Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 1502

Published at 14th of May 2019 01:20:04 PM

Chapter 1502: 1502

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The First Elder's face paled as she staggered backward fearfully .

Given how the other party was able to render Elder Qu completely silent and immobile with a word, as well as enter the depths of the Glacier Plain Court without drawing anyone's attention and take Zhao Ya away… In terms of strength, there was indeed no one in the world whom she could think of that would stand a chance against the middle-aged man before her . If a fight broke out, would the Glacier Plain Court stand a chance against him?

As this notion came into the First Elder's mind, she felt as if her heart had been plunged into icy water .

This was meaningless postulation . There was no way that they stood a chance .

In terms of strength, she was beneath that of Elder Qu . Given how the other party was able to subdue Elder Qu with ease, killing her would pose even less of a problem!

"Indeed . " Placing his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan took another step forward . "Doubt my strength if you want to, but just be prepared to face the consequences if so . The only reason I haven't made a move yet is to avoid meaningless bloodshed . My motive here is to save, not to kill . "

Even though it was impossible to see the depths of his cultivation, the pressure he exerted was more than enough to sink anyone into the abyss of despair .

He flicked his wrist, and Zhao Ya appeared beside him .

Gazing intently at You Ruoxin, Zhang Xuan said, "All you have to do is free her from the Heaven Sealing Lock . As for the final awakening of her unique constitution, I'll handle it myself . You don't need to interfere in this matter anymore!"

Zhao Ya's unique constitution would definitely have to be awakened, but there was plenty of time in the future to figure out a solution . The important matter at hand was to remove the Heaven Sealing Lock and free her from pain .

"You are able to help her accomplish a full awakening?" You Ruoxin was stunned .

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"Indeed!" Zhang Xuan tilted his head upward confidently . "If there's something in this world I can't accomplish, no one else will be able to!"

It was a bold claim, but Zhang Xuan meant every last word he said .

With the Library of Heaven's Path in his possession, his existence embodied the possibilities of the world .

If there was something in this world that he was incapable of, no one else would be able to accomplish it, and this was including the legendary Yang shi!

"But…" You Ruoxin's face paled further upon hearing those words, and her body began trembling slightly . "The Heaven Sealing Lock of the Glacier Plain Court is created by the Icy Silkworm . Once it enters a host's body, it will swiftly freeze all of its host's meridians . There's only one known way to resolve the issue… and that is to absorb the pure yang energy . Other than that, there's no other solution . "

"What did you say?" A furious bellow escaped from Zhang Xuan's lips .

At the same time, cracks swiftly crawled through the surrounding ground, covering the entire conference room in an instant .

Zhao Ya's body also stiffened upon hearing those words .

She had thought that with her grandteacher making a move on her behalf, the problem that she was facing would be resolved easily . Yet, after all was said and done, they were still back to square one .

"After what happened with her mother, I had no other choice but to make this move . I thought that after undergoing a few days of suffering, she would give in and cultivate in accordance to our cultivation technique . The past generations of court chiefs have all undergone this process, so I didn't think much about it," You Ruoxin explained fearfully .

"In fact, the very reason our Glacier Plain Court bred the Icy Silkworm as the Heaven Sealing Lock is to force the court chiefs to cultivate the final level of the cultivation technique and fully awaken their Pure Yin Body . It's not meant to be curable…"

"You…" Zhang Xuan clenched his fists tightly as he glared at You Ruoxin with an inferno burning in his eyes .

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As someone who possessed the Eye of Insight, he could tell that You Ruoxin was not lying to him .

In other words, other than harvesting the pure yang energy of young men, there was no other way to resolve he the Heaven Sealing Lock!

This was really the worst-case scenario!


All of a sudden, Elder Qu's face reddened, and he spurted a mouthful of blood .

Due to the massive fluctuations in Zhang Xuan's emotions, he was unable to control his zhenqi as finely as he usually could . Making use of this opening, Elder Qu used a secret art to fuse the other party's zhenqi into his blood and forced it out of his body!

"How dare you try to poison me! Even if I'm not a match for you, I'm going to drag you down to hell with me!" With a furious bellow, Elder Qu flicked his palm up and thrust it toward the middle-aged man before him .

