Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 1766

Published at 11th of September 2019 01:20:04 PM

Chapter 1766: 1766

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"Old Geezer Yu, are you intending to fight with me over the slots?"

Enraged by Old Geezer Yu's actions, the White Overlord's hair stood on end, as if preparing to pounce on the other party .

Sixty droplets of Blood Reincarnation realm Ancient Sage blood far exceeded the price it was willing to pay . It was with great difficulty that it had chosen to pay this price, and yet, someone actually wanted to fight with it over the slot!

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"Like the young man has said, it's an auction . It's a fair competition, isn't it?" Old Geezer Yu scoffed coldly . "If you are willing to fork out a higher price, go on then . In any case, I'll just have you know that I'll be taking down this slot!"

"There are still two more slots remaining, aren't there? Why don't you go for those two instead?" the White Overlord roared in fury .

"Do you take me for a fool? While we of the Spirit Tribe have plenty of experts in our ranks, we aren't fools who will allow ourselves to be taken advantage of!" Old Geezer Yu harrumphed coldly . "Besides, Zhang shi has already said that the highest bidder will be able to obtain the slot . Since you have bid sixty, I'll bid sixty-five then!"


The White Overlord's body trembled in rage, but there was nothing that it could do .

Since it was an auction, it went without saying that the artifact would go to the highest bidder . It couldn't possibly be so domineering as to stop others from even bidding!

"I'll offer sixty-six droplets then!" the White Overlord spat coldly .

"Sixty-seven droplets!"

"Sixty-eight droplets!" The White Overlord really wanted to tear the other party apart .

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"Seventy droplets!" Old Geezer Yu continued raising the bid nonchalantly .

"You… Very well! I'll bid seventy-five droplets!" Unable to take it any longer, the White Overlord roared in utmost fury . "Old Geezer Yu, try pushing your luck any further, and I swear I'll get you right here and right now!"

"Heh, is that so? Alright then . Since you have already put it out like this, I'll let you for this one then!" Seeing that he had successfully raised the price to seventy-five droplets, Old Geezer Yu chuckled softly before falling silent .

He could already tell that the White Overlord was already at the limits of its patience . If he continued provoking the latter any further, the latter might really make a move on him .

Of course, given his strength, he did not fear the White Overlord . However, the destructive prowess of a berserk beast was not to be underestimated . Furthermore, the experts of the Master Teacher Pavilion and Hundred Schools of Philosophers were also in the vicinity, so it went without saying that it would be a terrible idea to come to blows with the Beast Tribe .


Seeing that Old Geezer Yu was not competing with him any further, the White Overlord harrumphed coldly before tossing a jade bottle over to Zhang Xuan .

There were exactly seventy-five droplets of Ancient Blood within the bottle, and they were all from Blood Reincarnation realm Ancient Sages .

Due to the larger physique of those in the Beast Tribe, they were able to offer up more of their blood than the smaller human and Otherworldly Demon cultivators . However, as their breakthroughs were highly reliant on their bloodline and talents, it was much harder for them to advance their cultivation . As a result, the number of Blood Reincarnation realm Ancient Sages that they had was significantly lower than that of the humans and the Otherworldly Demons .

It had been difficult for them to save up those seventy-five droplets of blood, and giving them away like that pained them greatly .

"Alright, the second slot goes to the Beast Tribe . As for the third slot, the starting bid will be one hundred droplets of Ancient Sage blood!" Zhang Xuan announced with a smile .

"One hundred droplets?" Old Geezer Yu's face stiffened upon hearing the price . Blood rushed up into his head as he cussed at the young man furiously . "Why don't you go screw yourself instead!"

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Just a moment earlier, the price had only been sixty droplets, but all of a sudden, it was nearly doubled…

You are doing it intentionally, aren't you?

He had thought that the third slot would only cost seventy droplets of Ancient Sage blood at the very most, which was also why he had chosen not to compete with the White Overlord over it . Yet, who could have known that this fellow would actually be so immoral!

"The Hundred Schools of Philosophers have three slots at the moment, and the Beast Tribe has two . You are the only one with only one slot . Do you want the slot or not? I don't mind keeping it for myself!" Zhang Xuan replied coolly . "Also, I can give you a heads up that I am indeed screwing with you, but what are you going to do about that? Take it or leave it!"

It was such a good opportunity to mess with the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, so there was no way that he would let it slip through his fingers .

In any case, he had already gotten what he wanted . It did not matter to him whether Old Geezer Yu took the deal or not .

"You…" Old Geezer Yu felt as if his blood vessels were going to explode from sheer rage .

