Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 1656

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Chapter 1656: 1656

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An air of vexation floated in the guest rooms of the Zhang Clan .

"Say, where did our clan head go? Why isn't he back yet?" First Elder Luo Qingchen broke the heavy silence in the room .

"Who knows? Our clan head seems to be a really carefree person, going wherever he wants as he pleases… Hai! We are supposed to be challenging the Zhang Clan to re-establish the honor of our Luo Clan, but somehow, it looks as if we are sponging off the Zhang Clan instead… How frustrating!"

"It's the same for me too! Whenever I walk around the area, I would see the members of the Zhang Clan directing skeptical looks at me! Honestly, I don't even know I should deal with that anymore!"

Two elders of the Luo Clan spoke up in exasperation .

"Have you not heard of the recent news? Nangong Yuanfeng and Tantai Zhenqing of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers came to challenge the Zhang Clan, but they ended up being defeated by a student whom Zhang Xuan simply offered some pointers on the spot… Could our clan head have fled in fear after hearing that news?" Luo Ganzhen rubbed his glabella .

They had marched here with an imposing momentum built up from the defeat of the Hundred Schools of Philosophers . They felt that victory was already in their pockets, so they intentionally made a huge fuss out of this matter .  

Yet, as soon as they arrived, they heard that Nangong Yuanfeng and the others had visited the Zhang Clan too and were forced to retreat in defeat . To make things worse, the one who had made a move wasn't Zhang Xuan . It was Zhang Xuan's student from the side family whom he had barely offered a couple of pointers too… 

Upon learning of the news, those of the Luo Clan couldn't help but feel a little unsettled .

If even a student taught by Zhang Xuan was so powerful, they couldn't begin to imagine just how powerful the person in question was!

At this point, they couldn't help but recall the huge commotion that had happened in the Empire Alliance . Back then, even Sword Saint Xing had fallen in defeat to Zhang Xuan… Would their clan head really be able to defeat that monster of a person?

As such thoughts weighed down their minds, the atmosphere grew even gloomier .

"Actually, I'm feeling really conflicted right now . On one hand, I really wish our clan head would appear as soon as possible . On the other hand, I don't know if it's a good idea for our clan head to come . The moment he's here, the duel would definitely have to go on . It's one thing if he wins, but if he were to lose, the Luo Clan's dignity would be utterly crushed…" an elder said .

They had marched imposingly to the Zhang Clan, effectively letting the entire world know that they would be challenging the Zhang Clan to a duel . If they were to be forced in defeat, the Luo Clan would really become a laughingstock for the world!

"Actually, I'm thinking the same too…" 

A couple of elders voiced their agreement .

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"But it would be even more embarrassing to us if he doesn't appear at all!" another voice exclaimed anxiously .

The crowd fell in silence once more .

Indeed . It was embarrassing to be defeated, but it would be even more so if their challenger didn't appear from the start to the end .

They had come here to find trouble with the Zhang Clan, but they ended up finding themselves being cornered instead . With the current state of affairs, they didn't know what they should do anymore .

Luo Ganzhen knew that the concerns raised by the elders were legitimate, but he didn't have any solutions for them either . Thus, he could only shake his head helplessly and turn to Luo Qingchen, "Forget it, let's not think too much into it! Shall we send a message to our clan head to urge him to return?"

"I have been sending messages to him all this while, but he hasn't been replying…" First Elder Luo Qingchen shook his head bitterly .

"It might be because he's in seclusion . It hasn't been too long since he has become our clan head, so he might not be too accustomed to the role yet . In any case, I don't think that he's the type to flee in the face of danger . Otherwise, he wouldn't have stepped up against the Hundred Schools of Philosophers for us back then!" Luo Ganzhen reassured the elders around .

Just as he was about to continue speaking, an old man suddenly barged into the room .

"Deputy clan head!"

"What's wrong?" Recognizing the old man who had just entered, Luo Ganzhen frowned .

The other party was the Sixteenth Elder of the Luo Clan, Luo Qingyuan .

For an elder to be running around so anxiously in another clan, something major must have happened .

"Our clan head… He has arrived!" Elder Qingyuan reported anxiously .

"Our clan head is here? Where is he?" Startled, Luo Ganzhen asked as he hurriedly got to his feet .

At the same time, delighted looks also surfaced on the faces of the other elders . They quickly turned their gazes toward the doorway, but there wasn't a figure in sight .

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"As soon as he returned to the Zhang Clan, he headed straight to Zhang Xuan's residence… I think he's intending on challenging the head of the Zhang Clan privately!" Elder Qingyuan explained in a fluster .

"He has already gone to challenge Zhang Xuan? Why didn't you inform us?"

Everyone was stunned by the revelation .

The reason why they had come here was to battle it out with the head of the Zhang Clan . Yet, they were actually unaware that their clan head had gone ahead to challenge the other party privately?

