Let Me Tease You - Chapter 34

Published at 8th of September 2017 06:09:09 AM

Chapter 34

Suddenly there is a long time not see Jiang Miao Miao.

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Ji Yuan Yi Zheng, looked up to see Jiang Miaomiao, always feel that the child’s face look strange, eyes dodge, dare not look at him, like guilty conscience.

Ye Jun hesitated to swallow almost out of the throat, then let go of the memorial, the lips with a consistent skin and laughter does not laugh: “finally came out, settled you Niangqin?

Jiang Miaomiao adjusted for a while, but also to restore the past refreshing and generous, but still did not dare to see Ji Yuan, nodded and said: “My uncle ruthless, it will not take into account what brother and sister friendship, He knew that my mother was not guilty, but when he was not aware of it, he had to prepare.

Jiang Miaoxiao do what? Even if Jiang Xuesong know Jiang Miao Miao in the investigation of him, should not be furious to sit his own sister, right?

Jiangmao looked at the face of awe-inspiring, Ji Yuan thought moment, the heart suddenly gushed a strange guess. He did not hold back, a faint opening: “You already know Jiang home of the wrong?

Jiang Miao Miao side too far, did not answer, only gently said: “I’m sorry.

Sure enough so.

The hearts of vaguely guess come true, Ji Yuan could not help but sighed, it did not think Jiang Miao Miao than he thought but also intelligent.

The next do not Ji Yuan more speculation, Jiang Miao Miao directly generous to say: “when the uncle … … Jiang Xuesong my father’s body back, my mother will know who the murderer. Become very strange, it seems that there is nothing to tell the secret, was my father accidentally met, my father came back with my mother said, I think he is my father under the murderous, because my father know his secret. ”

Ye Junchang silently pulled the hand of Ji Yuan, wide sleeves will be two of the hand cage, he can unbridled kneading that slender fingers, and then severely pinch a.

Pain came, Ye Jun smile but a lot of real: “what secret?”

“I do not know, my mother did not tell me.” Jiang Miao Miao was his smile a burst of cold, carefully back a few steps, shook his head, “these years he is more and more strange, sometimes lead some strange children Come back, the next day the children are gone, I think certainly no good thing, but he has absolute authority in the Jiang family, no one dare to disobedience, no one dares to say gossip. My mother tried to contact him with a few times, back Told me that ‘the uncle had changed, and he forgot who he was.’ ”

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“So, in order to avenge, you have been waiting for the opportunity, just I appeared, you find a big head?” Ye Jun late touched his chin, thoughtfully looked Jiang Miao Miao.

This girl is really bold, orphans and widows of the two female flow of the generation, even dare to count to his head.

Ye Jun said too straightforward, even if the practice of Jiang Miao Miao over the years to face the wall comparable to the walls, but also some embarrassed, embarrassed scratched his head: “… … This is not a long time heard the name of the monster, we are not intentional … ”

Ye Jun hesitantly Qi Yan, nodded and said: “ah, is deliberately calculated good.

Jiang Miaomiao more embarrassed: “In short I and my mother is not malicious … … I heard you and Ah Yuan after the incident, I found Jiang Xuesong concern for this matter is too high, but fortunately he and my mother too contempt, nothing I watched him with a little ghost bird, and found that he had a night with a man with a black robe, and the little soul was clever and came back with your name, and I guess that , Maybe someone is blaming you, and he and those who are involved. So … … ”

“You put gold silk in the tomb of Zhao Yang.”

Jiang Miao Miao’s head fast down to the chest.

If only pit Ye Jun late a person, she will not have any guilt, plus Ji Yuan is not the same. When she had met Chichu childhood, it was sympathetic that she was born without her mother, and looked lonely and lonely.

Think of people are so miserable, framed home can not be back, she also use people, even if Ji Yuan did not show anger or disappointment, she still felt uncomfortable.

Ye Jun late like laughing smiles: “nothing, have to thank you for us to pull out this clue .I am just some curiosity, how do you steal a gold silk of Jinsong Song, and sneak into Zhao home into the?

“… … because it is not Jiang Xuesong’s silkworm.” Jiang Miaomiao took a deep breath, and looked up, bright eyes staring at Ye Jun late, calm authentic, “I and my mother refining, I did not Dive into Zhao, as long as holding the female insects, in a certain distance, I can order the silkworm snail into the climb to the tomb of Zhao Yang … … but I did not expect the body of Zhao Yang were taken away. There will be no peace in the day.

With Jiang Miaomiao voice down, looked quietly, autumn wind Joseph, blowing leaves shake off, Ji Yuan also followed by unconscious flick. Jiang Miaomiao words in the amount of information is too large, he had to digest digestion.

Not digested, the head did not bias about Ye Jun late suddenly back hand, took off his coat to his body.

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Ji Yuan is indeed a bit cold, but Ye Jun late this kind of sister’s considerate acceptance of incompetence, in particular, there is a real sister presence. He silently reach out to want to go back to the robes, Ye Jun late to see him, eyes smiling, tone serious: “Aaki remember it, refused once, I … …”

“Shut up.” Ji Yuan face expressionlessly stretched the exudes of the rosy robe, ignoring Jiang Miao Miao looked over the strange eyes, bow to continue to digest the information.