"Let's agree to his request for the time being . " Another Ancient Sage of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe sent a telepathic message to Old Geezer Yu . "In any case, a human master teacher won't be able to use the Ancient Sage blood of our Spirit Tribe . At the very most, we'll just have to find an opportunity to assassinate him and get our Ancient Sage blood back after he leaves the Prime Hall!"

The Ancient Sage blood of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe was permeated with killing intent . It would be difficult for even Sempiternal realm cultivators to come close, let alone assimilate it into their bodies!

Since the humans had no way of using their Ancient Sage blood, it would not hurt them to give it away for the time being . With the prowess of their Spirit Tribe, they would eventually be able to assassinate that darned fellow and get their blood back!

Hearing those words, Old Geezer Yu's livid expression finally alleviated a little . "Fine, one hundred droplets for a slot, is it? I'll give you two hundred droplets for the third slot and fourth slot!"

"You want to buy the third and fourth slot?"

"That's right . Given the price you have set, you need not dream about others buying any more slots . Since that's the case, you might as well sell them to me for the same price!" Old Geezer Yu said .

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Since they would eventually get the Ancient Sage blood back, it did not matter how many droplets he gave the young man .

Zhang Xuan pondered for a brief moment before nodding in agreement . "Sure!"

Just as Old Geezer Yu had said, it was unlikely for the Hundred Schools of Philosophers and the Beast Tribe to take out any more blood droplets to purchase the slots . Since that was the case, he might as well sell the last two slots to the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe .

Since any Otherworldly Demons who entered the Prime Hall would eventually end up being taken down by him, he did not mind selling them a few more slots .


With a flick of his wrist, Old Geezer Yu sent two jade bottles into Zhang Xuan's grasp .

Catching the two bottles, he inspected their contents and confirmed that there were a hundred droplets in each of the bottles . Thus, he nodded in contentment .

"You must be wary . " Seeing through Old Geezer Yu's malicious intentions, Zhang Hongtian sent a telepathic message over to warn Zhang Xuan . "If the Otherworldly Demon Ancient Sages have left a sliver of their will in their blood, they would be able to attempt a Blood Reincarnation and attempt to destroy your soul!"

Upon reaching the Blood Reincarnation realm, every single droplet of blood that the Ancient Sage possessed represented the potential to sprout a new life . Even though it would be a lot of trouble for the droplet of blood to return to its peak, it was still well within its means to slay an Aureate Body realm cultivator .

"I understand!" Zhang Xuan said with a smile .

Earlier, when he pried open the bottle, he had already infused his Heaven's Path zhenqi in to destroy whatever will the other party had left inside . As powerful as Otherworldly Demon Ancient Sages were, it was still impossible for them to stand against the Heaven's Path zhenqi with just a sliver of their will .

In an instant, he had already eradicated whatever threats were within the blood droplets .

Without any will to drive a reincarnation, no matter how much vitality the blood harnessed, it was unlikely that it would be able to sprout into a new life . At the very least, it would take tens of thousands of years before a new spirit sprouted within the droplets of blood .

By then, he would have already used up the two hundred droplets of blood .

"If you face any difficulty dealing with the blood droplets, I'll be able to help you!" Zhang Hongtian said .

"Thank you, old ancestor, but I'm able to handle this," Zhang Xuan replied .

Seeing that all of the slots had been distributed, Ancient Sage Yan Qing stood forward and announced, "Since all of the slots have been distributed, let's prepare to set off!"

Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement .

Just as they had agreed on, he gathered the candidates chosen by each power before taking Little Amulet out . Little Amulet flew into the air and shrouded all of the candidates with its power . Following which, the group swiftly made their way into the Prime Hall .

Meanwhile, Zhang Xuan swiftly scanned the candidates chosen by the other powers . The two slots of the Beast Tribe had gone to a white fox and a red leopard . They seemed to be related to the White Overlord in one way or another .

As for the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, they had dispatched three Sempiternal realm consummation experts . They wore impassive expressions, and they were reserved with their words . It was difficult to gauge exactly how powerful they were .

The Hundred Schools of Philosophers had brought in another expert who seemed to command a fighting prowess comparable to Yan Xue .

All in all, except for Zhang Xuan, all of the candidates who had been chosen to enter the Prime Hall were at Sempiternal realm consummation . They were all the strongest existences beneath Ancient Sage .

"Let's go in!"


As soon as Little Amulet came into contact with the seal of the Prime Hall, it immediately fused in, and the crowd vanished from sight .