Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Dragon Gate Grotto

“What’s the meaning of this?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown .

“Young Master Wen, this is your allowance for this month . If it’s not enough, you can always request more from Madam . She had actually planned on preparing a few Companion Beasts that would be suitable for you, but after recognizing the fact that you would be advancing to the Legendary stage soon, they weren’t made . There will be more choices and useful ones when the time comes,” the adjutant said .

“Sis Lan really gave this to me?” Zhou Wen asked the adjutant .

“Yes,” the adjutant answered with great certainty .

“Then help me thank Sis Lan . I appreciate the gesture, but I don’t need it,” Zhou Wen said as he lowered the lid .

The adjutant looked at Zhou Wen in surprise . “Young Master Wen, this is your allowance, just like Miss Jing . It’s what you deserve . ”

“That’s what An Jing deserves, not me . I have no need for it either . Please return and tell Sis Lan . I respect her, but my surname isn’t An,” Zhou Wen said .

The adjutant looked at Zhou Wen but stopped trying to persuade him . He just took out a pen and paper to write down a cell phone number and handed it to him with both hands . “Young Master Wen, I’ll take the items back . This is my number where I’m contactable any time of the day . If you have any requests, feel free to give me a call . ”

“Alright . Thank you . ” Zhou Wen took the paper slip and saw the number . There were the words “Ah Sheng” written behind the number, perhaps the name of the adjutant .

However, the name looked more like a nickname or pet name . It didn’t seem like a real name .

As though he noticed Zhou Wen’s doubts, Ah Sheng said, “I was picked up by Overseer An in a dimensional zone . I had suffered serious injuries to my head and lost all my memories . Overseer An hopes that I can be reborn from the flames, which is why he gave me the name “sheng” representing life . I also took on his surname as An . Young Master Wen, you can just call me Ah Sheng . ”

“Alright, thank you Ah Sheng . Please help me take the things back . ” Zhou Wen put away the paper slip and after sending Adjutant Ah Sheng off, he headed straight for Dragon Gate Grotto .

Ah Sheng returned to the An family with the items; however, he didn’t take them to Ouyang Lan but to An Tianzuo .

“Why did you bring the items back?” An Tianzuo looked at the crate with a frown .

“Young Master Wen wanted me to bring them back,” Ah Sheng said .

“Did you tell him that they were from my mom?” An Tianzuo asked .

“Yes, Young Master Wen said to thank her . He appreciates her gesture, but he doesn’t want the items,” Ah Sheng replied truthfully .

“Then put them away,” An Tianzuo said after some thought .

“Overseer, I think Young Master Wen must have guessed that these things weren’t from Madam,” Ah Sheng added .

“Why so?” An Tianzuo asked with piqued interest .

“Just a feeling without any basis . ”

“You aren’t a woman, so what feeling is there to speak off . ” An Tianzuo paused and said, “This Zhou Wen has quite a backbone . However, one cannot be successful with backbone alone . If he wishes to cultivate the Sun Strafe Art, it’s a mystery how long it will take for him to advance to the Legendary stage without enough Primordial Energy Crystals . We can’t have Little Jing waiting for him all the time, right?”

“Overseer, I have something I’m not sure if I should say,” Ah Sheng said with some hesitation .

“Cut it out . When have you held back?” An Tianzuo said with a grunt .

Ah Sheng said, “Miss Jing’s body isn’t good, so Madam preventing her vying for the special physique is for her own good, but why must she compete with Young Master Wen for supremacy?”

An Tianzuo said lightly, “I know Little Jing’s personality all too well . She doesn’t care about the nomination, but she wants to prove to Mom that Zhou Wen isn’t as excellent as Grandfather claims him to be, and definitely not better than she is . ”

Zhou Wen followed the navigation and headed for Dragon Gate Grotto .

As Dragon Gate Grotto was just too huge, Sunset College actually covered a tiny area of it . Most of it was outside the campus .

After Zhou Wen arrived, he realized a serious problem .

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Places like Ancient Imperial City, Underground Buddha City, and Tiger Cage Pass had a small palm symbol that allowed him to see it at a glance, thereby successfully scanning it and downloading the dungeon .

However, Dragon Gate Grotto was a kilometer-long stretch . There were countless stone monuments and stone sculptures here, but there was nothing that resembled an entrance like a city gate . There was no obvious spot to find the small palm symbol .

There were many caves that could be entered in Dragon Gate Grotto . The dimensional zones inside formed an infinitely extensive area . For instance, the Lotus Flower Cave which Zhou Wen wanted to go to was just one of many .

Without the palm symbol, Zhou Wen could only follow the river, carefully taking in everything around him—the Buddha statues and stone sculptures . He hoped to find the palm symbol and download the dungeon into his mysterious phone .

The Dragon Gate Grotto had about a hundred thousand Buddha statues . The tallest one reached nearly twenty meters and there were more than fifty caves . The masonry numbered thousands . After the dimensional storms, every cave had a huge number of dimensional creatures appearing in their interior .

Zhou Wen looked around as he walked, making extremely slow progress . However, he didn’t find the palm symbol .

“Zhou Wen?” As he was searching for the symbol along the river, he suddenly heard someone call his name .

Zhou Wen turned and realized that the person who called out to him was the girl, Wang Lu, who lived next door to him .

“Zhou Wen, have you come to Dragon Gate Grotto for cultivation as well?” Wang Lu asked with a smile .

“I’m just here to take a look . I don’t plan on entering,” Zhou Wen said .

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“Since you’re here, it’s a shame if you don’t go in . I heard there have recently been dragon roars inside Old Dragon Cave . There’s also a treasure-like glow that appears at night . It’s very strange . Why don’t you go in with me to take a look?” Wang Lu invited .

“The stranger it is, the more dangerous it is . It’s better I do not enter,” Zhou Wen said as he continued walking ahead .

Wang Lu stuck her tongue out and headed for Old Dragon Cave .

Dragon Gate Grotto was just too huge and there were too many carvings . To find a small palm symbol clearly wasn’t an easy task . Zhou Wen was very patient, but despite scouring every inch, he ultimately failed to find the tiny symbol .

Could it be that not all dimensional zones can be downloaded? Zhou Wen began having doubts, but he continued searching .

Outside Dragon Gate Grotto was a rather popular place as many Sunset College students came here for cultivation and to kill dimensional creatures .

There were some people from Luoyang who weren’t students who entered via the north entrance . He also saw many people setting up shop by the caves, some selling the dimensional crystals and Companion Eggs that came from the respective cave .

Upon seeing those stalls selling Companion Eggs, Zhou Wen suddenly had a thought . The mysterious phone can download a Companion Egg into the game via taking a picture . Then, can I take the Companion Eggs of others in-game by snapping a photo? The phone shouldn’t be smart enough to tell who the Companion Egg belongs to, right?