Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 474

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Chapter 474

Other people would tremble in fear upon hearing the reputation of the soul oracle, escaping as far as they could . And yet, this fellow actually wanted to obtain a few more so that his students could make a breakthrough?

Everyone felt their lower jaws falling to the floor, and they nearly spurted blood .

If anyone else had said such words, they would definitely doubt if they had gone mad . However, after the incident with Sun Qiang, they knew that the other party was making an earnest request . . .

Capturing soul oracles to raise one's cultivation . . .

Big brother, are you treating that fearsome occupation as a nourishment pill?

Wiping the cold sweat off his forehead, Luo Zhu hurriedly explained, "That . . . Zhang shi, the soul oracles have already died out; it's been that way since ancient times . The reason why this one was still alive is probably because it made use of some secret art to put itself in a dormant state, and I only happened to wake it up unintentionally . . . There won't be many of such exceptions in the world . "

Soul oracles didn't number many, even during the ancient times, and after the crusade the Master Teacher Pavilion launched against it back then, those who survived could be counted on one's hands . To find even one required immense luck . Did you think that they are like potatoes and carrots on the street, and you can easily fill a sack of them anywhere?

To find a few to augment the cultivation of your students . . .

You sure know how to dream!

"There aren't many of them? That's truly a pity . . . "

Zhang Xuan sighed in disappointment .

Seeing how easily Sun Qiang advanced from Zongshi realm to Transcendent Mortal 1-dan as easily as though eating or drinking . . . If he were to manage to obtain a few of them, he wouldn't have to worry about the cultivation of Zhao Ya and the others . If they could reach Transcendent Mortal realm, they would surely be a great assistance even if they were to reach the Myriad Kingdom Alliance .

Knowing that finding other soul oracles depended heavily on luck, Zhang Xuan decided not to dawdle on the topic . Thus, he turned to Luo Zhu and asked, "Right, about the soul oracle tomb where you found the Soulless Metal Humanoid, can you tell us your story?"

The others were also intrigued by the matter .

Where in the world did this fellow obtain the Soulless Metal Humanoid from, and how in the world did he end up getting possessed by a soul oracle?

"I can only blame my own greed for the matter! I found some possible clues to a soul oracle tomb on an ancient book and thinking that there might be invaluable treasures housed there, I went over . . . in the end, I did manage to find a few Soulless Metal Humanoids . However, right after I kept one of them, I was possessed by the soul oracle there . Flustered, I immediately escaped . . . "

Luo Zhu's face turned red in embarrassment .

His experience was rather similar to what the others guessed . He managed to find a soul oracle tomb so he entered it in search of treasure . Yet, he couldn't have expected that a soul oracle was lying in wait for a victim .

After wrestling for many days, he felt that the other party was getting stronger and stronger, and he sensed that he would be doomed if this were to continue on . Thus, he immediately headed over to the auction hall so as to make use of the Appraiser Hall's reputation to gather a larger group of people interested in the soul oracles here in the hope that one of them could cure him of his affliction .

It was fortunate that his luck wasn't bad; he managed to meet Zhang shi .

Otherwise, if it were anyone else, the other party would have surely traded with the soul oracle and destroyed his soul instead .

After hearing the other party's experience, Zhang Xuan asked, "I would like to take a look at the soul oracle tomb and see if I can find their heritage . Can you bring me over?"

The reason why he came to Honghai City was to find the heritage of the soul oracles so as to find a method to wake Lu Chong up . Since there was an opportunity right before him, naturally, he couldn't simply let it go .

"Go to the soul oracle tomb?" Luo Zhu's body trembled in fear .

The previous experience had already left him wary of the location . As such, he couldn't help but feel intense fear from the thought of having to return there .

"If you're worried, you can just tell me the location . I can head there alone . "

After hesitating for a moment, Luo Zhu clenched his jaws and said, "That . . . There's no need for that! Since Zhang shi has saved me, my life belongs to you . If you really intend to head there, I'll lead you over!"

If not for this Zhang shi, his soul would definitely have been eradicated . The huge favor that the other party had shown him was definitely beyond the value of a mere Soulless Metal Humanoid .

