Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 224

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Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Call Him Uncle Now!

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"I’ve lost? It's too early to say that!"

Watching the spear right before his eyes, Lu Xun felt extremely humiliated . With a roar, he gritted his teeth and dashed forward .


Not expecting that the other party himself would dash straight toward his spear, Zheng Yang was taken aback . He retracted his arm instinctively .

With this action, Zheng Yang lost his advantage . Stepping against the ground, Lu Xun executed the Illusory Shadows Nine Celestial Steps, forming multiple shadows at once . In the blink of an eye, he was already right before Zheng Yang and he rammed his body against him .

He was still hugged firmly by Yuan Tao and his hands were locked, so he could only use this move .

Peng! Pu!

He didn't expect that the other party would fight back even with the spear right before his neck . Unprepared for this, Zheng Yang was struck squarely and his face flushed . Crimson blood spurted out of his mouth and his entire body was sent flying backward .

"Too shameless . . . "

"How can a star teacher of the academy behave like this?"

"Damn it . . . "

Seeing how Lu Xun refused to admit defeat despite the clear outcome, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar .


Seeing how the teacher was shamelessly fighting back despite having clearly lost, even injuring Zheng Yang in the process, Zhao Ya's face turned red with anger . Her body flickered faintly, she appeared before Lu Xun . In the midst of doing so, her wrist snapped and a sword had appeared in her hands .

She had learned swordsmanship from young, and because Lu laoshi was at a numerical disadvantage, she chose not to wield it . However, upon witnessing the person whom she once respected commit such a shameless action, she could no longer hold herself back .


The sword flew across the sky, and her movement was so incredibly light and graceful that the scene resembled a painting .

Battle Technique [Sunset Swordsmanship]! As though rapidly flowing river beneath the setting sun, her movements were fluid!


With his arms locked firmly in place, Lu Xun harrumphed coldly and sent a kick straight toward the sword .

His reaction and the timing could be said to be impeccable . However, he had underestimated Yuan Tao, who was clutching onto him from behind .

Seeing Zheng Yang get injured had triggered him, and he roared furiously .

"Get down here!"

His plump body had become as heavy as a boulder, pulling Lu Xun's rising body down forcefully .

With this fall, not only did Lu Xun's kick miss Zhao Ya's sword, he lost his balance and if things go wrong, he might even be pierced in the heart .


Not expecting the abrupt change, Lu Xun's eyes narrowed . However, it was too late to do anything .


Seeing that things were about to get fatal, a figure suddenly appeared between them and his fingers lightly flicked .


A metallic sound resounded and Zhao Ya lost grip over her sword . It flew out and stabbed into the ground not too far away .


Upon seeing her sword being blown away, Zhao Ya was about to fly into a rage when she saw the other party's features . She immediately clasped her hands and bowed respectfully .

It was Zhang Xuan .

He could tell that both parties had reached the peak of their anger . If he didn't stop them, things would blow out of proportion .

After disarming Zhao Ya, he walked toward Zheng Yang and infused zhenqi into him . He realized that the latter's injury wasn't severe and that he should be able to recover swiftly under the nourishment of pills . Only then did he heave a sigh of relief and turn toward Yuan Tao, "You should get down as well!"


Yuan Tao loosened his grip and fell to the floor .

Even though the only thing he did throughout the battle was to hug Lu Xun, he had sustained the most severe injuries out of the five .

If not for the awakening of his Emperor's Bloodline, which grants him a significant boost in his defense, he would have long caved under the barrage of attacks and fainted .

"Teacher . . . "

After briefly adjusting their breathing, the five dragged their wearied bodies toward Zhang Xuan .

Even though they felt fatigued, their eyes were glowing with excitement .

Even though they didn't think that they have won the duel, the results were unexpectedly good . After all, their opponent was a star teacher, and he ended up being done in good by them . No matter what, they still felt proud of themselves .

They thought that by venting their teacher's frustration and showcasing their growth over the past half a month, they would be able to receive compliments . Yet, Zhang laoshi's expression was extremely dark and flames of anger were burning in his eyes .

"Teacher . . . "

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Upon seeing him in such a state, Zheng Yang and the others were perplexed .

"Do you think that I should compliment you?"

Zhang Xuan glared at them, and it felt as though a storm was brewing .

"We . . . "

The five of them scratched their heads .

"Since you intentionally hid it from me, I thought that you were practicing some powerful offensive collaboration formation, but tell me, what the hell is this toy?" Zhang Xuan roared furiously, and his face revealed his disappointment .

Is formation not good?

This is considered one of the top offensive collaboration formation in Tianxuan Kingdom, alright?

Upon hearing the reason behind his outrage, everyone was taken aback .

Even taking the entire Tianxuan Kingdom into account, this offensive collaboration formation was one of the top formations . After all, using this formation, a Fighter 5-dan cultivator and four Fighter 2-dan cultivators were able to rival a Pixue realm pinnacle expert, thus proving the strength of this formation .

Yet, he wasn't happy with the results?

Even calling it a 'toy'?

Lu Xun, who had finally calmed down, felt stifled . Hearing those words, his injuries almost worsened and he nearly spurted a mouthful of blood .

Is there something wrong with you?

This offensive collaboration formation nearly killed me, yet you aren't satisfied?

"Why? You don't agree with what I'm saying? Fine, then I will start explaining from the first move . When Yuan Tao charged toward Lu laoshi, if Zheng Yang was in this position and used the spear art which I taught, the prowess of your primary assault would be boosted by a single fold . Liu Yang, if you had attacked from here while squatting three cun lower, it would be the blind hole of his vision, making it impossible for him to evade your strike . As for Zhao Ya and Wang Ying, are you all sleeping? If you were standing here, do you think he would be able to escape?"

