Library of Heaven's Path - Chapter 628

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Chapter 628

Chapter 628: Rules for the Distribution of Slots

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"I… have nothing to say about this matter!"

After a long moment of thought, all of Luo Zhao's words were eventually reduced to a long sigh .

He really couldn't make sense of what had happened .

Stored within the gourd was the 'Thousand Cups Drunk' he had his apprentice buy from the Fragrant Sedge Brewery . Who could have known that it would suddenly turn into a Saint recovery medicine!

There was nothing he could say that could salvage the situation anymore .

If he were to claim that he didn't take the other party's item, he couldn't explain how the other party's medicinal wine was in his storage ring .

But if he were to admit to it… the deep indignation he felt simply wouldn't allow it .

One must know that master teachers do care about their reputation . While he did attempt to corner Hong shi verbally, he had never gotten physical with the latter… so how could he have ever taken the latter's item?

Not to mention, such a valuable medicinal wine!

Knowing what the other party was thinking about, Zhang Xuan spoke casually .

"You need not feel wronged . If you think that we're framing you, we still have a spare cup of medicinal wine left after treating Hong shi's wounds . I can show it to you once more!"

With a flick of his wrist, he took out a wine cup . The deep aroma of the wine cup gradually wafted across the banquet hall .

"Is there anyone who is willing to try the effects of this cup of wine?"

Zhang Xuan scanned the surroundings .

"Allow me…" Feng Yu stood up excitedly .

Zhang Xuan turned to the young man beside him and said, "Ah, Bi shi, I think it'll be best for you to go again!"

"…" Feng Yu .

"Cough cough!"

Bi Jianghai, who was in the midst of drinking his wine, nearly choked to death . With a helpless expression, he stood up and said, "I'll do it myself!"

After which, using his finger as a sword, he hurled a surge of zhenqi at his arm, producing a deep cut . Blood immediately started flowing down the wound .

With a slight smile, Zhang Xuan poured the wine in the cup onto the wound .

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A few breaths later, the wound healed, leaving no scars behind . The effects were exactly the same as before .

"Your Highness and Wu shi, this can prove our case, right?" After all was done, Zhang Xuan turned to the duo and clasped his fist .

"Of course!"

Ye Qian nodded .

Considering how the young man was able to identify the item within the other party's storage ring and take out another with the exact same effects, the evidence was conclusive .

"Despite being a 5-star master teacher, you actually snatched the possession of another . This is unpardonable!"

Ye Qian flung his sleeves and stared at Luo Zhao in anger and disgust .

He had always felt deep respect for the pavilion masters from the Vassal States, but who could have known that they would actually do this kind of underhanded stuff? He felt repulsed .

"Hong shi and Zhang shi, I apologize for the behavior of a master teacher under us . May I know… how do you intend to deal with this?"

He had heard Hong shi addressing the young man earlier as Zhang shi .

Hong shi clasped his fist and said, "Today is a joyous occasion, and I don't wish to cause any trouble or disharmony . As long as he hands over the gourd of medicinal wine, I hope to let the matter rest just like that!"

"I share the same thoughts as Hong shi!" Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement .

"Let the matter rest?"

Everyone was stunned .

Given how Luo Zhao tried to corner them verbally earlier, they thought that the Hongfeng party would surely make things difficult for him through the hands of the crown prince . If this case were to be reported to the Master Teacher Pavilion, there was a good chance that Luo Zhao could even lose his master teacher license . Who knew that they would actually be willing to let the matter rest with just Luo Zhao handing over the medicinal wine…

What kind of magnanimity was this?

You're both 5-star master teachers, and yet you keep trying to put down the other party at every opportunity . On the other hand, the other party is on the moral high ground and yet he remains humble and magnanimous!

Even the crown prince and Wu shi couldn't help but be impressed by Hong shi and Zhang Xuan's attitude .