"However . . . Zhang shi, you have to be careful . That place is treacherous so I think that it would be best for you should make some additional preparations beforehand . Otherwise, I fear that . . . even with your extraordinary capability, you might still be caught off guard!"

Recalling the various sinister encounters in the tomb, Luo Zhu's heart shuddered .

Zhang Xuan nodded .

To be capable of becoming one of the most feared occupation during the ancient times, soul oracles were anything but simple . Even though the Heaven's Path zhenqi had played a part as to why Sun Qiang could devour the soul oracle so easily, more importantly, that fellow's soul had already declined to a very weak state after innumerable years of existence .

On top of that, he had wrestled control with Luo Zhu for such a long period of time so it wouldn't be wrong to say that he was already wearied out . Thus, it wasn't surprising for him to be defeated so easily .

But it was a different matter venturing into the tomb . It was impossible to know if there were more soul oracles in the tomb, and if so, their means and their strength . As such, this journey was fated to be a difficult one .

After contemplating for a moment, Luo Zhu said, "I will make the preparations for the items required now so let's set off in three days' time!"

Having explored the soul oracle tomb, he had a rough idea on the various objects that soul oracle feared . However, these objects weren't sold on the market so he had to make them himself .

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement .

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It worked with him as well since the cultivation techniques and battle techniques he'd asked the Appraiser Hall for hadn't arrived yet, and there were various matters he had to attend to here as well . As such, an interval of three days was perfect for him .

"Then . . . I'll be taking my leave then!"

After chatting for a moment longer and knocking into place the various details regarding the visit to the soul oracle tomb, Luo Zhu clasped his fist and left .

After Luo Zhu left, the room fell silent . With a reddened face, Hall Master Sai asked, "Zhang shi, the bizarre heritage of the ancient soul oracle intrigues me as well so . . . I wish to take a look as well . Would you mind if I were to accompany you on the journey?"

He failed to be of any use for the purchase of the Soulless Metal Humanoid this time around and yet he was requesting to be allowed to enjoy the rewards as well . As such, he felt a little embarrassed .

However, the soul oracles had left an astounding legend in history and as an appraiser, he didn't wish to miss a chance to come into contact with it in close distance .

"Zhang shi, I wish to take a look as well . . . "

Luo Qin hurriedly chirped in too .

Since there were profits to be derived from it, the auction hall wanted to have a stake in it as well . The soul oracles specialized in the study of souls, and one could only render their services if one were to offer a huge amount in tribute to them . Thus, many soul oracles possessed a huge wealth . If he could obtain some of them, the auction hall would surely reap huge profits .

"You wish to take a look as well?" Zhang Xuan frowned for a moment before his eyes abruptly lit up, "Sure! However, I advise you all to prepare sufficient spirit stones beforehand . This way, if there are any treasures there, you can buy it on the spot!"

These two were definitely wealthy people . If there was anything of value in the tomb, he could sell it to them straight and earn some profits .

Currently, gold coins were already useless to him . If he could obtain some more spirit stones, it would surely benefit both the cultivation progress of him and his students .


The duo nodded their heads in agreement .

If anyone were to say such words, the both of them would definitely leave the other party searching the floor for their teeth .

But after witnessing Zhang shi's incredible capability that could eradicate even a soul oracle easily . . . they didn't dare to harbor such thoughts anymore .

To be acknowledged by the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets, discerning that Luo Zhu was possessed immediately . . . and not to mention, he was a master teacher . Given all of these, it was clear that the other party wasn't someone they could trifle with .

After confirming the matter, Zhang Xuan turned to Hall Master Sai and asked, "Right, may I trouble Hall Master Sai to bring me to your library? I wish to look through the books concerning soul oracles!"

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Since he had come to the Appraiser Hall, naturally, he should also pay their library a visit as well . A deep knowledge on appraising and soul oracles might just serve him well in the future .

"That's not a problem at all!"

Hall Master Sai was still fearful as to what ridiculous request Zhang Xuan might ask of him but after hearing that it was just to look through the books, he heaved a sigh of relief and agreed with a smile .

The young man before him possessed appraising capability above that of his . Even without permission, he also possessed the qualifications to enter the library .

