Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: 90

Chapter 90 Annihilating the General with One Palm

After killing the Jade-Eyed White Tiger, the Demonized General didn’t cease at all . It raised the strange spear in its hand and the crescent-like side blades swept across the Black Knight’s waist with terrifying flames .

Half of the Black Knight’s body was buried in the ground and it was unable to move at all . If it was struck, it was likely to have its head separated from its body .

“Leave quickly . ” Li Xuan didn’t have the luxury of time to moan over his Companion Beasts . The Blade Demonized General was just too fast and powerful . The speed at which it killed the Jade-Eyed White Tiger and Black Knight had far exceeded Li Xuan’s expectations . If they didn’t pull open a distance quickly, it would probably chase after them again .

Suddenly, a figure flew over Li Xuan, arriving above the Demonized General in a blink of an eye . Then, it was split into two .

Zhou Wen had summoned the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and was riding on its back, rushing straight for the Demonized General’s head .

The Demonized General waved its left hand, shining out a lightning-like blade beam that moved at an inconceivable speed . The instant it smashed down, the beam had arrived in front of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant .

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant spread its four wings and phased away with silver, dreamy light . Its speed was instantly raised to a terrifying level, allowing it to dodge the Demonized General’s blade beam .

An Jing, who was prepared to take action, was stunned . The Blade Demonized General’s Astral Slash Blade was famous for being fast, accurate, and mighty . Yet, that Companion Beast had managed to dodge it . It truly caught her by surprise .

To have a non-avian Companion Beast that has a flight Primordial Energy Skill is rather rare . An Jing stopped in her tracks as she watched the battle .

When the Demonized General missed the Silver-Winged Flying Ant with its blade, the strange spear in its hand swept flames up into the sky, hoping to sweep the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and Zhou Wen down .

However, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant agilely changed directions in midair, dodging the Demonized General’s strike . At the same time, its stinger shot out Magical Needle at the Demonized General’s head .

However, before it reached the Demonized General, it was cleaved apart by the Astral Slash Blade it sliced out with its left hand .

Zhou Wen controlled the Silver-Winged Flying Ant as he battled the Demonized General . Using its speed and flight capabilities, and Silver Wing Flash, he dodged all of the Demonized General’s attacks .

“Old Zhou, that Companion Beast is awesome . Where did you get it from? Help me get one in the future . ” Li Xuan’s eyes glimmered as he slipped effortlessly into address Zhou Wen affectionately .

To use speed to dodge the Demonized General’s attacks made the Silver-Winged Flying Ant a pinnacle speed-type Companion Beast .

An Jing, Li Weiyang and company also noticed the value of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, but An Jing was able to figure out more .

That strange flying ant is a top speed-type Companion Beast at the Legendary stage, but to be able to dodge the Blade Demonized General’s attacks so perfectly isn’t something that can be done with speed alone . Zhou Wen’s control and predictions are all excellent . An Jing didn’t let her hatred for him affect her own judgment . She could tell how formidable Zhou Wen really was .

With Zhou Wen fighting the Demonized General, Li Xuan finally seized the opportunity to get the Black Knight to escape from the ground . Just as he was about to order it to help, he saw Zhou Wen jump off from the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s back .

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“Holy sh*t, Old Zhou, what are you trying to do?” Li Xuan jumped in fright . For the Mortal Zhou Wen to lunge at the Demonized General looked no different from courting death .

Li Weiyang and the other students had their hearts pounding nervously as though they were about to leap out of their chests . Even An Jing’s breathing sped up .

From An Jing’s point of view, Zhou Wen’s actions were too rash . Furthermore, there weren’t any substantial effects .

He was only at the Mortal stage . With Strength at the Mortal stage, even if it was boosted by Primordial Energy Skills, striking a Demonized General’s helmet probably didn’t deal it much damage .

Zhou Wen wore a stoic expression as his body rapidly plummeted . He swung his arm that had been enveloped by the skeleton bracer, striking straight at the top of the Demonized General’s head .

This leap looked like a risky move, but in fact, Zhou Wen had already simulated it hundreds of times in his head . Ever since he had fought the word-engraved Demonized General, he had been thinking of a way to kill them .

The only possibility was to first kill the Blade Demonized General . As for the Paper Demonized General, he temporarily had no means of killing it .

This leap had been calculated by Zhou Wen countless times before he deduced the opportunity .

Back when the Silver-Winged Flying Ant kept flying, it had made the Demonized General run through all its moves . Its Primordial Energy Skills had all been used and it couldn’t immediately use them again . All those powerful moves prevented it from instantly retaliating against Zhou Wen .

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Zhou Wen leaped down headfirst as his palm struck the Demonized General’s helmet .

If it were only an ordinary Mortal Primordial Energy Skill, it wouldn’t be able to tear through the helmet’s defense with the skeleton bracer’s augmentation .

However, Zhou Wen’s Ashen Palm at Rank 10 was different . This was a palm with a cold, explosive might . It could generate a penetrative effect at short distances .

Although this palm looked like it had smacked the helmet, its force had already penetrated into the Demonized General’s head, striking its brains .

With the success of the attack, Zhou Wen pressed down on the Demonized General’s helmet and used the reactionary force to retreat several meters . The Silver-Winged Flying Ant was already waiting there for him as he somersaulted and landed on its back, his eyes staring intently at the Demonized General .

As he had never attempted it in-game, he wasn’t sure of the effects of this palm strike .

An Jing, Li Xuan, and the other students were also staring at the Demonized General . They felt that the palm didn’t seem to have much of an effect as there wasn’t any mark on its helmet .

But the next second, the Demonized General looked up and spewed a mouthful of blood before collapsing from its horse . The red horse neighed as it exploded, scattering its flesh and blood everywhere .

He had managed to slay a word-engraved Demonized General! When An Jing saw the horse explode, she knew that the Demonized General was definitely dead .

Li Xuan yelled, “Did anyone do a recording? Did anyone record that battle? How long did he take?”

The school’s test missions required video proof . Although he didn’t know how long Zhou Wen had taken, it didn’t feel like he took more than ninety seconds .

“I did,” a girl beside Li Weiyang said meekly .

The few of them had come to complete a test mission, so they had a video recording the entire time . They had also recorded the battle that had just finished .

Li Weiyang got the girl to play the recording as they looked over . He had taken 79 seconds .

“Old Zhou, you took 79 seconds to kill a word-engraved Demonized General . You are really awesome!” Li Xuan yelled at Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen was in no mood to care about the numbers . He ran straight to the dead Demonized General, hoping to find a dimensional crystal or Companion Egg from its corpse .

Pulling apart the Demonized General’s helmet, he saw red and white fluids flow out . Amidst that was a resplendent object .