A furious tempest whipped up in the area, and in that moment, it felt as if the world was spinning around them .

The full might of a 9-star master teacher was more than enough to rip apart the spatial fabric of the Master Teacher Continent . Under Elder Qu's raging might, the formations in the conference hall groaned in protest before being torn apart, raising up a massive dust storm .

"Elder Qu, don't…" Not expecting Elder Qu to suddenly go on a rampage when she had barely placated the supreme expert before her, You Ruoxin cried in horror .

If they provoked the other party and the other party decided to start a massacre, would the Glacier Plain Court not vanish from the face of the world?

Hong long!

However, there was already no stopping Elder Qu . His poisoning and the other party's impersonation of Yang Xuan had already gone beyond what he could tolerate .

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"Who do you think you are making a move on…"

Despite the bravado that he was putting on, Zhang Xuan really had not expected Elder Qu to be so hot-tempered as to make a move all of a sudden . Knowing that he would not stand a chance in a direct encounter, he hurriedly flicked his wrist and placed the Sanctum Head Token before him as a shield .


The might of Elder Qu's palm strike rippled through the Sanctum Head Token and gushed right toward Zhang Xuan like an unstoppable storm .


Blood spewed frenziedly from Zhang Xuan's mouth as he felt the bones throughout his body shattering . The sheer might of the force nearly struck the final breath out of his body .

Elder Qu had thought that Zhang Xuan was an unparalleled expert, so when he made his move, he had been prepared to meet his end . As such, he drew all the strength that he could muster in his attack, and the might behind his offense far surpassed what Zhang Xuan could withstand in his current state .

If not for the Sanctum Head Token cushioning most of the blow, he would have turned into meat paste .

Nevertheless, just the shockwave from the palm strike was enough to incapacitate him .

Following which, Elder Qu's shocked exclamation sounded in the air . "How could he be so weak?"

He had already resolved himself for death when he made the move . He had thought that even if he lost his life, the least he could do was inflict an irrecoverable wound on the other party . But never in his wildest dreams had he expected the middle-aged man before him to be so weak!

"Preposterous… Preposterous! How dare a weakling like you threaten me! Disciples of the Glacier Plain Court, take him down!"

You Ruoxin clearly had not expected the middle-aged man before her to be so weak . He had appeared before her as a formidable expert wielding peerless strength, but his true strength turned out to be so meager that it was not even worth her batting an eyelid over . Her face flushed crimson as she bellowed furiously for the disciples of the Glacier Plain Court to apprehend him .

As the First Elder of the Glacier Plain Court, she could also be considered a distinguished figure of the Master Teacher Continent . Yet, a Phantasmal Space realm cultivator actually managed to scare her into submission . If others learnt of this matter, how was she to uphold the Glacier Plain Court's dignity before the world?

While the First Elder was barking out orders, Zhao Ya was staring in horror at the helpless young man twirling in the air from the shockwave of Elder Qu's attack . Her body trembled in shock as tears trickled down her pale cheeks .

He… isn't grandteacher but… teacher!

Elder Qu's attack had only been directed toward Zhang Xuan, so despite Zhao Ya being so close to Zhang Xuan, she was not affected by the shockwave at all . Otherwise, given the frail state that she was in, she would have lost her life in a breath . However, watching as the retreating middle-aged man's disguise faded due to his severe injuries, she swiftly understood what was going on .

The abrupt appearance of her grandteacher and the striking similarity between their zhenqi… All of a sudden, the miniscule doubts that had surfaced at the back of her mind were answered .

So, it had really been her teacher all along .

Of course, it could not have been anyone else . Only her teacher would rush over regardless of the cost after receiving her message . Only her teacher would risk his life regardless of how hopeless the situation seemed just to clutch onto the faint ray of hope for her .

Only her teacher would dote her so much as to put his life on the line just so that she would not have to do something against her will!

Teacher, you have done far too much for me .

How can I let anything happen to you?

Feeling an irrepressible pain tearing her heart apart, Zhao Ya clenched her teeth tightly together and drove her zhenqi furiously .

You Ruoxin narrowed her eyes at the sight and bellowed anxiously, "Don't move your zhenqi, you'll really die!"