"Luo shi, did you hear that? Are you going to return the medicinal wine, or are you going to continue keeping it for yourself?"

The crown prince glanced at Luo Zhao .

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"I-I'll return it!" Luo Zhao was slightly stunned .

He thought that given how the other party successfully framed him, they would make use of this opportunity to corner him and have him fall from grace . Who could have known that he would suddenly be let off the hook?

"Alright . Wu shi, this will be Hongfeng Empire's gift to you!"

Hong shi clasped his fist and presented the medicinal wine to Wu Zhen .


Agitation rippled within Wu Zhen's eyes as he nodded his head . "I'll thank Hong shi in Sixth Princess's stead!"

This was a Saint recovery medicine! Regardless of the size of the wound, with just a few drops, one would be as good as new . This could potentially save their lives one day!

"It's just a humble gesture on our part!"

Hong Qian clasped his fist and returned to his seat . He turned his gaze to the young man beside him, and the intrigue in his eyes deepened .

Under Luo Zhao, Chen Yue, and Feng Yu's cornering, he was already prepared to make a fool out of himself . Who could have known that Zhang shi would suddenly appear and turn the tables around?

Not only so, Luo Zhao even nearly broke down in the process .

He knew better than anyone whether Luo Zhao had taken his item or not… but somehow, everything just somehow fell into place, and Luo Zhao ended up being deemed guilty .

"Zhang shi, the matter just now…"

Unable to hold back his curiosity any longer, he sent a telepathic message to the latter .

"Oh, it's just a little trick . Teacher taught me, it's nothing much!" Zhang Xuan nodded .

The previous matter was clearly a ploy that Luo Zhao, Chen Yue, and Feng Yu prepared to trap and embarrass Hong shi . If they were to succeed, the chances were that they would have lost the slots for the Cleansing Lake .

Thus, Zhang Xuan had no choice but to step forward .

As for the medicinal wine, he had Hong shi provoke Luo Zhao into making a move, and the Library of Heaven's Path reflected that the latter was a habitual drinker . Through this, it wasn't too hard to deduce that the latter had wine in his storage ring .

Actually, what was in the gourd was indeed ordinary wine . The only reason why it could heal wounds was due to him infusing a few surges of zhenqi into the wine while swirling it .

The Heaven's Path zhenqi had no color or odor . Even a 6-star master teacher would hardly notice it amidst the overpowering alcoholic aroma, needless to say, the crowd here .

Naturally, Hong shi sparing the other party was also his intention as well .

Expelling a 5-star master teacher was a major affair . The headquarters would surely send someone down to look into the matter . Zhang Xuan might be able to fool the crowd here, but if a thorough investigation was conducted, there was a good chance that something might go awry .

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This was especially so if the origin of the medicinal wine were to be questioned . He couldn't possibly make 'Yang shi' appear for every single matter, right?

Besides, Luo Zhao's actions didn't warrant for such extreme punishment as well . Since that was the case, he might as well drop the matter and win a good impression from the crown prince and the others instead .

Since he had already achieved his goal, there was no need to drive a cornered man up the wall .

Knowing that Yang shi was behind the matter, Hong shi scratched his head and dropped the matter .

Given that an advanced master teacher like Yang shi was involved in the matter, it was unadvisable for him to pry any deeper . Since that was the case, he might as well drop the matter .

"I thank everyone for their gifts . Other than to welcome Wu shi and the others to Huanyu Empire, there's also another matter we need to settle at the banquet tonight . I believe I need not point out what it is . "

Knowing that he would only sully the name of Huanyu Empire if he were to continue pursuing this matter, Crown Prince Ye Qian decided to change the topic .


Hearing that the main show was coming up next, everyone straightened their figure, and a graveness surfaced on their face .

There were two purposes to the banquet tonight . One was to allow the freshmen of Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy to become acquainted with their seniors while the second was to determine the distribution of slots .

