Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 225

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Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Senior

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"Call him uncle?"

At this moment, regardless of whether they were teacher or student, all of them felt strangled .

For Lu Xun to call Zhang Xuan uncle?

Where does this logic come from?

Am I hearing things?

Master Lu Chen was the emperor's tutor, and if Lu Xun were to call him uncle, wouldn't Emperor Shen Zhui have to do the same as well?

Does this make any sense?

Upon thinking of this, everyone turned their gazes toward Emperor Shen Zhui, who was seated at the VIP area . As expected, his complexion seemed awful .

For an emperor, as well as a middle-aged man in his forties, to be considered as a junior to a lad who wasn't even in his twenties yet . . . No one can accept such a situation easily .

"Address him as . . . uncle?"

Lu Xun was on the verge of tears .

What do you mean by that?

He isn't even as old as me, not to mention, he is just a low-level teacher . Yet, I have to call him uncle?

He felt so stifled that he had an urge to puke blood .

"Why? You can't bring yourself to say it? Master Zhang my peer, and I address him as my brother . How else should you address him if not uncle?"

Master Lu Chen slapped his son's head as he bellowed .

What kind of son did he raise, to dare to pick a fight with his uncle? He truly is tired of living . It is fortunate that Master Zhang is magnanimous, otherwise, he would have to lie in bed for the next few months .

"I . . . "

After an intense struggle within, Lu Xun still found himself unable to address Zhang Xuan as an uncle . Lu Xun truly felt like crying at this instant .

"You beast . . . "

Master Lu Chen was so furious that his beard was blown up with a snort . Just as he was about to continue reprimanding his son, Zhang laoshi stopped him .

"Enough, Brother Lu . It's normal for kids to have their times of folly, it's actually nothing much . You just have to teach them slowly in the future . It's not good to beat them up in public like that!"

Zhang Xuan tried to persuade him .

Honestly speaking, he wasn't too bothered by hierarchical protocols .

However, he felt that he should spare Lu Xun face on Master Lu Chen's account .

Ever since his transcendence, Master Lu Chen had provided him with a significant amount of help . Otherwise, with how Lu Xun had provoked him time and time again, he would have long made mincemeat of him .

"Yes, Brother Zhang is right!"

Master Lu Chen nodded his head . He hit his son on his head once more and said, "You beast, hurry up and thank Uncle Zhang for his magnanimity!"

"I . . . "

Lu Xun was on the verge of going crazy . He turned to look at Zhang Xuan with the urge to pull out his hair .

Brother, your identity sure changed quickly!

It's normal for 'kids' to have their times of folly . . .

Who the heck are you saying is a kid?

You're younger than me, yet you said those words so naturally . Where did your confidence come from . . .

He felt incredibly dismal and frustrated, but before his father, he didn't dare to say anything .

On the other hand, someone had already fainted from the sight .

It was his good friend, Wang Chao .

Zhang laoshi was half a teacher to Wang Chong, which means . . . even his father was a junior .

If so, in terms of standing, he had to call Zheng Yang and the others as uncles . . .

"Uncle . . . Zhang!"

After a long moment of hesitation, Lu Xun spat through gritted teeth . Taking a deep breath, a cold glint flashed across his eyes as he said, "You might have triumphed over me in the Teacher Evaluation, but it is impossible for you to become an apprentice of the three master teachers!"

It was all because of this fellow that he had embarrassed himself so greatly today . Even though he had addressed the other party as Uncle Zhang under his father's pressure, he didn't actually feel the slightest bit of respect for him .

"Oh? Why would my dear nephew say such words?" Zhang Xuan looked at him doubtfully .

"You . . . "

Knowing the other party had intentionally addressed him as 'dear nephew', Lu Xun felt his rage burst forth and he nearly spurted a mouthful of blood . His entire body swayed and he spat through gritted teeth, "To become an assistant master teacher, one has to be a certified star teacher or high-level teacher of the Teacher Guild . However, as a low-level teacher, you do not meet the requisites!"

