Levelmaker - Chapter 10

Published at 2nd of June 2016 09:31:34 AM

Chapter 10

Episode 10: Practice! Skill synthesis

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While I’m waiting for a dog to gather, I’d like to try [skill synthesis] .

Because one of SK1 evolved in water MAGIC・ Kai, it is possible to synthesize water magic before it evolved .

Therefore, I think I’ll try to carefully synthesis water magic during the wait .


Oh ……… I just noticed, that there is no slot in SK2 fellow to designate as skills for synthesis .

well, but it looks like there is a cost and i may not be able to compose it at the early stages!

Well, at any rate, I’ll try right away .


The moment I though [synthesis], a mental image came in my head, I was asked about which order to composed it by .

at first I tried to synthesize, 「water magic」 and 「sword art」 to see what happens .

Such an indication was given .



「E(X):water magic」+「sword art★」

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=「D:summon water dagger magic」

Cost: E rank demon core×2



…………? What is E rank demon core?


【A demon core obtained from defeating an E rank demon .

It is light purple in color . 】


Oh, That, that soul like object .

Those are used here .

Now, light purple souls … … err, I have 9 E rank demon core altogether .

that`s enough .

Ok, I can synthesize it, but I want to see the details on 「summon water dagger magic」 .


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summon water dagger magic

Rank: D – 4 SKP:0/45

Lv1: SKP-15

Lv2: SKP-30




Furthermore, look at level 1 in detail


【 summon water dagger magic Lv1

Learn to summon a dagger with water attribute consisting of water .

Dagger’s strength is proportional to W’s and can become stronger .

When fighting, it can be treated as a common sword, in addition to power of the dagger, its damage according to sword art and A can be higher or lower than normal sword damage .

20MP Consumption . It disappears in time . 】

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Indeed, it summons a dagger .

It`s a skill which is good when you don’t have a knife .

Moreover, the damage is decided with the amount of both A and W .

Let`s use SKP with priority .

when I conveyed in my head to synthesize it, the message 【D:summon water dagger magic acquired】  came to my mind .

I’ll try another .


「water magic」+「spear art」, 「water magic」+「bow art」 were similar to summon water dagger magic .

It didn`t synthesize them .

However, I was enticed a little with the result of 「water magic」+「body art」 which gave 「water nature」 .

I would be clad in an aura with water attribute around some part of my body, it has the effect that strength of the aura is raised by W .

But, because I don`t plan to spend on body art in the future, I didn`t learn it .


「water magic」+「dismantling」 had the result of 「dismantling」 .

first I was surprised, but when I examined 「dismantling」 in detail, it said 【dismantling skill rise for demon and creatures which inhabit underwater or at waterside】, the items from dismantling will increase .

It costs E rank demon core×5, but there is no problem .

I synthesized it .

Is there another attractive skill that I can synthesize?


Oh, I reverse the order of synthesis for each one,  but 「water magic」+ body art or dismantling, but the result was the same .

「water magic」+ every kind of weapon are the water version of those weapons .

I do not need it particularly .


That`s it so far, then I look at the dog trap .


OH, wow! there are 3 dogs .

… Not only that .


……………… like a dog, but one of them is considerably bigger with black fur .