kill a certain number of Mortal dimensional creatures, but a Demonized General was a Legendary dimensional creature .

Although the students here were all elites, most of them were at the Mortal stage . Killing a Legendary dimensional creature through the combined forces of four students at the Mortal stage wasn’t simple . Furthermore, Demonized Generals didn’t appear alone . They would have plenty of Mortal stage Demonized Soldiers around them, increasing the difficulty .

Most students probably were incapable of killing one in ninety seconds as a group of four .

“Miss Wang, we just matriculated and have learned nothing . Isn’t it too demanding for us to kill a Demonized General?” a student raised his doubts .

“Didn’t I give you ten days to learn? As long as you are willing to put in the effort, ten days is sufficient . If you don’t have the will, a hundred days would be useless . This is Sunset College . It doesn’t have that much time for you to waste . Kill a Demonized General in ten days or study at another university . Your fates are in your hands . Alright, this will be the end of the administration matters before class starts . You can officially begin attending lessons . As for the classes you would like to attend, it’s up to you to decide . The timetable has the various counselors’ lesson timings . You can choose the subjects you would like to learn more about . ” Wang Fei handed out passes before she left, leaving the room filled with dumbfounded students .

“College life seems to be a little more interesting than I expected . Killing a Demonized General in ninety seconds in a group of four probably isn’t easily accomplished, much less ordinary students,” Li Xuan whispered to Zhou Wen .

The other students either lamented or grumbled . Their test was the hardest among all the matriculation tests in previous years .

“What kind of dimensional creature is the Demonized General?” Zhou Wen held the pass he had received and studied it . On it were the words: Tiger Cage Pass .

Li Xuan said, “Tiger Cage Pass is a dimensional zone east of campus . In ancient times, it was called Sihui Pass . After it became a dimensional zone, large numbers of Demonized General and Demonized Soldiers appeared . Among dimensional creatures of the same level, Demonized Generals and Demonized Soldiers are middle to upper tier . Some Demonized Generals even reach the level of pinnacle Legendary . They are very difficult to deal with . Such a matriculation test is really difficult for newly matriculated students . ”

“Let’s visit Tiger Cage Pass then,” Zhou Wen said with piqued interest .

His other dungeons had reached a bottleneck . He was unable to reach the top of Fire God Platform and he couldn’t break into Ant City There wasn’t much to be discovered in Underground Buddha City, so it would be a good development to have a new dungeon .