A teacher can be divided into low-level teachers, high-level teachers, and star teachers .

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Those who manage to become an assistant master teacher are mostly star teachers, and even at the very least, high-level teachers . A mere low-level teacher doesn’t meet the requirements .

So what if the three master teachers have a high evaluation of you?

As master teachers, they are expected to follow the rules .

"This . . . "

Zhang Xuan was stunned .

His previous self had always been a low-level teacher, and after his reincarnation, due to his brief time here, he hadn't had sufficient time to take the high-level teacher examination . It seemed that he had to look for an opportunity to take the examination, otherwise, in his journey to become a master teacher, his status would become the greatest limiting factor .

As the most prestigious occupation in the world, one can only become a master teacher by taking themselves forward step by step, with honesty . If someone were to find out that one had taken shortcuts, being humiliated would just a small affair, he could potentially lose all of the honor he had built up over the years .

"Zhang laoshi, we meet once again!"

He was thinking about taking the examination when a familiar voice sounded . Turning around to take a look, he saw Elder Mo from the Teacher Guild . Unknowingly, he had walked over .

"Ah, so it's Elder Mo!"

Zhang Xuan had a good impression of this Elder Mo .

Upon realizing his mistake, he didn't side with his friends and instead proceeded over the matter with utmost fairness . If not for him, it would have been impossible for him to stand up against Shang Chen and Shang Bin at the Enlightenment Will Trial .

"Zhang laoshi, I'm truly sorry that a black sheep like Shang Chen had appeared among the teachers and brought you a ton of troubles . After I left that day, I reported the matter to the headquarter and a verdict has just been issued . We've kept you waiting for long!"

Elder Mo bowed .

"Oh? There's a verdict? Good!"

Zhang Xuan nodded his head .

Back then, in the Enlightenment Will Trial, Elder Mo had only temporarily suspended Shang Chen's duties as the head of Education Bureau and Shang Bin laoshi's license . A conclusive verdict wasn't passed out then .

Initially, Zhang Xuan thought that they weren't going to carry out any punishments, but to think that the issue had been reported up to the headquarters .

The Teacher Guild headquarter is unimaginably far from Tianxuan Kingdom . Even with the quickest communication tool, reporting the matter to a Conferred Kingdom and receiving a reply through warp portals will take at least half a month .

"I'll be announcing the verdict from the headquarters now!"

Elder Mo nodded his head, retrieved a scroll from his pocket, and unrolled it .


A light gushed from the dueling ring straight into the heavens, illuminating all four directions .

"It's the Teacher Guild's [Guild Letter]!"

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"Guild Letter? What's that?"

"An Emperor uses his imperial edict to relay his command and summons . . . The Teacher Guild, as one of the strongest power in the entire continent, has a similar object as well, and it is known as the Guild Letter! Usually, it is used to announce punishments toward teachers who flout rules or relay command from the elders of the guild . Once announced, the announcement will automatically be recorded in the books of the Teacher Guild . Thus, these records can be checked easily from any branch!"

"To have allowed the Tianxuan Kingdom's branch to use the Guild Letter, this shows how important they valued the matter!"

"Naturally! Intentional oppression of a genius who can potentially become a master teacher, it would be strange if the guild doesn’t regard this matter seriously . "

"Indeed . Shang Chen truly picked on the wrong person, he deserved it!"

. . .

Upon seeing the object, every single teacher, who was aware of the significance of the letter, was shocked greatly .

The Guild Letter of the Teacher Guild was rarely used, and for it to be used on this occasion showed how importantly they regarded this affair .


The moment the Guild Letter opened, all of the teachers, students, and even the three master teachers, stood up respectfully .

"Tianxuan Kingdom, Hongtian Academy's Teacher Shang Chen, as the head of the Education Bureau, made use of his position to oppress another teacher, flouting the commandments of the guild . Thus, he will be stripped of his teaching license, permanently!"

Amidst the brilliant light, an authoritative voice sounded .


Previously sitting amidst the crowd, Elder Shang Chen's face darkened and he fell to the floor in despair .

