Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 468

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Chapter 468
"Feel free to offer?"

"As long as he's satisfied, he'll make the exchange? What kind of condition is this?"
"Could it be that this fellow is lustful, and we have to prepare some ladies for him?"
"Indeed, this condition is way too bizarre . After all, you can't possibly expect us to fathom his thoughts to give him something he desires!"
. . .
Upon hearing the bizarre condition of the auction, everyone was dumbfounded .
In an auction, one would usually demand spirit stones, Tutelage Jade Tokens, or valuable objects . Never had they heard of an auction which the condition was 'as long as I'm satisfied' .
What if that person was unable to find something that satisfies him? Would he refuse to sell it then?
What the heck was this?
In Suite 23, the young man had finally recovered from his shock . The anxiety from his eyes disappeared, and a slight smile crept onto his face .
"Interesting?" The elder was puzzled .
"The reason why he made this condition is so as to hook a big one!" the young man said .
"Young master, you noticed something about the auction?"
"Simple . As we're dealing with artifacts here, the value might be subjective as people have different needs . As such, interested buyers can only raise their bids to their upper limit in hopes that the artifact they offer will satisfy him . "
The young man chuckled, "This way, the price will soar . All kinds of treasures will be offered, and all he needs to do is to choose the one that is the most valuable and useful to him . "
"This . . . " The elder was stunned .
That was indeed the case .
There were some treasures hoarded by some of the influential powers that one couldn't obtain by normal means . If they were unwilling to take it out, those items would never see the light of the day .
However, for this Soulless Metal Humanoid, there was a good chance that they might take those treasures out . If so, this method of conducting the auction would bring the owner even greater value .
"Let's forget about that for now, let's see what those people have to offer!"
Knowing the other party's motive, the young man chuckled silently .
. . .

"Something that would satisfy him?"
Hearing the condition, Zhang Xuan was taken aback .
"What arrogant words! Even though the Soulless Metal Humanoid is valuable, it's just an ancient relic now . Who knows whether it still can be used or not? The only reason why most people are interested in it is because it came from the ancient soul oracles!"
Zhao Feiwu harrumphed .
In truth, the Soulless Metal Humanoid was no different from a slightly more advanced puppet, wielding the strength of a Transcendent Mortal 3-dan . If not for research purposes, there was no one who would spend a fortune to purchase it .
With a few thousand spirit stones, one could easily hire several Transcendent Mortal 3-dan experts already .
"You're wrong . . . What they truly wanted isn't the Soulless Metal Humanoid but the heritage of the soul oracles!"
Hall Master Sai shook his head .
Zhao Feiwu turned to look at Hall Master Sai in bewilderment .
"Un, I've examined the Soulless Metal Humanoid and even though it was forged a very long time ago, it's in extremely good condition . If one were to study it carefully, one might be able to uncover the way to forging it! While this puppet only forms a small part of the strength of the soul oracles, it could still become a huge source of fortune," Hall Master Sai said .
"So what if one uncovers the way to forging this puppet? Would one really . . . use a living human being to forge this darned puppet?" Taken aback, Zhao Feiwu frowned . "If the Master Teacher Pavilion were to learn of it, they would surely eliminate that person . "
"It's not to forge the puppet . . . "
Hall Master Sai shook his head and explained, "There's a limit to a person's lifespan . However, a person's soul can continue existing for a very long time as long as it's well cared for . Four hundred to five hundred years wouldn't be a problem at all . If one learns the way to crafting it, one might learn how to transfer one's soul into this puppet as well . In the ancient times, when the Master Teacher Pavilion was on a crusade against the soul oracles, they managed to escape on many occasions making use of this method . . . "
"Transferring one's soul to the Soulless Metal Humanoid to sustain oneself?"
Zhao Feiwu widened her eyes in shock .
Even though she had read a lot of books, this was the first time she was hearing of such a peculiar notion .
"That's right!" Hall Master Sai nodded .
He only found out about this after reading through many books concerning the Soulless Metal Humanoid while he was doing his research .
The powers who were interested in it also managed to grab hold of this news through certain means, and thus, they went to great extents to prepare for this auction . After all, there were very few people who could resist the allure of an extended lifespan .
This was especially for those who were reaching their limit . Even if they had to give up on their humanity to live for just another decade or so, they would be delighted to do so .
"If that's the case, then this auction will surely raise a storm . . . "
Hearing the conversation of the duo, Zhang Xuan sighed .