"That would be great! Also, may I trouble Hall Master Sai to prepare living quarters for my students and Zhao gongzi so that they may rest?"

Zhang Xuan requested once more .

Right after their long journey from Xuanyuan Kingdom, they immediately visited the Appraiser Hall and attended the auction . . . At this moment, everyone was already feeling slightly fatigued .

Hall Master Sai nodded his head and backed out . Not too long later, he led the group into a few quiet rooms .

Right after entering one of the room, Zhang Xuan immediately called Zhao Ya and the others to gather by his side .

"The soul oracle tomb is a treacherous place so you have to raise your cultivation as much as possible in these few days so that you all can ensure your own safety . "

Even a Transcendent Mortal 2-dan pinnacle, Luo Zhu, had fallen prey to the threats lying within the tomb . His students were only at Zongshi realm at the moment, thus putting them in a very vulnerable position . They had to raise their cultivation quickly or else they would just end up as baggage .

"Feel free to use the spirit stones as you all like . Within three days, all of you must reach Zhizun realm . Otherwise, I won't allow you to come with me!"

Throwing a bunch of spirit stones to each of them, Zhang Xuan instructed .

Previously, due to his lack of wealth, he felt reluctant to even use the spirit stones himself and thus, his students had never really come into contact with them as well . However, after the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets and the auction, Zhang Xuan had more than twenty thousand spirit stones in hand at the moment . With such wealth at hand, he wouldn't be stingy with his own students .

"Yes!" After hearing their teacher's instruction, the group immediately clenched their jaws in determination .

The breakthrough from Zongshi realm to Zhizun was difficult . However, their teacher had already deciphered and analyzed the various cultivation problems they were facing and might face . In addition to that, they were also cultivating the cultivation technique their teacher tailored for them . With so many spirit stones in their hands now, if they were unable to accomplish such a simple task, they would be too ashamed to address Zhang laoshi as their teacher .

"Alright, go and cultivate!"

After which, Zhang Xuan left the room and following behind Hall Master Sai, he arrived at the Appraiser Hall's library .

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Appraising covered a huge range of topics—culture, history, painting, antiques, equipment . . . The knowledge in the subject was unimaginably vast and so, the Appraiser Hall's library had much more book than the libraries of other occupation .

Upon stepping into it, Zhang Xuan was immediately stunned by the immense size of the library .

Compared to this library, the Tianwu Kingdom's book collection vault and even Xuanyuan Kingdom's Master Teacher Pavilion weren't worth of mentioning .

"Time to begin!"

Zhang Xuan began collecting the books into the Library of Heaven's Path .


After spending nearly an entire day's time, he managed to duplicate all of the books in the library into the Library of Heaven's Path .

Returning back to his room, Zhang Xuan realized that his body was fatigued and even staying awake was a chore .

After traveling here from Xuanyuan Kingdom, visiting the Appraiser Hall, challenging the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets, and participating in the auction, Zhang Xuan was extremely exhausted . His physical exhaustion didn't amount to much but overuse of his Eye of Insight had depleted his Soul Depth . On top of that, he had collected a vast quantity of books in a short period of time and this had left him completely fatigued .

Thus, he went to sleep and only on the second day's afternoon did he manage to recover .

As long as he didn't hurt his foundation, his Soul Depth would naturally recover with sufficient rest .

"Let's see if I can find any clues from the Soulless Metal Humanoid!"

After waking up and stretching his back, Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist and a giant metal humanoid appeared in front of him .

Ever since he bought it from the auction, he hadn't gotten a chance to examine it closely yet . Since he was free at the moment, he decided to give it a good look . Perhaps, he might be able to find some clues that could give him a deeper understanding of the soul oracles .

The gold humanoid lay there quietly in front of Zhang Xuan, no different from a lifeless puppet . After observing it for a moment, Zhang Xuan was unable to discern anything peculiar about it . Thus, he placed his finger on the puppet .



A book appeared in his mind .

Flipping it open, Zhang Xuan began reading through his contents and slowly, his eyebrows knitted together . A bizarre expression appeared on his face .

"Th-this . . . How is this possible?"