Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Stalemate at the Stone Stairs

“Madman . ” Liz ignored what Zhou Wen had said . She gestured with her hand for the officers to head over and apprehend the heavily injured Zhou Wen .

She had already wasted too much time, far more than she had originally planned . It was already hard to tell if they could take Zhou Wen away before the An family came . She couldn’t afford to waste any more time .

The few officers lunged forward . By heading higher, the stone stairs had broadened . They were no longer as narrow as before, allowing them to rush up together .

But this time, Zhou Wen didn’t immediately run . He sat at the top of the stairs, striking forward at the officer that led the charge .

This strike seemed soft and powerless as though he hadn’t exerted a sliver of strength . The officer was nearly two meters away, so not even his sleeves were touched .

Liz and the few officers naturally didn’t believe that Zhou Wen had the ability to strike them from a distance . Skills that could project Primordial Energy was considered a minority even at the Legendary stage, so it was impossible for someone at the Mortal stage to master such a skill . Even if there was one, someone at the Mortal stage didn’t have the Primordial Energy needed to support the expenditure .

However, with Zhou Wen’s gentle strike, the officer silently collapsed to the ground . It instantly shocked the rest .

Zhou Wen remained unperturbed as he repeatedly struck the air . In response, the remaining officers collapsed in the zone as though their souls had been dissipated .

Liz was stunned and bewildered, nearly unable to believe her own eyes . The few Legendary officers had clearly stopped breathing; yet, she couldn’t tell how they had been killed by Zhou Wen . Her eyes flickered with a glint of shock and puzzlement . Momentarily, she didn’t dare approach him .

Yet Zhou Wen knew very well that they hadn’t been killed by him . Instead, it was the mysterious force of the stone stairs and Small Buddha Temple that robbed them of their lives .

However, no one knew this mysterious force better than Zhou Wen . He had accurately estimated the moment of the officers’ death and just posed with a strike . It was simply to scare them off .

What puzzled Zhou Wen was that Liz wasn’t affected by the stone stairs’ force; otherwise, she should have been lying dead .

Strange, don’t tell me Liz possesses a Primordial Energy Skill similar to Heart Meditation? That’s why she hasn’t been killed by that mysterious force? But that’s not right . Even if she has something like that, she doesn’t know the secret of this place . She wouldn’t be using it ahead of time… What’s happening?

Zhou Wen was puzzled, but he didn’t show it . He continued sitting on the stone stairs with a leisurely look, looking down at Liz with an air of superiority . “I didn’t want to kill, but why did you have to force me?”

His words were half-truths . If Liz hadn’t forced him, he definitely wouldn’t wish them dead, much less make people from the bureau die .

He didn’t know if he could explain their deaths clearly in the future, with the possibility of the League putting him on a wanted list .

But even so, Zhou Wen didn’t wish to expose the secret of his mysterious phone .

At most I’ll be a fugitive, escaping into dimensional zones that aren’t within human control . As long as I have the mysterious phone, the dangers of the dimensional zones are nonexistent to me . Zhou Wen made up his mind that if he were truly cornered, he would have to become a wanted fugitive .

“Don’t try to act all mysterious . Do you think you can fool me?” Liz didn’t believe that a student like Zhou Wen at the Mortal stage could possess such terrifying power .

However, she was unable to instantly tell how the four officers had died . This hesitance made her lack the courage to directly rush forward .

“You can give it a try if you don’t believe it . Let’s see if my Formless Divine Palm is capable of killing you,” Zhou Wen said with a deadpan expression as though he had everything in the

bag .

However, Zhou Wen was lamenting inwardly, I’ve already stalled for so long . Even without Heart Meditation’s protection, no matter how strong Liz is, she should have died on the stone stairs . Why is she completely fine?

“What Formless Divine Palm? I’ve never heard of it . ” Liz kept staring at Zhou Wen and the four dead officers in an attempt to figure out the reason for their deaths .

“The Formless Divine Palm is colorless and shadowless . It kills people in an invisible manner, a Primordial Energy Skill Ouyang Lan gave me . It was meant to protect me, and I usually wouldn’t readily use it . If you hadn’t cornered me today, I wouldn’t have used such a vile Primordial Energy Skill . ” Zhou Wen spoke nonsense, but he was considering how he could escape .

He didn’t believe he could really scare Liz . She hadn’t rushed up because she hadn’t figured out how her four colleagues had died and was unwilling to take the risk .

Liz was doubtful of Zhou Wen’s words . It was true she couldn’t tell how the deaths occurred because they didn’t seem to have any injuries at all .

Suddenly, an idea came to Liz . She recalled the forbidden zone sign she had seen and immediately came to a realization . She sized up her surroundings and sneered . “Then, let me try and see how your Formless Divine Palm can kill me!”

As she spoke, Liz summoned a Companion Beast .

It had pure-white wings and supple skin and was dressed in a white gown . It resembled the mythical angel but had one thing that was different . This angel Companion Beast didn’t have a head . It was empty from the neck up .

“Headless Angel!” Zhou Wen immediately cried out when he saw the headless angel .

Headless Angel was very famous as a Companion Beast . Although it came from the League’s West district, its name had already spread across Earth’s League .

Headless Angel wasn’t a true angel, but a figure in western legend .

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Legend had it that a pious nun believed in God with the purest heart, hoping that she could one day ascend to heaven to serve God as an angel .

Every person who saw the nun believed that she was the purest and most flawless person in the world . Therefore, everyone who knew her believed that she was bound to ascend to the heavenly kingdom after her death, becoming an angel who would serve God .

Perhaps the nun’s devotion moved God . One day, God descended before the nun and cast a divine light down on Earth, purifying the nun’s body into that of an angel’s .

Just as the nun’s body was being transformed into an angel’s body, she saw a prisoner on death row piously praying and confessing to God .

Hence, the nun asked God, “That prisoner is so pious . Can you absolve him of his sins?”

God answered, “I can, but his sins need to be burdened by someone . If you agree, you can replace the prisoner at the guillotine and bear his sins . ”

After hearing that, the nun resolutely chose to bear the sins for the prisoner . Hence, with a flash of divine light, the prisoner at the guillotine was switched to the nun who was quickly transforming into an angel . Before her body could completely turn into an angel’s, her head was chopped off .


Although her head had been chopped off, the other parts of her body were already that of an angel . It was an unaging and immortal body that didn’t die because of a beheading .

However, the head wasn’t able to recover due to it not being angelized . Therefore, the nun became the legendary Headless Angel in western legend .

Although the name was terrifying, a Headless Angel was synonymous with purity in the West district .

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After the dimensional storms, inside one dimensional zone in the West district, a Headless Angel dimensional creature appeared . It was later slain by humanity and its Companion Egg obtained .

As such, the Headless Angel at the Epic stage became famous across Earth’s League . She wasn’t the greatest at combat strength but she was great for protection .

With the protection of a Headless Angel, all kinds of evil forces like curses and hexes were unable to harm her master . It was to date, the strongest defensive Companion Beast in the West .

The master of Headless Angel relied on her defensive powers to explore dimensional zones amidst many mysterious dangers-ones that humanity believed were forbidden-returning safely every time .

Hence, the fame of Headless Angel intensified . But based on what Zhou Wen knew, there was only one Headless Angel Companion Beast, and its owner wasn’t Liz .

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