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If that was truly the case, many people would surely be frenzied over the Soulless Metal Humanoid . If so, the price would surely rise to an astronomical sum .
"Since no one is making an offer, allow me to go first!"
Just as the crowd was contemplating over the matter, an elder below raised his hand and shouted .
"It's the Gold Saint Phantom Hands, Liao Yuxi! He had made a name for himself a hundred years ago—to think that he isn't dead yet!"
"If he were to go first, he might possibly come up with a price that no one will be able to top!"
"Let's just watch on first . . . "
. . .
After getting a clear glimpse of the elder's appearance, the crowd immediately discussed with hushed voices .
Gold Saint Phantom Hands was an expert whose name induced fear across the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance a hundred years ago . Everyone had thought that he was already dead since it had been a century since he had disappeared from the public eye . Yet, to think that not only was he alive and kicking, he even attended this auction and became the first one to make his offer .
As an expert who had lived for so many years, no one would believe it if he said that he had nothing valuable on him .
Scanning the surroundings, the Gold Saint Phantom Hands Liao Yuxi said, "The Ursae Majoris Umbrella!"
"Ursae Majoris Umbrella? What's that?"
"It's a Spirit intermediate-tier equipment crafted in reference to the Alpha Ursae Majoris star of the Big Dipper constellation . It is aligned with a formation, and it's an incredible treasure that is both suited for offense and defense . A hundred years ago, the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance trembled before its name . To think that that legendary weapon would appear here!"
"If one were to exchange it for spirit stones, its value would be inestimable . . . "
. . .
After hearing Liao Yuxi's words, the faces of the people who recognized the treasure were astonished, and disbelief marked their faces .
"The Ursae Majoris Umbrella might be incredible, but it's definitely not enough to trade for this Soulless Metal Humanoid . Allow me instead! Old mister, judging by your weak aura, you must be in poor health . I have a Thousand-Year-Old Blood Ginseng here . Even if you're nearing the end of your lifespan, if you were to consume it, you will definitely be able to live for another decade or so!"
Before the crowd could recover from their crowd, another cold voice echoed .
Everyone turned their gazes over . The one who had just spoken was a middle-aged man with thick, black eyebrows . He was dressed in a luxurious robe, and he had an arrogant expression on his face .
"It's the Herb Emperor of the Great Herb Gazebo! That is a Thousand-Year-Old Blood Ginseng! It is much more valuable than the Glacier Spirit Grass sold previously, and even the Ursae Majoris Umbrella cannot compete with it!"
"Indeed, the idea of trading with other artifacts is indeed insane . It's just the second offer, but it has already locked out innumerable competitors!"
"How can we compete with this? A Thousand-Year-Old Blood Ginseng isn't something that one can obtain from the market with just money . . . "

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. . .
Upon hearing the offer of the Herb Emperor, a commotion broke out once more .
Even the eyebrows of the old man on the stage twitched a little . However, he soon calmed down .
Clearly, this wasn't the item that he was in desperate need of .
"The Thousand-Year-Old Blood Ginseng might sound incredible, but if a person who doesn't know how to process it consumes it outright, not only will his lifespan not be expanded, he might even die from the violent energy contained within the herb . Rather than that, don't you think that the grade-4 pinnacle spirit pill [Duodecennial Longevity Pill] is better? Not only does it enhance one's lifespan by twelve years, there are no side effects at all . Isn't it clear which one is better with just a single look?"
An elder harrumphed .
"It's the head of the Apothecary Guild . . . "
"Duodecennial Longevity Pill, the pill famous for being able to extend a person's lifespan by twelve years . . . Even though it's a grade-4 pill, it's a known fact that one has to be at least a 5-star apothecary to successfully forge it! What a generous offer this is!"
"Insane, everyone has gone insane . . . "
Even though only three people had made their offers, the atmosphere had already reached a new high .
There were many powers here who had made ample preparations beforehand and they were confident of obtaining the Soulless Metal Humanoid . However, at this moment, they felt an immense pressure weighing down on them .
"Blood Ginseng and Duodecennial Longevity Pill? As long as one's body is incompatible with either of them, it'll become a deadly poison . I have a Spirit-tier cultivation technique here that is suited for all constitutions . One's cultivation will surely soar swiftly with this! The best way to ensure one's longevity is for one's cultivation to grow!" another person said .
"Cultivation techniques are profound . Without many years of hard work, how can one possibly achieve a breakthrough? On the other hand, I have a grade-4 Bottleneck Breakthrough Pill here . The bottleneck that has been impeding your cultivation all along will be destroyed in an instant, allowing your cultivation to rise accordingly . . . "
"Don't listen to them! I have a Myriad Manifestation Design . It'll definitely grant you immense power to dominate others . . . "
"I have . . . "
Slowly, all of the powers raised their offers without holding back at all .
There were several powers here who was in no way less affluent than the Appraiser Hall here . Naturally, the artifacts they had to offer were unimaginable .
"Alright, everyone!"
Just as everyone was in the middle of bickering with one another over whose artifact was better, a calm voice sounded . It was from the old man on the stage .
Upon hearing him speak, everyone quickly quietened down .
"All of the items you all have offered are valuable, but it's a pity that those aren't what I wanted . "
The old man shook his head .
A person among the crowd harrumphed in displeasure .

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"Those aren't what you wanted? Then what do you want? If you were to tell us, I believe that at least one of us here can offer it to you . "
"Indeed, just say it . Even though we're interested in the Soulless Metal Humanoid, we don't have the time to be wasting here with you!"
Seeing that the other party had turned down all of these invaluable artifacts, everyone howled in anger .
It's true that we are interested in buying the Soulless Metal Humanoid, but we don't have the time or effort to be guessing your thoughts . Is there even any basis to what you're doing?
Or are you trying to play us like fools?
"I . . . " After hesitating for a moment, the old man opened his mouth to speak but his entire body abruptly froze . Then, he slowly closed his eyes and mouth, not saying a word at all .
"What is that fellow doing?"
"Does he think that we're jokes?"
"Damn it!"
Not expecting the other party to still be playing such games, the fury of the crowd surged .
If not in consideration of the location, they might have rushed forward to beat him up .
Zhang Xuan found the other party's abrupt freezing to be extremely bizarre . But just as he was about to use the Eye of Insight to take a closer look, his mind suddenly jolted and a book appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path .
"That person executed a battle technique?"
Zhang Xuan was taken aback .
There were only two reasons behind the appearance of a book in the Library of Heaven's Path . Given that he wasn't in physical contact with the other party, the only possibility was that the other party was using a battle technique .
To think that just shutting his mouth was a battle technique in itself . . . This was way too bizarre!
"I should take a look at the book first!"
Even though Zhang Xuan was perplexed, he knew that there was no point pondering over the matter . Thus, he turned his attention to the Library of Heaven's Path and browsed through the book .
After flipping through the book, a bizarre expression appeared on Zhang Xuan's face .
"Such a matter can happen as well?"
Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes in disbelief .