A long while, he exclaimed: “system, sister’s power really can not be ignored … …”

System incomparable praise: “Jiang Miao Miao really smart, guess you and the big brother will go to check the body, put the silkworm in advance, I guess you want to be the news of the south is her … … you are not encounter that time, should be She in order to confirm that you in the end there is no south of Jin River waiting there.Have my cousin, two mothers in order to revenge will help you so much … … ”

Ji Yuan Min lips meditation, according to this, the Sword Conference location suddenly changed to Jin River may also have a strange … … can immediately determine Jiang Xuesong is those people, and the target means clear.

These thousands of monks gathered, should not be used to destroy these monks Ye Jun late, but coercion him … … after all, thousands of monks, even if Ye Jun late too much.

Jiang Miaomiao some uncomfortable, hesitantly look to Ji Yuan, Mouzhong with apology: “… … I’m sorry, I did not mean.

Ji Yuan shook his head. And its strange Jiang Miao Miao calculated the two of them, it would be better to thank Jiang Miao Miao’s deliberate move, or he and the big brother do not know when to catch the hidden in the darkness framed their tail.

Ye Jun late pondering a bit, nodded, lightly: “So you do not run out asylum, but also come back to do? Jiang Xuesong has doubted you, you dare to come back, is to tell me and Ah it?

“I am leading you to Jin River here.” Jiang Miao Miao face a Su, “I should be responsible in the end. Listen to me, do not let Ah Yuan continue to participate in the Legend Assembly, too dangerous, Jiang Xuesong sure and framed you Of the people concerned, into the secret to be sure how to deal with A Yuan. These years I am selling foolishly selling silly, he did not care about me, I took the opportunity to collect some of the things he did desperate, ready to send him Out, when he will do things by these monks a piece of Pa out, you can also be killed … … ”

Heard here, Ji Yuan heart could not help shaking his head.

Jiang Miao Miao thought too simple, and Jiang Xuesong and that really is that person, which may be so easy to break off Jiang Xuesong, but also follow the melon caught behind the master … … down there may be changed into a street Miao Miao Miao, he and Ye Jun late fame of the faint also on a floor.

Besides the big brother is to follow the meaning of Jiang Xuesong urn to catch turtle, fled escape is not good.

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Heard Ye Jun late rejected, Jiang Miaomiao a did not hold back, blurted out and said: “A mouth injury you do not feel bad?

Unilateral basal things suddenly pierced, Ji Yuan facelessly turned around.

Jiang Miao Miao, you really see all the terrible woman … …

Ye Jun Chi Yi Leng, then smiled will Ji Yuan to the arms of a pull, did not shy pro-pro kiss his hair, calmly: “I will not let Ah Yuan injured. If you really want to help, it is better to tell We are some of the things that come to you, and those things about Jiang Xuesong will not spread out first, and so on.

Jiang Miaomiao bitten his teeth: “This is the best time! Thousands of monks gathered here, a pass out, Jiang Xuesong will be ruined!”

“You sure you master those things can break Jiang Xuesong?” Ye Jun late voice suddenly cold down, “Even if you really let Jiang Xuesong ruined, and then how? Hidden behind the man should not mind This tail, and even will add fuel to the flames, all the dirty water to Jiang Xuesong who poured your big hatred have reported, A Yuan it?

His voice is clearly not severe, even calm and cold, Jiang Miao Miao has heard a tight heart, back hair, and Ye Jun late quiet lonely eyes on a pair, vaguely see hidden in the bottom of the eye Feng Hostility, she was trance in front of the rumors of the sunny uncertain, frenzied horror magic king.

Ye Jun in the face of Ji Yuan are too much in front of the gentle condolences, such as fear of revealing their minions to scare him, over time, let Jiang Miaoxiao forget who he is.

Jiang Miao Miao stiff for a moment, ashamed to bow his head: “I can not confirm … … sorry, I am so anxious.

Ten years of waiting, seeing the hatred is about to report, and sometimes excited to lose the ability to judge normal.

Ye Jun late faint nod, regardless of the arms of the struggle, the big cat like rub rub Ji Yuan black hair, which received the momentum of forced people, let the Ji Yuan.

“You can report, I and Ah Yuan with those who kneel can also clear, go back to take care of your mother, temporarily do not come out, Jiang Xuesong can jump for some time.” He slowly finished, looked up Look at the sky, “almost time to go back, A Yuan, go.”

Ji Yuan looked back at the helpless Yu Yu Miao Miao, thinking this time the original owner to do what reaction will not go wrong, think about it, said: “for my aunt to say hello.

Jiang Miaomiao surprised a moment, a long while before reaction, surprised and madly nodded.

Ji Yuan this follow Ye Jun late to go to the side of Shitai.

The two are cherished, did not speak until the vaguely heard the brave voice, Ye Jun late to hold the memorial, from behind clinging to him, whispered: “I can not appear, but I have been with you It ‘s time for me to be here, and I’ll tell you about my business, okay?

Ji Yuan moved the lips, almost to say a “good”, and bite the bite of the words, silently to deal with.

Ye Jun late: “Ah Yuan, you are really ruthless.

Ji Yuan cold face: “Oh.”

Behind the long sigh came: “You are particularly warm holding, I have not experienced so many years of warmth … … Ah Yuan, how do you want me to do it?

Ji Yuan burst of scalp tingling, eager to be aware of their own absolutely can not respond, but can not indulge in Ye Jun late section of the gentle section.

He was silent for a moment, cold channel: “I want you to let me.