Levelmaker - Chapter 75

Published at 31st of October 2019 08:21:08 AM

Chapter 75


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Chapter 75: Banquet

「fuck… never expected him to possess an escape technique…」
「Well, it’ll be alright . Next time we will catch him . 」
「That’s right . I’ll immediately contact other countries and arrange for wanted posters . 」
「Haa, Bacchus… why are you here? And together with the knight leader…」 (The Hand)

Who are these two people? The Hand-san seems to be acquainted with them though…?

The two introduce themselves to me .

「So you are Alim Nariwei . I’m late in introducing myself . I am Gordes Kings . Thanks for taking care of Olgo earlier . 」
「I am Bacchus・Du’Sauce… SS-ranker and sake brewer . Today I am here to guard the royalty… Let’s get along . Incidentally, I know The Hand through the slavery abolition movement . Right The Hand? 」
「Th… Thank you, I am Alim・Nariwei . 」

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I see, so it is Olgo’s father and an escort for the royalty… who also brews sake .

Bacchus-san, talks to me in a hisohiso whisper .

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「(I heard from Uruto-shi… that you have a master skill that rules over all items? Would you collaborate with me to brew some sake?)」
「That sort of… hisohiso voice… it’s alright to not speak like that . 」
「Yayifications! Now you and I are friends」
「Y, yea that is so」

Hey, Uruto-san, don’t go spreading it around without permission . I have never drunk sake .
Well, it’s all good . I got plenty of free time .
At any rate, there seems to have been a lot of people involved in the slave abolition movement .

Gordes-san has an apologetic expression and says .

「Alim, The Hand, I must apologize . I feel bad that in order to get evidence to catch that man I let you get into a bad situation, especially Alim, having to deal with his sexual advances… I am extremely sorry . 」 (Gordes)
「Ah… yes . That is alright, I am OK now . 」 (Alim)
「That’s right, don’t worry about it . 」(The Hand)
「That so… I am really sorry . 」

As the four of us where talking, the princess entered the room .

「The food is ready-wa! Alim-sama, The Hand-sama, also, Bacchus-sama and the knight leader, please follow me this way . 」 (Karua)

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The four of us followed Karua-sama .
When we arrived, there were many gorgeous dishes lined up on the table .
The King, the prince-sama, the minister-sama, Ruin-sama, etc . where already seated .

The King spoke .

「You two, sorry about that . I had you cooperate in catching that guy . 」
「It’s all good」
「Please don’t worry about it . 」

When he heard our reply, he appeared relieved .
Well, I was sexually harassed .

「Hmmm, is that so . You have my thanks . …Now then, let us have a meal with the two winners of the 452nd battle tournament! Everybody! Thanks to the heavens, thanks to the earth, and thanks to God . Now then… let us partake . 」
「「「「「Itadakimasu (thankfully receive)」」」」

The banquet began . They are dishes made by the chefs in the castle . The ingredients are also good quality . They said it was C-rank and A-rank monster meat… and there is boiled blue tongue .
The drinks are top-notch . Apparently, Bacchus was the one who made the sake . In this country, those who are under the age of 17 should not drink, so I and Karua-sama had grape juice .

The sake that Bacchus-san made was amazing . Particularly the wine that the King was drinking is a treasure .
Bacchus-san was very happy when I, the one who holds the item master skill, told him my impressions about the sake .
I’m glad you understand the value of the sake you produced .

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Anyway, we began to eat . Incidentally, according to a story the King said, this seems to be the first time that Ruin-sama has joined the tournament champion banquet . It is because I am here .
All of the members of Seinforce are here .

Having drunk enough alcohol to become intoxicated, Lilo-san was trying to embrace me .
Dangerous, I just managed to avoid it . I forgot to turn back into the girl Alim . I got to quickly change .

The Hand-san was mostly talking to Bacchus-san .

It is about the middle of the banquet . Right now, I and Karua-sama are sitting next to each other eating .
Ah, she looks quite happy . I have already totally become this girl’s friend .
Karua-sama addresses me .

「Umm… thank you very much . Alim-sama, I… umm, I have no friends… there hasn’t been anyone the same age that I could eat with… I am very happy…」
「Oh no, it’s no problem . … Oh yea, how about you address me without a honorific? We are already friends aren’t we? 」
「e… um… That’s right . Then call me Karua too! I’d like to take this opportunity to also be called without an honorific…」

Uh oh, I said that she should omit the honorific when calling me because we are friends, I can’t exactly say 『That’s a bit too informal for me to call you without one』now can I .

I quietly look at the King and minister-san’s faces . Have they heard what we were talking about…? Or was this within their expectations from the beginning? Both of them are already giving me an OK sign .

「Alright… I understand . Once again, best regards! Karua-chan! 」
「Yes! Please take care of me! Alim-chan! 」
「By the way, you know, Karua-chan, you don’t need to speak so formally with me?」
「Ummm, that’s kind of difficult… because this is my everyday way of speaking . 」
「Is that so, well it’s not good to overdo it and make it unnatural . Just do what you normally do . 」
「Yes, I will do that . Alim-chan! 」


We all enjoyed the banquet . I talked about swords with the Knight Commander, I talked about food with Bacchus-san, I told Tuhl-san and Karua-chan about my adventures, and I was hugged by Lilo-san, Myuri-san and Karua-chan .

However, there can be rare irregularities at such times .
It’s often like that in light novels .

Suddenly, without warning, lightning struck, no, it was shot, and the outside wall of the dining hall was destroyed .

The walls of the castle aren’t so easy to break .
In particular, I have appraised this castle and it is quiet sturdy .
It cannot be broken by an attack that is less than an S-rank monster .

That is, it is definitely an S-ranked attack .

It was the S-rank monster, ≪Thunderbird≫ .