Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 81

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Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Stalling For Time

“This female officer wishes to ask you a few questions . Just answer truthfully,” the vice-chancellor said to Zhou Wen and company .

Liz didn’t look like she was targeting Zhou Wen . She asked all six students some questions and treated him the same as though she didn’t know him .

“Officer, will that do?” the vice-chancellor asked after Liz was done with her questioning .

“The other students can head back now . However, I would like to invite Mr . Zhou Wen back to assist us in our investigations . ” Liz waved her hand, permitting the other students to leave the office as she scrutinized him as though speaking casually .

The vice-chancellor frowned slightly but soon smiled . “Officer, you naturally can get our students to assist in your investigations, but as you know, Sunset College is considered half a military school . These students can be considered part of the military reserve force . If you wish to take him away, you will need to go through the procedures . If you are in a rush for time, I can do the paperwork for you now . ”

“There’s no need . This is an arrest warrant . Take a look at it . I’ll only be taking him with me to assist in our investigations . We will bring him back unharmed, so you don’t have to worry,” Liz said with a sneer as she took out the arrest warrant, placing it on the desk in front of the vice-chancellor .

How could she not be aware that the vice-chancellor was a sly old fox? Despite speaking pleasantly, he was probably planning to head out to inform the An family . Sunset College has been set up by the An family to begin with, so if anything were to happen, they wouldn’t sit idle even if they didn’t like Zhou Wen .

The vice-chancellor looked at the arrest warrant carefully and immediately, his expression changed . He glared at Liz and asked, “What law did our student break? To actually use an arrest warrant of this level?”

He could already tell that Liz was here for Zhou Wen . Whatever excuses previously used had been solely to get Zhou Wen here .

“No comment,” Liz said as she gestured for her man to apprehend Zhou Wen .

She knew that she couldn’t waste any time . She needed to take Zhou Wen away before the Ans came .

Zhou Wen was the An family’s only candidate, one that couldn’t be changed . Ignoring his importance to the An family, to request they hand him over without any concrete evidence was something they would definitely disagree with .

Interrogation of Zhou Wen under the An family’s supervision was nearly useless . It was basically telling Zhou Wen that they couldn’t do a thing to him, so how could they get anything out of him?

Furthermore, Qiao Siyuan also suspected that the An family was involved in this matter . This was also one of the reasons he needed to take Zhou Wen back for interrogation .

As for killing Zhou Wen, not only was Liz fearful of doing so, but even Qiao Siyuan wouldn’t do so . The An family had Zhou Wen as their only candidate, so killing him was equivalent to crossing them . Qiao Siyuan didn’t wish to completely offend them; at least he wouldn’t do so until he had concrete evidence .

Of course, if he could obtain actual evidence from Zhou Wen that the An family was involved with Jing Daoxian, that would be a whole different matter .

The possibility was very small to begin with; therefore, Liz didn’t really have much hope of obtaining such evidence . She only wanted to take Zhou Wen back and question him about the things that Qiao Siyuan wanted to know before the An family arrived .

Zhou Wen immediately hid behind the vice-chancellor’s back . He had heard Li Xuan describe the modus operandi of the Special Inspection Bureau-a place that was enough to figuratively skin a person no matter who they were . For them to have spent so much effort to come all the way to Sunset College to arrest him, he clearly wasn’t going to be released after a simple interrogation .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen felt guilty . After all, he had cultivated Jing Daoxian’s Lost Immortal Sutra . If the bureau were to believe that this Primordial Energy Art was related to Jing Daoxian, wouldn’t that make him his accomplice?

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Zhou Wen didn’t know that Jing Daoxian hadn’t cultivated in the Lost Immortal Sutra himself because it wasn’t his . Even if others were to recognize the Lost Immortal Sutra, it was impossible to connect him to Jing Daoxian .

Furthermore, no one in the League had ever mastered the Lost Immortal Sutra, so it was almost impossible to recognize .

“Officer, you should know that Overseer An shows great concern about Sunset College . Shouldn’t you inform him of this?” the vice-chancellor said with a frown .

Liz said in all seriousness, “The League’s laws are supreme . I don’t care where this is or who’s here . I’m duty-bound to do what needs to be done . It doesn’t matter who comes . Chancellor, are you implying that Overseer An is greater than the League’s laws?”

“You are taking me out of context . On this matter, our Sunset College will definitely seek an explanation from Congress . ” The vice-chancellor’s face was livid .

“Feel free to do so . ” Liz knew that she couldn’t waste any more time . She had to leave immediately with Zhou Wen, so she gave her men the signal .

Two men moved like phantoms as they tried to take Zhou Wen away by force .

“Don’t touch me . I can walk by myself . ” Zhou Wen knew that the school was powerless against them since the vice-chancellor didn’t stop them .

“Alright, move along . ” Liz wasn’t afraid that Zhou Wen could do much . She waved her hand, giving the silent order to her subordinates not to touch him and let Zhou Wen walk by himself .

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She didn’t wish to blow matters up if things could be done in a furtive manner .

Zhou Wen didn’t resist as he obediently walked out . The two men walked behind him, prepared to immediately restrain him if he did anything abnormal .

“Chancellor Ya, goodbye for now,” Liz said and directly walked off .

Zhou Wen didn’t dawdle as he directly walked towards the school’s entrance .

He was lacking in EQ, but it didn’t mean he was dumb .

Liz had tricked him and was now eagerly taking him away . Although she spoke in an overbearing manner, he could tell that there were things holding them back . Their eagerness was apparently because they were afraid of something .

Every second I stall counts . Zhou Wen didn’t have the opportunity to send an SOS message . From the moment he entered the room and saw Liz, he knew that he wasn’t able to do so under Liz’s nose . Therefore, he hadn’t made any attempts to prevent himself from being taken into custody immediately . It might even cause his mysterious phone to be confiscated .

However, believing that the vice-chancellor would have already sent out the news, all he needed to do was stall for time to have a turnaround .

Under normal circumstances, it was clearly impossible for someone at the Mortal stage to escape from a few Legendary officers .

Zhou Wen kept walking towards the school’s entrance without acting out of place . Nor did he take any detours . He made Liz and the officers believe that he had stopped resisting and was returning with them .

In fact, even high officials of the League wouldn’t try anything funny if they were under the bureau’s control, much less a student .

Zhou Wen walked normally as though he had resigned himself to fate . But when he arrived near a forest within the campus grounds, he suddenly exerted full force and dashed into the woods . As he ran, he said, “I need to pee . Wait a moment . ”

By passing through the forest, he was already close to the entrance of Underground Buddha City in the real world . As long as he could escape into it, he could use the Small Buddha Temple’s mysterious forces to stall for time .

Although doing so was risky as he still didn’t know if Small Buddha Temple in the real world was identical to the game, he no longer had the luxury of choice . He had things on him he absolutely couldn’t expose .

If he were to be taken away for interrogation, all the items on him would be scrutinized—the mysterious phone would thus be exposed .