Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: 98

Chapter 98 Fairy Monkey

There were no real lotus flowers inside the Lotus Flower Cave . Instead, there was a huge lotus stone sculpture carved on the ceiling . Around the stone statue were many graceful flying fairies .

According to the school database, the gigantic lotus flower sculpture was where a dimensional rift was located . Occasionally, a dimensional creature would burrow out of the dimensional rift, looking as though it had flown out of a lotus flower .

Dimensional creatures that appeared in the Lotus Flower Cave were currently limited to creatures known as Fairy Beasts . However, they were different from the fairies in the murals . Dimensional creatures called Flying Beasts didn’t look beautiful . Instead, they were like monkeys, so Fairy Beasts were also known as Fairy Monkeys .

The Dragon Gate Fairy Skill that Zhou Wen needed was a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal that dropped from Fairy Monkeys . However, there were very few Fairy Monkeys . The chances of it dropping a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal were even lower .

Before the dimensional storms happened, the Lotus Flower Cave had been an individual cave, but now, there were many caves that connected to it . Each cave had a lotus flower ceiling and fairies . There were also many sculptures of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Malla, and monks .

Lotus Flower Cave had been sealed for a period of time, so it would have accumulated quite a lot of Fairy Beasts . However, the numbers were only enough for special admissions students . Therefore, every special admissions student only had two chances . If they couldn’t obtain their ideal results after killing two Fairy Monkeys, they were not allowed to continue killing them .

Zhou Wen followed Wang Lu through the different lotus flower caves and finally found a Fairy Monkey .

The Fairy Monkey was somewhat different from what Zhou Wen had imagined . Zhou Wen’s impression of a monkey was an animal with brown fur, but it was actually covered in white fur . Its eyes were bloodshot with a pair of white wings on its back .

When the Fairy Monkey noticed Zhou Wen and Wang Lu, it immediately bared its teeth and charged over .

“Do you know how to use this? Help me take a good shot . You have to keep up with my speed . Make sure that I look good in it . ” Wang Lu handed a special camera to Zhou Wen .

“Don’t tell me you hired me just to film you?” Zhou Wen said as he took the camera .

“That’s right . What other reason would there be?” Wang Lu said as she charged at Fairy Monkey .

Rich people are really willful! Spending 150,000 bucks for a videographer? Zhou Wen couldn’t understand the thought process of rich people .

However, he quickly learned why Wang Lu was hiring .

The Fairy Monkey’s Speed was extremely fast and it was good at flying . It moved like a ghost in the sky, making it impossible for an ordinary person to keep up with it .

Wang Lu changed her movement technique as a pair of butterfly-like wings spread open on her back, allowing her to actually keep up with Fairy Monkey’s speed .

If it were any ordinary person to do the filming, they would only be able to shoot from afar . They wouldn’t be able to follow Wang Lu’s figure . Zhou Wen summoned the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and kept filming while riding on its back . He could barely keep up with Wang Lu .

Before long, Wang Lu’s saber beam flashed as the Fairy Monkey was struck down . It fell to the ground and died .

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“How long did it take?” Wang Lu asked Zhou Wen without looking at the Fairy Monkey’s corpse .

“One minute and five seconds . ” Zhou Wen looked at the time of the camera and gave an accurate account of the time .

“Did I take that long? It’s still quite a distance from Huang Ji’s record . ” Wang Lu frowned slightly . Clearly, her results were not satisfactory .

However, Wang Lu only had two chances, so she wasn’t in a rush to find another Fairy Monkey . She called out to Zhou Wen and they left Lotus Flower Cave together .

“If I want to break the record, it looks like I still need a more detailed plan . Let’s end it here for today . Let’s do it again next time . ” Wang Lu took back the camera and watched her battle with the Fairy Monkey .

“Call me when you need me,” Zhou Wen said .

“Of course, you only have to help me do the filming . ” Wang Lu had no intention of letting Zhou Wen help her . She had to break Huang Ji’s record alone, or it would be meaningless .

After separating from Wang Lu, Zhou Wen continued following the stone stairs and looking around Dragon Gate Grotto, hoping to find the tiny palm symbol .

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There were many palm imprints within Dragon Gate Grotto . The Fairies, Buddhas, Malla, and Monks had different palm symbols, but they were different from the ones Zhou Wen remembered .

Zhou Wen was beginning to wonder if the Dragon Gate Grotto didn’t have any tiny palm symbol when he suddenly felt his mysterious phone vibrate . He took it out and switched on the camera . Soon, he found a tiny hand symbol in some inconspicuous spot on the mountain wall . It then locked onto the symbol .

I’ve finally found it! Zhou Wen was overjoyed when he saw the tiny palm symbol .

The position of the tiny palm symbol was very inconspicuous . It wasn’t as beautiful and eye-catching as the other Buddha palm imprints . It simply extended its five fingers and held a picture of a sitting Buddha .

If one took a closer look, one would realize that the Buddha pattern in the hand was very similar to the biggest Buddha statue at Dragon Gate Grotto . However, it was just several times smaller .

Zhou Wen used the camera function and aimed it at the tiny palm symbol . Indeed, a scene was locked onto it .

In that case, I can grind Lotus Flower Cave without any qualms . Zhou Wen only wished to obtain Dragon Gate Fairy Skill and then attempt to rush up Fire God Platform .

Very quickly, Dragon Gate Grotto was downloaded onto his phone, forming a Buddhist icon .

Zhou Wen tapped on the Dragon Gate Grotto’s icon . This time, he didn’t enter the game like before . Instead, many options appeared .

Ancient Yang Cave, Myriad Buddha Cave, Old Dragon Cave, Lotus Flower Cave, Inferno Cave . There were plenty of options .

After he chose the Lotus Flower Cave, the blood-colored avatar entered the game interface of Lotus Flower Cave . Inside the cave filled with mysterious colors, a gigantic lotus flower sculpture was situated in the middle of the dome, surrounded by symbols of Fairies, Monks, and Malla .

A Fairy Monkey burrowed its head out of the stone lotus flower and pounced at the blood-colored avatar while screaming with its teeth bared .

Zhou Wen controlled the Silver-Winged Flying Ant to face the Fairy Monkey . Instantly, the two dimensional creatures—which were equally outstanding at flight-began having an aerial battle in Lotus Flower Cave .

Finally, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant took nearly ten minutes to slay the Fairy Monkey, but nothing dropped .

Zhou Wen continued walking deeper into the Lotus Flower Cave with the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant summoned . He hoped to test it to know how strong it was after becoming a Legendary through the fusion .

Seeing a Fairy Monkey charge at him, the lotus flower on the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant’s head suddenly bloomed, revealing a venomous toad . It spewed venom at the Fairy Monkey, instantly drenching it .

The Fairy Monkey yelled as it rolled on the ground, its fur and skin corroded as blood gushed out .

The Mutated Lotus Flower Ant charged forward without any hesitation and stabbed at the Fairy Monkey with its bone-spiked front claws, impaling its head and chest .

47 seconds! Zhou Wen looked at the time . From the beginning of the battle to the system’s indication of the Fairy Beast’s death, it took a total of 47 seconds . He had already broken Huang Ji’s record .

The Mutated Lotus Flower Ant is really powerful! Zhou Wen was delighted . The more he looked at it, the more adorable it looked .