Disregarding everyone's shock, Zhang Xuan flung his sleeves and drew the offensive collaboration formation on the ground and highlighted a few points .

Initially, Lu Xun was doubtful of Zhang Xuan's words . However, after hearing his lecture, his face suddenly turned pale .

The other party's words made perfect sense . If his students arranged themselves according to his positioning and struck at the same moment, even Lu Xun would be unable to dodge all of their attacks . At the very least, he would be struck by three attacks simultaneously .

Just a blow from one of these little fellows was enough for him to spurt blood . He wouldn't be able to withstand three blows from them simultaneously even if he were at his peak condition .

Oblivious to Lu Xun's trembling body, Zhang Xuan continued .

"Next, Yuan Tao grabbing onto Lu laoshi should have been a good opportunity . If Liu Yang had attacked here, Wang Ying delayed her attack by three breaths, and Zhao Ya didn't hesitate, within the seventh breath, you all would have been able to seal his path of retreat . If so, would you all have gotten injured? Without a single injury, he would have admitted his defeat!"

The more Zhang Xuan spoke, the angrier he became .

These little fellows are truly too toying around too much .

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Initially, he thought that they were practicing some kind of formidable formation, so he wasn't too worried . Yet, it turned out to be full of flaws .

What the hell is this!

You call this a formation?

If only you had sought pointers from me beforehand, none of you all would have gotten injured today . Furthermore, you would have been able to completely pummel Lu Xun .

He wouldn't have been able to retaliate at all, needless to say, refuse to admit defeat!

Even more so, none of you would have gotten injured .

"This . . . This . . . "

Hearing the other party's explanation, Lu Xun felt his body turn cold .

Other people may be unable to tell how accurate was Zhang Xuan's pointers, but as a person who had personally experienced the formation, he was aware of how fearsome his words were .

If his students had truly done it that way, the result would be as Zhang Xuan said . None of them would be injured, and his face would be swollen from a one-sided beating .

Can it be that Zhang Xuan understands formations as well?

A battle changes constantly at rapid speeds, yet he is able to see through the flaws in their formation with a single look and make the most accurate adjustments . . . Are you for real?

How do you do that?

Lu Xun's trembled in fear .

He thought that those youngsters had complemented each other well in the battle, yet Zhang Xuan could point out so many flaws and problems in their collaboration .

If they were to fill up these gaps, he, despite being a Pixue realm cultivator, would be helpless before them!

In a truly powerful formation, one plus one equals to three or even four .

Yuan Tao was skilled in defense, so he played the role of the sturdiest shield . Zheng Yang was skilled in spearmanship, so he was the sharpest arrow . Zhao Ya was the core of the team, and she used all kinds of means to complement the others . Wang Ying possessed superior movement technique, so she was all around the field . Liu Yang's fists were invincible, so he struck when the opportunity arose . . .

If by the previous formation, the five people were able to execute the strength of seven or eight, going by Zhang laoshi's modification, they would be able to execute the strength of twenty!

Even a Tongxuan realm primary stage expert would find it hard to stand against such prowess, needless to say, a Pixue realm pinnacle cultivator like him!


"Incredible! Even though he had merely spoken a few words, he had pointed out the very essence of the formation . Can it be that Zhang laoshi understands formations as well?"

Disbelief reflected in Liu Ling's eyes as he heard Zhang Xuan's pointers to his students .

Formation masters and apothecaries are two of the most esteemed occupations of the Upper Nine Paths . Both occupations require incredibly deep and profound knowledge, and becoming an official apothecary at such an age is already an incredible feat . Yet, he possesses knowledge of formations as well?

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"Do you understand all I've said?"

Oblivious to the shock and silence in the surroundings, Zhang Xuan reprimanded his students and scanned their faces .


The five of them lowered their heads in embarrassment .

This formation originated from Zhao Ya, and it was one of the top formations in Baiyu City . She thought that it was a flawless and powerful formation, so never in her dreams did she think that it had so many loopholes .

However, after Zhang laoshi's guidance and the experience they gained from fighting Lu Xun previously, they had already developed an in-depth understanding of the formation . They should feel much more familiar it if they were to execute it once more .

"It's good that you understand!"

After lecturing them, Zhang Xuan slowly walked back with his hands behind his back . "Since you all understand the formation, go back and fight with Lu laoshi once more . He hasn't admitted defeat, right? Beat him until he admits defeat!"


"Fight again?"

The five students staggered and they nearly spurted blood at Zhang Xuan's words .

They thought that they were ruthless, but to think that Zhang laoshi topped them . . .

"You . . . "

Lu Xun’s felt his vision turning gray .

The heck! So in the end, it turns out that the reason why you ran in here, interrupted the fight, and offered them pointers isn't that you think that they didn't do well enough, but because you want to toy with me . . .

Lu Xun stood up, and he was about to speak when a panicked voice suddenly echoed from afar .

Master Zhang, please forgive this son of mine on my account!"

Turning around to take a look, he saw Master Zhang walking over .

"Father . . . "

Upon seeing the father, who usually stayed out of all his affairs, speaking up for him, Lu Xun clenched his fist and his face flushed .

The reason why he left home was to prove to his father that even without him, he can create a place for himself . He didn't expect to be caught by him in such an embarrassing situation .

"You brat, kneel down!"

Looking at him with disappointment, Master Lu Chen pointed toward Zhang Xuan and said, "What are you waiting for? Call him your uncle now!"