"Our clan head went to confront for the head of the Zhang Clan secretly! We only found out about the matter a while ago too!" Elder Qingyuan explained .

"Quick, bring us over!" Hearing that the clan head had already gone to challenge Zhang Xuan, Luo Ganzhen and the others couldn't bring themselves to remain seated anymore .

With Luo Qingyuan taking the lead, it didn't take long for the crowd to arrive before a vast residence .  

This residence had a powerful formation erected around it, preventing any energies within from leaking out . In a sense, it could be said to be an isolated world in itself .

At the very center of the residence, there was a dueling ring with two figures standing on opposite ends of one another . Fearsome auras were emanating from the two parties .

They were the head of the Luo Clan and the head of the Zhang Clan respectively, Luo Tianya and Zhang Xuan!

"Our clan head must have his own reason for not informing us about this, so let's just observe silently by the side . Make sure that you don't give yourself away, alright?" Luo Ganzhen sent a telepathic message to the crowd, and they swiftly hid by a remote corner .

Regardless of the underlying motive their clan head had for not informing them about the duel, it was apparent that he didn't want them to know the outcome of the duel . However, this worked out fine as well . At the very least, it wouldn't become an embarrassment for the Luo Clan if it were to end in a loss on their part .


The two figures on the dueling platform finally moved .

Luo Tianya flicked his palm, and the surrounding space was immediately sealed up .

Si la!

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Everything within the sealed space came to an absolute halt . As if trapped within a still painting, the young man on the opposite end was unable to move at all .

Seeing how their clan head had used the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing right from the start, the faces of the crowd flushed crimson in agitation .

It seemed like their clan head also knew that his opponent would be formidable, so he had decided to go all out from the start .

However, their agitation didn't last for too long . A light chuckle sounded from the other end of the field, and the young man who should have been sealed in place nudged forward a little .

Hu la!

The surrounding space abruptly reverted back to normal . At the same time, Zhang Xuan stepped forward lightly, and as thought teleportation, he appeared right before Luo Tianya in the next instant and threw a punch over .

Seeing the means that Zhang Xuan had executed, Luo Ganzhen's body stiffened as horror surfaced in his eyes, "This is… the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing too?"

He might not have comprehended the Spatial Quintessence of Sealing, but he could tell that the nature of Zhang Xuan's means was similar to that of their clan head . In other words, they were both Spatial Quintessence of Sealing!

A member of the Zhang Clan actually executed the Luo Clan's Spatial Quintessence of Sealing?

What in the world was going on here?

Of course, none of the Luo Clan's elders had an answer to Luo Ganzhen's question .

Meanwhile, on the dueling ring, Luo Tianya seemed to realize that he was in a precarious position, so he swiftly struggled free of the sealed space around him and retaliated with a fist of his own,


The two punches collided with one another, but it was Luo Tianya whose face paled and was sent flying into the seal erected around the dueling ring . Clearly, he had been overpowered by Zhang Xuan .

"He's actually this powerful?" 

The crowd from the Luo Clan was rendered speechless .

They thought that they would be able to see their clan head destroying Zhang Xuan, but who could have thought that their clan head would actually lose in a direct encounter… 

Sou sou sou!

Reluctant to admit his defeat, Luo Tianya got to his feet and charged forward . Thus, the two fighters collided with one another once more .

However, it was as if Zhang Xuan was able to read his moves in advance . After trading a few blows, Luo Tianya was suppressed to the point where he could hardly catch his breath .

Under the incredible outpour of power, the dueling ring flickered with brilliant lights .

The relentless shockwaves that rippled out from the collisions of the two fighters rattled the surrounding seal to the point that it seemed as if it would collapse at any moment .

"They are truly formidable!" 

The faces of the crowd from the Luo Clan gradually turned pale as they watched the intense fight before them .

There were a couple of them who had reached Great Sage, but they knew that it was likely that they would be defeated in a single blow if they were to face any of the two figures on the dueling ring .

To be honest, the maneuvers executed by the two clan heads weren't complex at all, and their battle techniques were also relatively simple too . However, every move that they made was purposeful, or to use a more exact word, ingenious! Every action that they carried out had a deeper significance in the later stage of the battle, leaving the onlookers awestruck by their foresight .  

It was as if their eyes were able to peer into the future, allowing them to manipulate the flow of the battle to their advantage .

"This is a duel between top-notch geniuses?"

"It's indeed not at a level where ordinary mortals like us can fathom…"

"Who could have thought that the Yellow Dust of the Descending Swallow could be used in such a manner? It seems like I have been too focused on the form of the technique to see through its crux…"

"Is it just me or that Zhang shi seems to be really familiar with the battle techniques of our Luo Clan?"

"Wait a moment… You're right! How could this be?"


The more that they watched, the more shocked that they became . At this point, the initial excitement had already settled down, leaving nothing but a deep heaviness in their hearts .