Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 1136

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Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136: Envoys From the Spirit Awakener Guild Headquarters Arrive

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Wang Ying, along with the others from the Xuanxuan Faction, came to a realization .

Turning their gazes to Zhang Xuan once more, admiration couldn't help but seep into their eyes .

As expected of their teacher (principal)!

They had to utilize every single means at their disposal before they were able to convince three hundred combat masters to join the Xuanxuan Guild . On the other hand, their teacher (principal) simply marched straight into the Combat Master Hall and took every single combat master as his student…

Truly, they had been too narrow-minded and timid . How could only capture a cub without entering a tiger's den?

On the other end, Zhang Xuan's face had turned completely green at this point .

He was in the midst of lecturing his students when this drama suddenly unfolded before his eyes . . . The words that he had been intending to speak ended up stifling in his mouth just like that, and he found his breathing becoming more and more unstable .

In this moment, he suddenly felt like he could empathize with Hall Master Xing .

"There's no need to stand on ceremony . Let me introduce you, this is the Xuanxuan Faction which I have founded . This is a good opportunity for all of us to trade insights and learn from one another . " Zhang Xuan said with a wave of his hand .

"Yes!" The combat masters nodded .

"As for you all, this is also a good opportunity for you to learn from our friends at the Combat Master Hall . It's true that you possess an advantage in terms of combat sense and fighting prowess, but in terms of battle techniques and state of mind, none of you are close to coming on par with them . You all still have much to work on!" Zhang Xuan instructed .

He had focused his effort on lecturing the Xuanxuan Faction on combat skills, so it was inevitable that those from the Combat Master Hall would be unable to match them . However, in terms of the foundations and sheer strength, the Xuanxuan Faction would definitely be on the losing end .

Ultimately, the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy's foundation simply paled too much in comparison to the massive Combat Master Hall . In terms of resources and heritage, there was no comparing the two .

"You are members of the Xuanxuan Faction? I heard that Xiao Qin and the others have already joined your ranks . . . Are you still recruiting?"

"If not for my division head keeping a close eye on all of us the past few days, we would have long gone over!"

"I heard that you all possess exceptional strength for your cultivation realm, and I have long wanted to try your hand . Anyone interested in a duel with me?"

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. . .

It didn't take long for the combat masters and the members of the Xuanxuan Faction to mingle together harmoniously .

The Combat Master Hall had tried to lock down the news concerning the defection of Xiao Qin, the five division heads, and a few hundred other combat masters, but this matter was simply too big to be concealed . They might be able to stop others from speaking about it in the open, but they couldn't prevent gossiping in the shadows . By this time, most of the combat masters had heard bits and pieces of the matter, and they couldn't help but be curious in the Xuanxuan Faction .

And at this moment, hearing that they were personally taught by the great Sun laoshi, their excitement was palpable .

Very soon, the members from both organizations began crossing hands .

Xiao Qin was the first representative to step forth from the Xuanxuan Faction, and he managed to utterly defeat a long-time rival of his in the Combat Master Hall .

Even those whom he was hardly a match for in the past couldn't even last three blows in his hands .

Despite not receiving Zhang Xuan's direct guidance, Wang Ying and the others still unreservedly imparted their knowledge to him . Through earnestly learning from their teachings, he had gained many new insights into combat, allowing his fighting prowess to advance by leaps and bounds .

Not to mention, he was a genius in combat himself . Three days wasn't long, but it was still sufficient for him to make substantial improvement . All in all, his fighting prowess had increased by at least twofold .

"We are willing to join the Xuanxuan Faction as well . We humbly ask of you to teach us as well!"

Seeing how swiftly their companions had improved under the tutelage of the Xuanxuan Faction, the other combat masters couldn't hold themselves back any longer .

'Hai! Who could have thought that the ten thousand years of legacy of the Qingyuan Empire Combat Master Hall would be destroyed in my hands…" Seeing the sight before him, Hall Master Xing knew that there was nothing he could do anymore . A look of defeat reminiscent of a failed examinee surfaced on his face, and an ache so sharp that it rendered him unable to breathe assaulted his heart .

As the hall master, it was a failure in itself for him to be unable to bring the Combat Master Hall to greater heights under his leadership, let alone the absoption of the Combat Master Hall into an organization from a Tier-1 Empire . He had prepared himself for the worst to come, but seeing it happen before his eyes was nevertheless heart wrenching .

"Hall Master Xing, there's no need for you to blame yourself . This matter is not a bad thing to our Combat Master Hall; on the contrary, it could even be considered as a blessing!"

