Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 96

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Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Rock Qilin Companion Egg

Zhou Wen wasn’t the kind of person who would rob for no good reason . Although he thought of doing so, he didn’t actually do it .

However, he still used the phone’s camera app to aim it at a Companion Egg placed on a stall but he didn’t press the shutter button .

Although he didn’t snap the photo, the phone’s screen still showed the Companion Egg’s stats .

Stone Warrior: Legendary

Life Providence: Stone Contract

Strength: 16

Speed: 13

Constitution: 16

Primordial Energy: 12

Talent Skill: Stone Blast Punch

It was a Legendary Companion Egg with very ordinary stats and nothing outstanding . However, the mysterious phone’s feature delighted Zhou Wen .

Dimensional crystals did not have numbers in real life, but technological methods could be used to roughly measure their power . This allowed them to roughly tell the level of dimensional crystals .

However, Companion Eggs could not be measured at all because the same type of Companion Eggs gave almost the same figures even when measured using a device . To get a Companion Beast with excellent stats depended on luck .

With the mysterious phone’s feature, he could directly see the Companion Egg’s stats . That way, he didn’t need to count on his luck and directly choose a Companion Egg with excellent stats for incubation .

The Companion Eggs sold at Dragon Gate Grotto were basically at the Legendary stage and were few in variety . Most stalls only sold two types .

One of them was a Stone Warrior and the other was Stone Qilin . Other than those, it was rare to see other types .

“Boss, are there any other Companion Eggs besides the Stone Warriors and Stone Qilin?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

The boss shook his head impatiently and said, “No, Dragon Gate Grotto produces plenty of these . The other Companion Eggs have an extremely low chance of dropping . They are almost unobtainable . Even if someone obtains one, they won’t sell it cheaply . ”

Before Zhou Wen could ask further, he heard someone beside him say, “The Stone Warriors and Stone Qilins are the most common dimensional creatures in Dragon Gate Grotto . The probability of them dropping Companion Eggs is also very high . In Luoyang, those at the Legendary stage will have two Companion Beasts but don’t think little of them just because they are common . In fact, excellent-grade Stone Warriors and Stone Qilins are rather powerful and useful Legendary Companion Beasts . ”

Zhou Wen turned his head and realized that the person who spoke was Wang Lu .

Wang Lu continued, “An excellent-grade Stone Warrior is top amongst its peers in terms of Strength and Constitution . They are just a tad slower . However, the might of its Stone Blast Punch is very powerful . It’s a Companion Beast with extremely strong offensive ability . A Stone Qilin is even stronger . A typical Stone Qilin has a Primordial Energy Skill that can harden one’s skin by turning it to stone, but if one can obtain a Stone Qilin that has Qilin Dominance Body, they will be a powerful existence among the top-ranking Legendary Companion Beasts .

After Wang Lu said that, the stall owner gave her a thumbs up and said, “This young lady is an expert . She even knows about Qilin Dominance Body . That’s right, Stone Qilin with Qilin Dominance Body are indeed excellent among Legendaries, but despite the numerous Stone Qilin Companion Eggs, the number with Qilin Dominance Body are one in a thousand . They are just too rare . ”

With that said, the boss chuckled and pointed at a stone egg on his stall’s counter . “I only have one Stone Qilin Companion Egg . Lady, do you want to try your luck?”

Wang Lu smiled and shook his head . “Although Stone Qilins are strong, they don’t look very cute . It’s not the type I’ll like, so I think I should forget it . ”

Out of interest, Zhou Wen used his phone’s camera to take a look at the Stone Qilin Companion Egg . Then, he was surprised to discover that the stats of the Stone Qilin egg had the talent skill of Qilin Dominance Body .

Is it that coincidental? Zhou Wen found it unbelievable . He carefully took a closer look and indeed, there was the Qilin Dominance Body Primordial Energy Skill . Furthermore, the other stats were pretty good . It was likely one of the most excellent Stone Qilins .

“How much is a Stone Qilin Companion Egg?” Zhou Wen asked .

“If you are paying in cash, 150,000 and you have yourself a deal . ” When the boss saw that Zhou Wen was a student of Sunset College, he expected him not to have any high-valued dimensional crystals, so he only reported the price in terms of the League’s currency .

Zhou Wen shook his head with a wry smile . It was useless even if he knew that the Stone Qilin egg was an excellent-grade egg . He didn’t have the money to buy it even if he added up all the money in his accounts since it didn’t even reach 10,000 .

Wang Lu suddenly said, “Zhou Wen, if you want this stone Qilin Companion Egg, why don’t you make a deal with me? Do me a favor and I’ll help you buy it . ”

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“What deal?” Zhou Wen asked, puzzled .

“I saw the video of you killing the word-engraved Demonized General . You were really impressive, so I hope that you can help me complete my homework mission,” said Wang Lu .

“Do you still need to spend money to hire someone to help with your homework mission?” Zhou Wen looked at Wang Lu in puzzlement .

Wang Lu was a special admissions student at Sunset College, so she was definitely not weak . She could even be said to be an extremely strong person amongst her peers . It was hard to believe that a special admissions student like her, needed help in a homework mission .

Wang Lu smiled and said, “If it’s just a simple homework mission, I naturally don’t need your help . However, I want to get first place in class and even break the records . This requires

you . ”

“What is your homework mission?” Zhou Wen asked after some thought .

“It’s to kill a Fairy in Lotus Flower Cave with a party of fewer than four people . There is no time limit, but the previous record is 56 seconds,” Wang Lu said .

“How much time do you have left?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“There are still six more days . ” Wang Lu counted with her fingers .

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Zhou Wen nodded and said, “Alright, deal . ”

Wang Lu’s goal was exactly the same as his . Zhou Wen had to go to the Lotus Flower Cave anyway . It was best if he could download Dragon Gate Grotto as a game dungeon; otherwise, he had to enter the Lotus Flower Cave and kill a Fairy himself . He wanted to see if he could get the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill’s Primordial Energy Skill Crystal . Making a trade with Wang Lu in passing wouldn’t affect his plans .

Wang Lu was very straightforward . Upon hearing Zhou Wen agree to the trade, she directly bought the Stone Qilin egg for 150,000 . She didn’t even blink her eyes or ask for a discount . It delighted the boss so much that he couldn’t even contain his joy .

Zhou Wen didn’t stand on ceremony either . After receiving the Stone Qilin egg, he placed it in his backpack .

“Do you want to head to the Lotus Flower Cave now?” Zhou Wen asked . He felt extremely responsible when it came to mercenary jobs .

“I’d like to make a trip to the Old Dragon Cave first . If you have nothing to do, why don’t we go take a look together?” Wang Lu invited .

“I’ll pass . This is my phone number . Call me before going to the Lotus Flower Cave . ” Zhou Wen gave Wang Lu his phone number .

Wang Lu was somewhat taken aback . It was her first time seeing such an insensitive man as Zhou Wen .

This person is really interesting . Wang Lu didn’t mind and turned to head to the Old Dragon Cave .