Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 8

Published at 20th of February 2020 10:39:11 PM

Chapter 8

Zhou Wen didn’t think too much about it . The thoughts of others had nothing to do with him . All he wanted was to score well at the combat test during the college entrance exams . From that, he could enter a reputable school before focusing on gaming . After cruising through college and graduating, he could then get a job related to the dimensional zones .

However, there was one thing that Zhou Wen took notice of . Fang Ruoxi’s mention of his defeat under An Jing’s hands had made him realize something was amiss . It was something he hadn’t thought too deeply about previously .

An Jing was about his age and was perhaps a little younger; yet, she was very likely already a Legendary stage expert . Although they were just separated by one stage, it was a night and day difference between the Mortal and Legendary stages . It was almost impossible for someone at the Mortal stage to defeat a Legendary stage expert .

The clearest indicator of a Legendary stage expert was the opportunity to obtain a Companion Beast . And at the Mortal stage, it was very difficult to obtain Companion Beasts . Even if one did get a Companion Egg, they lacked the Primordial Energy to carry out the incubation .

There were also many opaque differences . For example, after a human advanced to the Legendary stage, they would awaken their Legendary Life Providence, greatly augmenting their constitutions . It also widened the gap between Mortal stage and Legendary stage .

Unless there was any reason that prompted action, the typical Legendary stage expert found it beneath them to attack people at the Mortal stage . For An Jing to challenge him, a student at the Mortal stage, and then transfer out of the school shortly after the challenge, it appeared as though she had specially come to beat him up .

“I’ve never left Guide City all my life . How could I have offended someone like her? Could it be Dad…” As Zhou Wen thought about it, he came up with one possibility .

Zhou Wen’s mother had passed away during childbirth, causing him to be brought up in a single-parent family . As for his dad, he was an unreliable man .

Zhou Wen’s father was named Zhou Lingfeng . Like the word ‘feng’ symbolizing ‘wind’ in his name, he was like a gust of wind . From the age of five, Zhou Wen learned to be independent . He had to do simple cooking, laundry, and the management of household matters, as well as do groceries .

And in the words of his unreliable dad, this was to nurture his survivability as a man . It would also be the foundation on which he would use to get a wife .

Although his dad was very lazy, there was something that left Zhou Lingfeng slightly relieved . Zhou Lingfeng had never missed out on paying his living expenses .

As a polyglot, Zhou Lingfeng did translation work . When Zhou Wen was young, his father often translated documents from home . However, with the improvement in technology, translation software became much better and Zhou Lingfeng’s work reduced as a result .

When Zhou Wen grew a little older, he became more independent, so Zhou Lingfeng took on interpretation work . He often went out of town for a week or even as long as a few months .

The latest instance was more ridiculous . Zhou Wen hadn’t seen his father in half a year . If it wasn’t for his monthly living expenses being transferred into his account, he would have been worried his father had died .

This was because Zhou Lingfeng often went to relatively remote places . The reception conditions there were often terrible, so it was common for him to be uncontactable . Zhou Wen was used to it .

Even if he wasn’t used to it, it wasn’t as though he could do anything about it other than waiting for Zhou Lingfeng’s return .

Their home was made up of two men . Zhou Wen had no chance to offend a figure like An Jing, so he was highly suspicious that his dad had offended her . Failing to find him, all she could do was to vent her anger on his son .

Zhou Wen had zero confidence in his dad . He was the kind of person that indulged in pleasures . He was also someone who often spent time at bars . He had often hit on chicks in the past, only to be beaten up by the woman’s male partner .

Luckily Zhou Wen was able to fend for himself . If not, he wondered if Zhou Lingfeng would even have had the ability to raise him .

As he thought about it, his phone suddenly rang . With his mind wandering, Zhou Wen jumped . After taking out his ordinary phone, he realized it was from his father, Zhou Lingfeng .

Speak of the devil .  Zhou Wen hurriedly picked up the call . Just as he was about to say something, he heard Zhou Lingfeng’s voice: “Son, I’m getting married . Will you be coming to my wedding?”

Thankfully, Zhou Wen wasn’t drinking any water; otherwise, he would have spewed it all out .

“You’re getting married? To whom?” Zhou Wen wasn’t against Zhou Lingfeng getting married . After all, he had been single for so many years, so it was very normal for him to find a partner . Besides, he might become more reliable after his marriage, so it could be a blessing in disguise .

“I’ll send Sweety’s photo to you,” Zhou Lingfeng said . Before Zhou Wen said a word, the phone hung up and a photo was sent .

Zhou Wen glanced at the photo and saw Zhou Lingfeng with a young woman . The woman looked to be in her thirties at most . She was elegant and beautiful, and she had a rather good presence . She looked different from the so-called beauties on the Internet . This lady had a sensual aesthetic and a unique presence that could hardly be described with words .

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“How’s it? Your new mom isn’t too bad, right? Her name is Ouyang Lan,” Zhou Lingfeng called again and said smugly .

“Not bad, but she’s not my mom,” Zhou Wen said .

Although he didn’t mind Zhou Lingfeng getting remarried, he didn’t plan on acknowledging a new mother at his age . After all, Zhou Lingfeng wasn’t home most of the time and he was already accustomed to living alone . It was also not necessary that the lady would like baggage like him, so it would be quite nice if they led their own separate lives .

“My wife is naturally your mom . That’s an undeniable fact . By the way, my wedding is in a few days . You have to come, alright?” Zhou Lingfeng said indifferently, as though he took nothing to heart .

“Where is it? When is it?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Luoyang . In a week,” Zhou Lingfeng said .

“I’ll be taking the college entrance exams in a few days . The period you mentioned happens to clash with the combat test which I plan on participating in . I won’t be able to go even if I wanted,” Zhou Wen said helplessly .

He was willing to participate in the wedding, but he really couldn’t go .

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“Wow, time passes so quickly . You are already having your college entrance exams . ” Zhou Lingfeng clearly didn’t remember this as he made a poignant comment .

Zhou Wen didn’t expect his father to know it, but he was still somewhat disappointed hearing him say that . Perhaps Zhou Lingfeng had even forgotten that he was graduating from high school this year .

“Dad, do you know that metal biscuit tin inside our wardrobe?” Zhou Wen suddenly asked .

“Biscuit tin? What biscuit tin?” Zhou Lingfeng asked in puzzlement .

“The one that’s about thirty centimeters long . It’s a biscuit tin that’s squarish and made of metal . It has a picture of a cartoon bear…” Zhou Wen described the biscuit tin’s characteristics in detail .

“Oh, that bear biscuit tin . I often ate from it when I was little . However, that brand of biscuits isn’t sold anymore . The one we have at home was probably left behind . Why are you asking about it?”

“Inside that bear biscuit tin is a cellphone . Did you put it in?” Zhou Wen’s heart raced slightly . That cellphone was the mysterious phone he was using .