Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 92

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Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Excellent-Grade Companion Egg

Zhou Wen studied it for quite some time before figuring out what the name card meant . On it was a string of handwritten numbers that didn’t seem like a telephone number .

Typical cell phone numbers were 11 digits with landlines being 7 . However, this number had 10 digits, so it clearly wasn’t right .

It didn’t seem right either that certain digits of a cell phone number were missing . This was because the string of numbers started with a 5 while cell phone numbers typically started with 1 . Most people usually wouldn’t write the first digit wrongly .

What does this string of numbers represent? Zhou Wen had the urge to ask the former principal if it was from him, but he didn’t have his contact details .

Although he could return to the An family to ask Ouyang Lan, he didn’t wish to have too much interaction with them, nor did he wish to head to the An family home again .

Ouyang Lan was nice, but Zhou Wen wasn’t fond of the An siblings, much less wish to have much to do with them .

After some thought, he put away the name card . If this item had really been mailed to him by the former principal, it was likely that he would contact him in the future .

After packing up, Zhou Wen continued gaming

Wang Fei’s mood was terrible . Her opinion was that Zhou Wen was a genius . For him to slay the Blade Demonized General single-handedly, that level of combat skill was enough to shock Sunset College even if one didn’t consider his cultivation talent .

Wang Fei believed that if he was properly nurtured, his future was limitless . Furthermore, Ouyang Lan had also requested her to take good care of him .

No matter how good his talent is, it will all go to waste if he keeps gaming . I have to place him back on the right track . Wang Fei believed that she was obligated and responsible for teaching Zhou Wen well .

Even without Ouyang Lan, she didn’t wish a genius like Zhou Wen to let his talent go to waste .

How can I get Zhou Wen to quit gaming and reestablish his values towards life and the world? Wang Fei frowned in thought .

The harm games brought about was a serious societal issue before the dimensional storms . Countless parents and teachers did their best to stop students from being obsessed with gaming, but this problem wasn’t solved at its roots .

After the dimensional storms, due to the change in society and the collective consciousness, the number of students who gamed had reduced significantly . However, there were still many who were obsessed with gaming .

Wang Fei felt that Zhou Wen mustn’t have fallen too deep . After all, he had been a diligent student in the past . He was only using games to escape reality after suffering a heavy setback .

However, from the two battles Zhou Wen engaged in after coming to Sunset College, his foundation was excellent . He had to be a very diligent and assiduous student . As long as his confidence and values towards life were established again, he could quit his gaming addiction .

After some thought, Wang Fei’s eyes suddenly lit up . He that hides can find . Since Zhou Wen lost his confidence and is escaping from reality after his defeat by An Jing, wouldn’t defeating An Jing allow him to reestablish his confidence?

The more Wang Fei thought about it, the more viable she found it to be . To get Zhou Wen to defeat a genius like An Jing was also a challenge and accomplishment for a teacher . This would only make it more interesting .

Wang Fei steeled her resolve to complete this plan of hers . She wished that a student she mentored could defeat An Jing who the An family treated like a treasure . Even her body heated up in excitement .

Zhou Wen didn’t know that he had become a gaming addict youth in Wang Fei’s eyes . He had even become a target for receiving plenty of help . At this moment, he was still focusing on grinding

Having lost count of the number of times he grinded Tiger Cage Pass, Zhou Wen finally encountered a word-engraved Demonized General . From a distance, Zhou Wen was delighted because engraving on the Demonized General’s helmet was “Paper . ”

He sent the blood-colored avatar charging at the Demonized General for he was already very familiar with its series of attacks . With the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s Speed, it wasn’t difficult for him to deal with it .

When the blood-colored avatar dodged the strange spear’s first strike, the Paper Demonized General used its Astral Suction Palm . It widened its left palm and aimed it at the blood-colored avatar .

The blood-colored avatar seemed to be bound by a potent, invisible force and was yanked towards the Paper Demonized General .

With a thought from Zhou Wen, the blood-colored avatar’s left palm exploded a faint beam that resembled a blade . It instantly sliced through the invisible force beyond his body .

The Astral Suction Palm’s strength was like a piece of paper that was sliced through by the sharp blade beam . The thin silk-like blade beam then cleaved into the gap between the Paper Demonized General’s helmet and breastplate, beheading it with one strike .

Zhou Wen was delighted . Although he guessed that Astral Slash Blade could counter the Paper Demonized General’s Primordial Energy Skill, he never expected it to be this strong . He had expended 10 points of Primordial Energy for the Astral Slash Blade, and it ended up beheading the Paper Demonized General .

‘Killed Mutated Demonized General . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

However, what left Zhou Wen depressed was that the Paper Demonized General didn’t drop a Primordial Energy Skill or Companion Egg . All it dropped was a Strength Crystal valued at 18 .

If Zhou Wen had advanced to the Legendary stage, such a Strength Crystal was naturally the best . He would instantly have his Strength stat rise to 18 . Unfortunately, he was still at the Mortal stage and his Strength’s limit couldn’t be broken . Having such a high-valued Strength Crystal was useless .

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Rushing in the direction of Tiger Cage Pass, he was shot to death once again . It was equivalent to him committing suicide but he had no way of having the dungeon respawn its monsters without him dying .

When he entered the game again, Zhou Wen killed the Skeleton General, Silver-Winged Flying Ant, and Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus once more .

As the chances of a drop were too low, Zhou Wen’s repeated grinding didn’t reward him with anything good . However, with a massive number of grinding instances, anything with a low probability would eventually drop .

This time, after killing the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus, a Companion Egg dropped . When Zhou Wen saw its stats, his eyes lit up . He nearly kissed the Companion Egg .

Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus: Legendary

Legendary Life Providence: Turbid Waters Clear Lotus

Strength: 18

Speed: 15

Constitution: 17

Primordial Energy: 18

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Talent Skill: Blood-Patterned Buddha Aspect, Lotus Bullets, Venom Toad, Buddha Lotus Rage .

A Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus with four talent skills . Its Strength and Primordial Energy are considered at max level . Even for a flower-type Companion Beast with weak Constitution, it’s at 17 . This Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus is an excellent one! Zhou Wen drooled as he looked at the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Egg .

But in an instant, Zhou Wen felt vexed . He couldn’t bear to feed such an excellent-grade Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus to Truth Listener and the Silver-Winged Flying Ant .

However, if he were to incubate it, his lacking Primordial Energy might create new problems .

I can only risk it . Zhou Wen saw that the Mutated Skeleton Ant and Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus’s fusion success rate and decided to fuse them together .

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