Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 300

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Chapter 300

Chapter 300: Extorting Physician Bai

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Even though Princess Mo Yu couldn't compare to Mo Hongyi, the number one genius of Tianwu Kingdom in the past thousand years, she was nevertheless a top-notch genius . Her status far surpassed any other princes and princesses .

Furthermore, she was on the verge of passing the master teacher examination, besides being highly favored by the emperor .

In fact, there were even rumors claiming that he would devote the resources into grooming her as the candidate to become the next emperor . This way, he could prevent the throne from falling into the hands of Mo Hongyi .

To have connections with her? Traveling alongside her?

Could it be . . .

They were merely ordinary soldiers who relied on bribes to earn some additional money . . . Offending the princess's 'friend', that was no different from suicide!

"Are you . . . serious?" Squadron Leader Yao's heart quivered, and he found himself unable to accept the situation .

How is the world be so small? To stumble upon the princess's friend in such a huge Tianwu Kingdom?

Besides, the princess had always maintained her purity and stayed a distance away from the countless geniuses who attempted to pursue her . They had never heard of her having such a 'friend' .

"I wish that it were false too . . . " Physician Bai Chan looked as if he was about to cry .

"This . . . "

Seeing the other party's expression, the patrol squad members immediately understood that it was true .

After all, this was the up-and-coming, highly prominent Physician Bai Chan . To not even dare to retaliate after getting pummeled into such a state, something was clearly amiss .

"Since that's the case, then we'll accept Physician Bai's kind gesture . Farewell!"

After struggling to his feet, Squadron Leader Yao clasped his fist .

He didn't dare to offend Physician Bai, needless to say, Princess Mo Yu . Rather than asking for a beating here, it was much wiser for them to just leave .

To be patrolling in the capital, if they didn't know how to adapt to situations, they would have long been beaten to death .

Regardless of whether it was Physician Bai or Princess Mo Yu, they were both figures whom they couldn't afford to offend and it was best that they leave as soon as possible .


In just a few moments, the patrol squad members disappeared completely .

"How are they leaving just like that?"

Liu Ling and the others were still worried just a moment ago, and upon witnessing this occurrence, each and every single one of them became dumbfounded .

This was especially so for Lu Xun . He thought that his Senior Uncle Zhang had been too rash, and upon seeing this sight, his mouth twitched violently .

That was the kingdom patrol squad, they represented the dignity of the kingdom . They got beaten up so badly that their entire faces were swollen like pigs, yet they walked away without a single word?

However, this wasn't the end yet . Physician Bai, who was so arrogant as to disregard even Liu shi, walked up to Zhang laoshi and bowed respectfully, "That . . . elder, I have already settled the matter . Do you think that . . . I can leave now?"

Everyone's eyes popped out .


You are already in your forties to fifties, while the other party hasn’t even reached his twenties . And you call him your elder?

Do you have to be so shameless?

"Can it be that . . . are all Tianwu Kingdom civilians that cheap? Do they have to be beaten up before they can talk properly?"

Yuan Tao could not help but mutter .

Upon hearing those words, even though the crowd remained silent, internally, they couldn't approve of Yuan Tao's words anymore .

How in the world did Zhang laoshi do it?

That fellow was already threatening to make this matter known to the entire city before they even did anything . With the smash of a teapot on his head and more than a dozen consecutive slaps, wouldn't he exterminate everyone here?

Yet, at this moment, he was behaving just like an obedient dog . No one could understand what had happened, and at this very moment, all they could feel was deep admiration for Zhang laoshi .

It seemed as if . . . regardless how insurmountable an obstacle could be, once it comes into his hands, it would become a non-issue .

Lu Xun had initially harbored hopes of comparing with the other party . From the looks of it now, his thoughts were truly laughable!

"Leave? Don't be in such a hurry, I'm not an unreasonable person . Since I did something, I will definitely take responsibility . After all, I do feel embarrassed for beating you up . " Zhang Xuan glanced at the other party . "How do you intend to deal with your injuries?"

"I was asking for it . It will be fine if I just find some medicinal paste to apply . . . " Physician Bai Chan laughed dryly .

Make the other party take responsibility?

He didn't dare to!

Putting aside his relationship with the princess, just the fact that he could treat the Contract Gu, which baffled even 3-star physicians, showed how incredible his mastery in the Way of Medicine was . Most probably, no one in Tianwu Kingdom would be able to match up to him . In addition, considering his relationship with the Great Herb King . . .

Make the other party take responsibility? That was no different from committing suicide!

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"Since you say you deserved it, I will not interfere . However . . . You framed my student, and this has left a huge trauma in her mind . How should we settle this?" Knowing what the other party was thinking of and what he feared, Zhang Xuan looked at him impassively .

"I . . . "

Physician Bai Chan's mouth twitched .

"Didn't you say that your stalk of medicinal herb is worth fifty million? How about this . Since your actions have left a scar in my student's heart, you will use this money to compensate her . After paying up, you can scram . Otherwise, let's see if I will break that calamity-bringing thing of yours!"

After which, Zhang Xuan's eyes drifted downward and fell upon a certain spot . Feeling terrified, Physician Bai Chan could but help but to shudder .

"I . . . I don't have so much money!"

After a moment, Physician Bai Chan replied meekly with a tearful face .

He was only a 1-star physician . Even though he had swindled quite a bit fortune and committed many evil deeds, he wasn't able to save up that much of money .

"You don't have it?"

Chuckling lightly, Zhang Xuan's hands stretched out all of a sudden and stabbed straight at the other party's forehead .

Almost jumping in shock, Physician Bai Chan's neck tilted backward and simultaneously, his mouth opened just a little .

Hu! Zhang Xuan flicked his finger and an object flew straight into his throat .