At this point, Feng Xun suddenly arrived on the square .

He had been in seclusion ever since he heard of the arrival of the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy three days ago, intending to prepare himself to pull off a great comeback during the exchange . Yet, when he finally came out of his seclusion, this was the shocking sight that welcomed him . It was inevitable that he would feel slightly rattled within .

However, recalling the various incredible feats that Principal Zhang had pulled off previously, this matter didn't seem to be too surprising anymore . In fact, he felt a little relieved even .

He wasn't aware that Zhang Xuan had managed to become a Celestial Saint, but the various affairs that they had gone through together in the Qiu Wu Palace was still fresh on his mind . Without a doubt, there was no harm to maintaining such close ties with an organization headed by a master teacher as formidable as the other party . With this layer of relationship, their Combat Master Hall would surely develop swiftly, and it was just a matter of time before they overtook the other Conferred Empire Combat Master Halls!

"A blessing?" Hall Master Xing and Division Head Liao turned their gazes over .

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"Indeed . Think about it, the young man whom Zhuo Qingfeng had brought to the headquarters to participate in the Progeny of Combat Selection, Zheng Yang, is Principal Zhang's direct disciple!" Feng Xun nodded in agitation . "If Zheng Yang were to clear the Progeny of Combat Selection, that would effectively mean that he is the next head of our entire Combat Master Hall, a powerhouse even when taking the entire Master Teacher Continent into consideration! Not to mention, he . . . is also a member of the Xuanxuan Faction!"

"This…" Hall Master Xing and the others were taken aback .

They had been too focused on the fact that the Xuanxuan Faction was a Tier-1 Empire organization that they hadn't considered matters from this perspective yet .

"Taking a step back, even if he fails the Progeny of Combat Selection, an genius who is qualified to participate in the selection is bound to become an elder of the Combat Master Hall at the very least . With him around, even if our Qingyuan Empire Conferred Master Hall were to join the Xuanxuan Faction, who would dare mock us?" Feng Xun continued .

Hall Master Xing and the others fell into deep thoughts .

If one were to look at matters from that perspective, that was indeed the case .

Even though the Master Teacher Continent viewed seniority with grave important, what was more important was the heart to learn .

No matter how old or senior an individual was, as long as the other party was more skilled than him in a single aspect, it would be worthwhile to learn from the other party .

Not to mention, Kong shi had acknowledged many individuals weaker than him as his teacher and learned from them without a shred of conceit or arrogance too! Since even a man respected as the World's Teacher could lower himself, why couldn't others do the same?

A willingness to humble oneself to learn should be respected, not ridiculed . What would be truly ridiculous was for one to choose ignorance over knowledge for his own pride!

If Zheng Yang were to become the Progeny of Combat, he would inherit the greatest heritage of the Combat Master Hall, and it would only be a matter of time before he became their next hall master . Surely there was no shame in joining the organization which the head of the powerful Combat Master Hall was a member of!

And even if the other party didn't become the hall master, an elder of the powerful Combat Master Hall was still a plenty incredible figure in the Master Teacher Continent . Similarly, it would still be a honor for them to be in the Xuanxuan Faction too .

"I understand . " Having thought things through, Hall Master Xing sighed deeply and nodded . With this, the knot in his heart was finally untangled . Turning to Zhang Xuan once more, he couldn't help but feel deep respect .

For a man in his twenties to have all of the combat masters choose him over the Qingyuan Empire Combat Master Hall, which had ten thousand years of legacy behind it, he was truly a fearsome figure!

"His background probably isn't simple either!" Hall Master Xing remarked .

"From what I know, Principal Zhang's teacher goes by the name of Yang Xuan, and his cultivation has reached an unfathomable level far beyond our imagination…" Feng Xun nodded in response .

"Yang Xuan?" Startled, Hall Master Xing widened his eyes slightly . "Could it be…"

"Hm? Has Hall Master Xing heard of Yang shi before?"

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"I recall hearing such a figure from my teacher before . . . There's formidable master teacher whom others address as Yang shi in the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, and his cultivation has achieved an astounding level matched by very few in the long history of the Master Teacher Continent! However, I'm not too certain as to whether this Yang shi's name is Yang Xuan or not…" Hall Master Xing said .

"Hall Master Xing's teacher? Do you mean . . . 8-star Combat Master Tong Qianqiu, the man who goes by the nickname of Inferno Adamantine?" Division Head Liao asked .

Even though Hall Master Xing had never spoken about his heritage, after several centuries of friendship, Division Head Liao was still able to fathom a thing or two .