For the welcoming… in the end, only Wu shi was present, and after such a matter had happened, it would be awkward to have them interact now . Since that was the case, the crown prince decided to move on the matter regarding the distribution of slots . Perhaps, he could reverse the negative image that Wu shi had of Huanyu Empire through this .

"The Cleansing Lake is the foundation of our Huanyu Empire, and it possesses exceptional effects on Consonant Spirit realm experts . The reason why everyone here went through so many tests and traveled all the way here is naturally to enter the Cleansing Lake to cultivate!"

Ye Qian smiled . "However, due to some compelling circumstances, Huanyu Empire will have to take three slots from the rest of you!"

"I know that these slots are extremely important, so I invited you over to discuss this matter . I hope that you can come to an agreement on a feasible method to distribute the slots without sullying the harmony among us before the Cleansing Lake opens . "

"We'll follow Your Highness's judgment!" The crowd clasped their fists .

"Since this matter concerns the slots for the Cleansing Lake, I dare not make a decision for you all on my own . Thus, I suggest we discuss this matter together!" Ye Qian said .

After a moment of silence, Chen Yue stood up and spoke .

"Your Highness, if the contribution of three slots were to be divided among the four Vassal States, three of the Vassal States would have to lose a slot . I fear that this might lead to discontent and disagreement amongst us . Thus, I have a suggestion to propose, but I'm not too sure whether it'll be appropriate!"

"Feel free to speak!" Ye Qian gestured .

"Since each Vassal State happens to have three slots as well, why don't we arrange it such that the representatives of each empire form a team each, and the team in the last place for the competition we'll be having… will lose all of its slots!"

Chen Yue spoke his thoughts . "As for the format of the competition, I propose that since the top three rankers of the respective Master Teacher Tournaments held in each of the Vassal States are here, why don't we have them fight against one another? Naturally, the victor will be determined by two out of three wins! In other words, each Vassal State will send out one representative to fight at a time, and the side to win two matches will be the victor… whereas the losing side will be eliminated!"

"I agree with Chen shi's proposal! Since the slots are closely linked to their own benefits, they would have to do their best in the duels . If they were to lose, they only have themselves to blame for their lack of proficiency . "

Feng Yu spoke up .

"I agree with it as well!"

Luo Zhao nodded in agreement .

"To fight for one's own rights, this is aligned with the master teacher's value of tenacity!" Wu Zhen nodded .

After a moment of thought, Ye Qian also nodded in approval .


Honestly speaking, Chen Yue's suggestion was not bad .

With each empire forming a team together, they could spark the camaraderie among fellow cultivators and forge the spirit of working alongside one another against enemies .

"But if a competition is to be held, what will be the content?" Ye Qian asked .

"I have also given this matter some thought as well!"

Chen Yue smiled as he continued . "Since it'll be a battle among master teachers, taking on a format similar to that of the Master Teacher Tournament would be appropriate . However, that would be too complex and troublesome to arrange . Since that's the case, why don't we limit it to just cultivation duels? Since the Cleansing Lake is beneficial to one's cultivation, one should prove that one is worthy of it through one's own strength . I believe that this is the most efficient and direct way to determine the distribution of the slots!"

"Indeed, a duel would be the best!"

"This saves a lot of trouble as well . "

Feng Yu and Luo Zhao chirped in agreement .


Hearing those words, Hong shi and Zhang Xuan glanced at one another . They would be a fool if they still couldn't understand the intentions of the trio at this point .

The top three rankers of the other three Vassal States had already consumed a Consonant Spirit Pill each, inducing a huge rise in their cultivation . Even the weakest of them was a small cultivation realm stronger than Luo Xuan . How could their team possibly be a match for them in a cultivation duel?

Even if the monster, Zhang Xuan, could face them, everyone could only fight in a match each . Considering how the victor was determined by the best out of three duels… if Bi Jianghai and Luo Xuan lost, they would still lose their slots .

It seemed like the other party had a backup plan in case their interception failed .