"Cough cough . . . What is this . . . "

Pinching his throat, Physician Bai Chan's face paled .

"It's nothing much, just some good stuff which the Great Herb King gave me . Didn't you treat the Great Herb King's illness? You should be familiar with him, right? You can try asking him about it!" Zhang Xuan answered casually .

"I . . . " Physician Bai's face reddened, and his legs went weak . Unable to suppress himself any longer, he fell to the floor, kneeling . "Elder, please be magnanimous as to spare me . . . "

The Great Herb King was the spokesperson of the Poison Hall . Even without thinking, it was clear what the other party fed him was . . .

"It's not impossible for me to spare you . We have just arrived at the capital, and we don't have a place to stay . I want you to find a mansion near the Master Teacher Pavilion! Once you're done, I can consider saving you . Otherwise . . . Even if I don't do anything, the Great Herb King's poison should be more than sufficient to send you on your way!"

Zhang Xuan waved casually .

Even though this fellow's character was atrocious, he could still be of help .

Zhang Xuan and the others had just arrived at the capital, and they were strangers in a strange place . With Physician Bai taking care of stuff for them, many difficult matters could be resolved easily .

The reason why Zhang Xuan chose to beat the other party up directly was that he knew the other party would recognize him . Back then, he was with Princess Mo Yu when he encountered the other party, so the other party would surely think that they were related .

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If the situation was any different, such brute actions would have had a completely opposite effect .

Thus, he decided to render help from Physician Bai . This way, they could have a reliable person stand up for them and settle any matter that occurred in the future .

"Elder . . . "

Physician Bai Chan felt dismal, and bitterness welled on his face .

What the heck is this?

He had merely drunk a little bit of alcohol and teased a beautiful lady . In the end, not only was he scalded with boiling water, the assaulter even demanded a mansion as compensation . . .

Why does he have to pay despite being the victim?

"Why? Are you unwilling? Fine then . I heard that the poison which the Great Herb King gave me causes maggots to grow in one's head, resulting in a constantly groggy state of mind . If it gets severe, the person might even rip off his clothes and run about nude . . . This will last for three days straight before one succumbs to death . I wonder… does this suit your taste?"

Zhang Xuan said .

Physician Bai Chan felt so terrified that his face was drained of color .

Even though his behavior was atrocious, if he really did something like stripping nude and running in the city, life would lose its meaning .

"Why? Don’t you like it? That's easy . He gave me eighteen types of poison back then, and if you don't like it, I can let you try something else!" Zhang Xuan said .

"Don't . . . " Tearful, Physician Bai Chan shook his head in a hurry . "Elder, there's no need to go through that much trouble . Isn't it just about looking for a mansion? This is simple, I will do it right now . I'll find one by tomorrow!"

Having been inflicted with poison, his life and death were under the other party’s control . Since he couldn't defy the other party, he might as well . . . submit to him!

"Un, that's more like it . Sun Qiang!" Hearing his reply, Zhang Xuan turned around .

"Young master!"

Sun Qiang walked forward .

Yang shi was his old master, and naturally, he would address Zhang Xuan, who was Yang shi's student, as young master .

"Follow him and look for a good mansion . Tidy the place carefully . My teacher may be coming in two days!"

Zhang Xuan said .

"Is old master coming? Alright!" Sun Qiang nodded his head in excitement .

"Hurry along then, are you waiting for the sun to rise?" Placing his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan said .

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"Yes!" Physician Bai Chan quickly nodded his head and left . He didn't wish to stay here for a single moment longer .

Only after leaving the inn did he heave a sigh of relief . He couldn't help but turn to Sun Qiang, who had just chased up to him .

"May I know . . . what's the name of your young master?"

When he met the other party in the Red Lotus City previously, the other party has merely mentioned that he was a fan of his before knocking him out . Even today, the other party had not revealed his identity .

Even though he was so fearful of him, he realized that he didn't even know the other party's name .

"Our master is called Zhang Xuan!"

Sun Qiang nodded .

"Zhang Xuan?" Physician Bai Chan was perplexed . He hadn’t heard of any prince or incredible genius going by that name!

"You spoke about your old master previously . . . May I know who he is?"

Even though Physician Bai was bewildered, he didn't dare to underestimate them . Thus, he continued asking .

"Our old master is a master teacher of a grade exceeding 3-star!" Sun Qiang said in admiration .

"A master teacher . . . of a grade exceeding 3-star?"

Physician Bai Chan trembled .

Even Tianwu Kingdom's most formidable Jiang shi, the pavilion master of the Master Teacher Pavilion, was only a 2-star master teacher . Yet, Zhang Xuan's teacher was a master teacher who had exceeded 3-star?

It could be said that if his teacher wished to do so, he would be capable of destroying the entire Tianwu Kingdom, at his whim!

This Zhang Xuan, so he’s actually a student to such a person .

"Indeed . As the old master's direct disciple, the young master has received his inheritance . The reason why he came to the capital is to take the master teacher examination! Not only so, he's a 3-star painter, 2-star beast tamer (heard for Shen Bi Ru), and 1-star apothecary!" Sun Qiang continued .

"3-star . . . painter? 2-star beast tamer . . . "

Physician Bai Chan's body stiffened .

It was no wonder why he was so incredible at such a young age . Any single identity that he casually mentions would already be earth-shattering . Perhaps . . . Even Princess Mo Yu might be inferior to him!

"If you serve the young master and old master well, you will be in for a life of glory . But if you were to betray him, I believe that I don't need to tell you what would come!" Knowing what the other party was thinking of, Sun Qiang added in .

"Yes!" Physician Bai Chan nodded . Thinking about what he had enjoyed in the past few days, his heart leaped all of a sudden .

The events today are truly unfortunate, but perhaps, this might also be a rare opportunity!