Inferno Adamantine Tong Qianqiu was a formidable combat master renowned even in the Empire Alliance . With his steel fists, he instilled deep fear into his opponents . Once, in a battle, he had single-handedly slain more than several dozen thousand Otherworldly Demons, thus striking his name out in the Master Teacher Continent .

"Un . " Hall Master Xing nodded .

"If even Combat Master Tong has spoken such words, that Yang shi must be truly a formidable figure . If Yang shi truly is Principal Zhang's teacher, that would explain the latter's incredible capabilities . Under the tutelage of such a formidable master teacher, he was bound to achieve great things in the future!" Feng Xun said .

He had originally intended on challenging Zhang Xuan once more to cleanse his name, but in this moment, such thoughts had already vanished from his mind .

Since it was impossible for him to catch up with the other party no matter what he did, he might as well spare himself from the humiliation .

It wasn't a bad thing to set high goals, but a human must understand his own limits . Being too fixated on something impossible would only narrow one's scope .

. . .

While Hall Master Xing and the others were chatting, Zhang Xuan was busying himself with managing the exchange .

Facilitating the exchange between the two organizations was no easy task .

Under everyone's request, Zhang Xuan conducted a lecture at the very end of the exchange . By the end of the lecture, it was already late at night, and the members from both organizations departed from the square excited and satisfied .

Deciding to stay overnight at the Combat Master Hall, Zhang Xuan beckoned Wang Ying and Liu Yang over and said, "Here are the fist art, palm art, movement art, defensive technique, and soul cultivation technique which I have organized over the past few days . Take a look through them and internalize them . "

Over the past three days, he hadn't just been busy cutlivating . He had also compiled a couple of battle techniques and cultivation techniques which even ordinary cultivators could practice . Since Wang Ying and Liu Yang were around, he could impart it to them first .

"Yes!" Wang Ying and Liu Yang nodded as they flipped open the book . It didn't take them long to finish browsing through the book, and with a clap of their hands, the books were completely destroyed .

If these books were to be leaked out, they might draw unwanted attention onto themselves . Thus, it would suffice for them to retain a record of the technique in their minds and cultivate it silently .

"If you have any questions regarding the techniques, raise them now . " Seeing that they were done, Zhang Xuan turned to them and said .

Wang Ying and Liu Yang quickly barraged him with all of the doubts they had .

Two hours later, the duo finally gained a thorough understanding of the battle techniques and cultivation techniques .

Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan was just about to send them back to their accommodation when Sun Qiang abruptly rushed in at this moment .

"Young Master, Guild Leader Ruan of the Spirit Awakener Guild seeks an audience!"

"Guild Leader Ruan? Why would she be looking for me?" Zhang Xuan frowned .

It couldn't be that the guild building acting disobediently again and had secretly sneaked off?

But that couldn't be! They had already signed a soul contract, so such a thing should be impossible!

"Invite her in!" Zhang Xuan waved his hand .

Nodding, Sun Qiang left the room . Soon after, he returned with Guild Leader Ruan and a middle-aged lady .

The middle-aged lady that had come with Guild Leader Ruan looked to be in her late thirties . The clothes she wore was ordinary, but there was an air of grace and nobility around her that made none dare to underestimate her . Her disposition granted her an incredible presence that left one feeling tensed and deeply pressed .

"What incredible strength . . . Her cultivation seems to have even exceeded that of Hall Master Xing's!" Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes in alarm .

Even without the Eye of Insight, he could still easily discern the extraordinary strength wielded by the middle-aged lady before him . Despite having made a breakthrough to Leaving Aperture realm, Hall Master Xing was nowhere close to matching up to her .

In other words, even at the very least, she was a Leaving Aperture realm expert!

When had such a formidable figure appear in the Spirit Awakener Guild?

"Pleased to meet you once more, Sun shi . . . or perhaps I should say, Principal Zhang!" While Zhang Xuan was still assessing the middle-aged lady with a doubtful look, Guild Leader Ruan walked up to him and greeted .

To be honest, she still found it hard to accept that the talented spirit awakener whom she had met a few days ago would turn out to be the principal of a Tier-1 Empire Master Teacher Academy .

"Guild Leader Ruan, there's no need to stand on ceremony . May I ask for the reason for your visit at this late hour?" Zhang Xuan asked .

"To be honest with you, I have reported the matter regarding the guild building to the headquarters, and the headquarters regards the matter with grave importance . Let me introduce you, this is Elder Wei from our headquarters!" Guild Leader Ruan said .

"Headquarters? You mean the Spirit Awakener Guild headquarters?"