Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 82

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Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Escape

Upon seeing Zhou Wen escape, Liz watched with a teasing look without any intention to take action .

The bureau arrested and pursued people daily . If a student at the Mortal stage were to escape under their noses, they could forget about staying in the bureau .

Without needing Liz to give the word, the two officers behind Zhou Wen reached out their hands to grab him . Speed at the Legendary stage emerged as four hands seemed to lock onto Zhou Wen’s arms like phantoms .

But in that split second, a silver glow flashed behind Zhou Wen . Four silver wings extended and with one flap, he flew seven to eight meters high . He was incredibly fast and unexpectedly dodged the officers’ attacks, successfully rushing into the forest .

“A Legendary Companion Beast capable of flight… Chase after him…” Liz was slightly taken aback, but she immediately led the chase after snapping back to her senses .

They originally imagined that it would be impossible for Zhou Wen to escape from the Legendaries even with his Legendary Companion Beast, but to their surprise, Zhou Wen was like a nimble bat . He flapped his four wings and darted through the woods, using the trees to conceal his motion . He cut off their attempts to encircle him as he rushed out of the woods .

“I want to see how far you can go!” Liz was alarmed and infuriated . She chased Zhou Wen at an unimaginably fast speed .

Without the woods concealing his actions, Zhou Wen was unable to pull open the distance between them . All he could do was rush towards Ancient Inlet, that wasn’t too far away, at full speed, rushing into Underground Buddha City before Liz and company could catch up to him .

Zhou Wen showed his pass and directly entered Underground Buddha City . However, Liz and company were stopped by the soldiers who were guarding it . After they revealed their identification as bureau officers, they were permitted into Underground Buddha City to continue the pursuit .

Zhou Wen didn’t even turn his head as he ran towards Small Buddha Temple at full speed . Liz and company chased him relentlessly and were closing up to him despite the Speed he obtained with the wings obtained from the Silver-Winged Flying Ant .

“Zhou Wen, do you know what crime it is to resist arrest? We originally only required you to return to assist us with our investigations . Now that you’re escaping, that will compound the crime . It’s still not too late for you to stop now,” Liz shouted as she chased .

Zhou Wen completely ignored her as he dashed forward at full speed .

Liz knew that she couldn’t waste any more time when she saw Zhou Wen running in silence . Gritting her teeth, she summoned an azure sword and slashed it towards Zhou Wen .

An azure sword beam appeared immediately, traversing several meters as it headed straight for Zhou Wen’s back .

Zhou Wen heard the sound of wind as he hurriedly dodged with a sidestep, barely dodging the sword beam’s slash . Without another word, he continued running forward .

He originally only had the thought of finding an opportunity to hide the mysterious phone, but with Liz’s tight pursuit, they weren’t giving him a chance to do so . All he could do was desperately escape in the direction of Small Buddha Temple .

“My name isn’t Liz if you escape me today!” Liz was infuriated and couldn’t care less . She slashed out with her sword repeatedly .

Although the sword beams weren’t aimed at Zhou Wen’s vital spots, it was enough to grievously injure him .

Due to him dodging the sword beams, Zhou Wen’s speed immediately dropped . This allowed the other officers to catch up to him . They didn’t stand on ceremony as they cast several Primordial Energy Skills at him .

They were experienced veterans and attacked viciously in a non-lethal manner . It was solely to heavily injure him so that he could be taken back .

A huge burst of blood shot out of Zhou Wen’s thigh as Liz’s sword beam sliced across it . The blood continued gushing out of the laceration .

Zhou Wen continued dashing forward in silence, but the injuries he suffered kept increasing . Although they weren’t lethal, his wounds were extremely horrifying .

Liz was also alarmed . Although Zhou Wen was augmented by a Legendary Companion Beast and he was flying very quickly, he was ultimately at the Mortal stage .

Under their relentless attacks, he only suffered injuries without succumbing . Although he looked seriously injured, he had avoided having his vital parts injured . He hadn’t suffered any serious damage .

This definitely had to do with Liz and company having no intention of really killing Zhou Wen, but he had been able to avoid any injuries that were enough to put him out of combat .

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Many times, Zhou Wen was able to dodge an attack at the final moment even without taking a look . It was as though he had eyes in the back of his head . This shocked Liz greatly .

This Zhou Wen is so calm in battle . Even when injured, he chooses to allow himself to be injured to minimize the overall damage . He’s terrifyingly calm . It’s unbelievable that he’s only sixteen . Liz looked at the bloody Zhou Wen flying off with a resolute look in his eyes . Her heart stirred as she thought, It’s no wonder the An family chose him . It’s probably not just because of the relationship between Zhou Lingfeng and Ouyang Lan .

Zhou Wen fought as he retreated . After his body was injured, his Lost Immortal Sutra automatically switched to Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra . What further surprised him was that his wound pulled together to exert compression and prevent blood from gushing out just like Li Xuan .

I never expected the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra to have such ingenious uses . Zhou Wen was quite surprised .

The Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra allowed Zhou Wen’s Constitution to exceed 10—the only stat that reached 11 . Therefore, it definitely boosted Constitution, but he had no idea what it did .

The Small Buddha Temple’s stone staircase was already in sight . It had a metal fence barricading it with a forbidden zone sign to prevent students from accidentally venturing in .

Small Buddha Temple didn’t have troops guarding it because it was unnecessary . If someone was really able to enter Small Buddha Temple and master the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, the military would be very happy .

There were all kinds of similar, mysterious places in the world, but less than 10% of them had been completely cleared .

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Zhou Wen rushed to the fence as his left arm conjured the skeleton bracer . He tore a huge hole through the fence and immediately crawled through it .

Liz and company weren’t from Luoyang, so they knew little about the recently discovered Buddha City . Although they saw the forbidden zone sign, they continued their pursuit .

Firstly, Liz needed to capture Zhou Wen as soon as possible . Secondly, with Zhou Wen in front of them, he would end up bearing all the dangers first . Therefore, she didn’t hesitate to rush in with her men .

In the narrow rock passageway ahead, the space that allowed him to dodge decreased . Liz managed to slash a beam on Zhou Wen’s back, causing him to trigger the Lotus Flower Buddha Body skill . However, a long bloody gash cleaved open on his back as he was thrown forward . He spat out blood when he slammed onto the stone steps high above .

Liz approached Zhou Wen with a sword in hand as she said coldly, “Zhou Wen, you’re cornered . Stop having illusions that you can escape . Returning with us to assist in the case will only benefit you,”

Zhou Wen shot a look at Liz and company who had managed to catch up to him . Wiping away the blood that trickled from the corner of his mouth, he said indifferently, “Why would I be escaping? You are the ones who should be escaping . ”