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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 91

Published at 13th of March 2020 04:50:14 PM

Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Astral Slash Blade Beam

Li Xuan and company noticed the egg-sized crystal that Zhou Wen pulled out .

The crystal looked dreamy with a glow flickering within it . The glow had the appearance of the Demonized General, making it a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal .

“The Blade Demonized General’s Primordial Energy Skill . I wonder which one is it . He’s really struck it rich if it’s Astral Slash Blade,” Li Xuan said as he approached to take a look at the crystal .

As the Blade Demonized General had several Primordial Energy Skills, with Astral Slash Blade being one of them, the chances of it dropping were extremely low even if a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal were to drop .

By the side, An Jing suddenly said, “The Demonized General figure inside the crystal has a faint red glow on the word engraved on top of its head . This Primordial Energy Skill Crystal is Astral Slash Blade . ”

“It’s really Astral Slash Blade! Old Zhou, your luck is really unparalleled!” Li Xuan said in excitement, “If you wish to sell this Astral Slash Blade skill, just sell it to me . I’ll quickly advance to the Legendary stage, so I’ll be able to use it . ”

Zhou Wen shook his head slightly and placed the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal in his pocket .

The average person couldn’t withstand the surge of Primordial Energy Skills at the Mortal stage . Any forceful absorption would damage the body, and in serious cases, might even lead to death .

However, Zhou Wen was different . If he could take the Primordial Energy Skill into the game and let the blood-colored avatar attempt to absorb it, he himself wouldn’t be in any danger .

Zhou Wen had already tried absorbing Legendary Primordial Energy Skills in-game and all of them had happened without a hitch .

Zhou Wen’s news of killing the word-engraved Demonized General quickly spread across campus . To kill one in 79 seconds was unheard of even amongst special admissions students .

However, the topic of conversation was the Silver-Winged Flying Ant . Many people believed that it was due to it that Zhou Wen was able to slay the word-engraved Demonized General . Such Speed and ability of flight made it a top Speed-type, flight-capable Companion Beast among those at the Legendary stage .

After Wang Fei saw the recording of Zhou Wen slaying the word-engraved Demonized General, she gave Zhou Wen a very high evaluation, believing him to be a talent worth nurturing

Even An Jing, who always found him a sore sight, viewed him in a different light . She believed that Zhou Wen would once again get back on his feet, turning back into the genius he once was .

However, Wang Fei and An Jing quickly realized they were wrong . After killing the word-engraved Demonized General, Zone didn’t come out of his dorm at all . He didn’t enter the dimensional zones to train himself, nor did he attend any classes .

An Jing often saw Zhou Wen lying in the yard, holding his phone gaming while sunbathing . He gamed for several hours at a time without even changing his pose .

After he obtained the Astral Slash Blade Primordial Energy Skill, many students tried to buy it from him through different means, but they were all rejected by him .

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Although Zhou Wen already had the ability to kill Blade Demonized Generals and could always slowly grind one in-game, that would take him too much time . He didn’t wish to waste any time for just some pittance of money .

On the day he returned home with the Astral Slash Blade Crystal, he had tried using the mysterious phone to snap a picture of it . It instantly pulled it in-game and allowed him to successfully master the Astral Slash Blade Primordial Energy Skill .

What left Zhou Wen perplexed was that Astral Slash Blade was somewhat different from the typical Primordial Energy Skill . This was because it didn’t have a rank and the amount of Primordial Energy it expended wasn’t fixed .

Either 1 or 10 points of Primordial Energy was enough to release Astral Slash Blade, but the unleashed force was different . The more Primordial Energy used, the stronger the Astral Slash Blade’s beam was .

Zhou Wen had tested the might of the Astral Slash Blade in-game . When using 10 points of Primordial Energy, it could instantly cull the Legendary Silver-Winged Flying Ant in midair . It was fast and ruthless, giving him the exhilaration of killing someone through empty space . It was something Ashen Palm and Vigor Divine Fist couldn’t compete with .

Over the past few days, Zhou Wen had been grinding Tiger Cage Pass in a bid to encounter Paper Demonized Generals . He wanted to see if Astral Slash Blade could crack the Primordial Energy Skill of the Paper Demonized General .

Unfortunately, his luck was terrible . After repeatedly grinding Tiger Cage Pass, he only encountered one word-engraved Demonized General . It wasn’t a Blade Demonized General, but a Fist Demonized General .

When Astral Slash Blade and Zhou Wen’s other Primordial Energy Skills hit the Fist Demonized General, its body would flash a golden light as though it was layered in gold . Even the Astral Slash Blade’s beam couldn’t leave a scratch .

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Finally, the blood-colored avatar was slain by the Fist Demonized General with one charge, leaving him rather disheartened .

However, he was used to such outcomes . Compared to others being capable of encountering one word-engraved Demonized General in a timespan of two to three months, his efficiency was considered a lot higher .

Just as he was preparing to continue grinding Tiger Cage Pass, he heard his phone ring . He still picked it up despite it being an unknown number .

“Is this Zhou Wen? You have a delivery . ” A man’s voice sounded from the phone .

I don’t think I bought anything on the Internet recently . Who would deliver something to me? Zhou Wen thought for a while to no avail . However, he went to the door to take receipt of the parcel .

The parcel wasn’t very big . Zhou Wen looked at it carefully and saw that the sender had the word “principal” written on it .

The former principal mailed me something? Zhou Wen found that the most probably .

Previously, Ouyang Lan had mentioned to him that the former principal had been invited to a mysterious dimensional zone and hadn’t returned to date . That was because the magnetic fields there were abnormal, preventing any communication devices to be used . Even Ouyang Lan didn’t know his present situation .

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After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen opened the parcel and couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw the thing inside .

The parcel wasn’t big to begin with . Stuffed inside it were several old newspapers, but the only thing of note was a name card .

It was a real name card . The owner of the name card was the owner of a dimensional crystal shop . His name was Qin Xiyuan . On the back of the name card was the address and contact number of the shop .

Apart from that, there was a string of numbers that were handwritten at the bottom . It was just underneath the telephone number, so it looked like an additional number to call .

Is this name card really from the former principal? Zhou Wen felt puzzled, unsure why he would mail this to him .

He picked up the delivery notice and tried calling the sender’s number, but he only received the notification: “The number you called is not in service . ”

What’s going on? Zhou Wen couldn’t help but frown . He took a look at the sender’s address and saw that it was a place in the East District named Zhuolu County . There wasn’t an exact street or unit number .