He had merely wanted to help his grandson vent his resentment, and he never expected for the matter to blow out of proportions .

Being stripped of his teaching license meant that his identity and standing was completely destroyed . It was no different from being demoted from a noble to a peasant .

"Tianxuan Kingdom, Hongtian Academy's Teacher Shang Bin failed to unite his colleagues and act as a good role model . Thus, he will be stripped of his teaching license for three years . Teacher Cao Xiong incited the affair due to his envy . Thus, he will be permanently stripped of his teaching license, and no academy is to hire him!"

After which, the voice announced Shang Bin and Cao Xiong's punishments as well .

Shang Bin, having been stripped of his teaching license for three years, meant that he would be unable to practice teaching for three years .

At the very least, this meant that he could nevertheless return to the academy in three years' time . On the other hand, his grandfather, Shang Chen, and Cao Xiong had no such chance to redeem themselves .

This was especially for Cao Xiong . For the academies to be banned from hiring him meant that he wasn't allowed to even serve as a cleaner in there . If a school were to be found to infringe on the ruling, the entire academy would be punished by the guild .

"Tianxuan Kingdom, Hongtian Academy Teacher Zhang Xuan, as an earnest person, had tolerated humiliation in consideration for the reputation of the academy . At the same time, he has shown achievements in guiding others, making him a role model for teachers . Thus, he is promoted to a star teacher . "


The voice from the Guild Letter came to an end and the brilliance gradually faded from sight .

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"So, does this mean that I'm now a star teacher?"

Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes .

He thought that he would need to take the high-level teacher examination and think of a way to rise through the ranks, but from the looks of it, there was no need for it . A single paper from the Teacher Guild had settled his problem .

"Zhang laoshi, congratulations!"

Stroking his beard, Elder Mo smiled at Zhang Xuan .

"Thank you Elder Mo for going through such trouble!" Zhang Xuan bowed .

He knew that Elder Mo must have contributed greatly to the verdict, and he was grateful to him for that .

"You're being too polite . I'm only here to announce the guild's verdict, so I won't be bothering you any further . Farewell!" After which, he clasped his hands and left with a smile .

His departure was followed by a moment of silence . Everyone turned to look at Lu Xun immediately .

Didn't you just say that the other party isn't qualified?

Right afterward, Elder Mo appeared and announced the Teacher Guild's verdict of promoting Zhang laoshi to a star teacher . This face slap . . . Honestly, everyone can feel the sting .

As expected, Lu Xun's face turned white, and it seemed like he was considering whether he should commit suicide on the spot .

"Master Zhang, I have spoilt my son . I hope that you can be magnanimous and . . . "

Witnessing the situation, Master Lu Chen shook his head . Initially, he hadn’t intended to interfere in this matter, but he could not resist and eventually clasped his hands toward Zhang Xuan .

"Master Lu Chen, what are you saying . . . " Zhang Xuan smiled . "His rationality is just overwhelmed by his desire to become a master teacher's apprentice, I won't hold a grudge against him for that!"

"Thank you!" Seeing that Zhang Xuan had no intentions on pursuing the matter, Lu Chen bowed in gratitude .

"There's no need for you to be so courteous . " "And right!" Zhang Xuan turned to look at the three master teachers . "Liu shi, Zhuang shi, Zheng shi, even though Lu Xun's recent performance isn't ideal, his ability as a teacher is indeed outstanding . You should consider him if you wish to accept an apprentice!"

"You . . . "

Lu Xun was feeling so stifled when he heard Zhang Xuan's words . His face immediately reddened and his eyes widened in shock .

The reason why he had been competing with Zhang Xuan was for the opportunity to become an apprentice of the three master teachers . Yet . . . Even though Zhang laoshi won the battle, why was he himself benefiting instead . . .

Also, what's with your attitude?

The other party is a master teacher! Speaking with such a tone, aren't you afraid of being beaten to death?

Before he could recover from his shock, the three master teachers stepped forward and clasped their hands before Zhang Xuan .