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Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Ten?

“Indeed, one of the requirements to becoming a Master Teacher is to have a student’s trust in him exceed 60. This is a standard prerequisite! Otherwise, they won’t be qualified!” Elder Mo Xiang nods his head.

“60…” Elder Shang Chen can’t help but be astonished. “This level of trust is equivalent to the position of their parents in the heart of the students!”

Despite being together for their entire life, the trust level between parents and children are only 60. It is clear to see how difficult it would be for the relationship between a teacher and a student to reach such a level as well!

It is no wonder that there isn’t a single Master Teacher in Tianxuan Kingdom. The prerequisites are simply too harsh!

“If Lu Xun and Wang Chao of your academy were to maintain this standard for thirty years or so, there is a possibly of them becoming an Associate Master Teacher!” Elder Mo strokes his beard.

There’s no need for Master Teacher to do everything by themselves. Sometimes, they would delegate tasks to their assistants to help them. The role of an Associate Master Teacher is just like an apprentice. It is a path one must walk on if they intend to become a Master Teacher.

“Associate Master Teacher?”

Elder Shang Chen gasps in surprise.

For them to be able to become Associate Master Teachers,, this clearly shows the standards Lu Xun and Wang Chao possess.

“I wonder what the trust levels the students the both of them are guiding have towards them are…” He can’t help but ask.

“Throughout these years, they have garnered quite a positive reputation. Those older students whom they have guided for many years should be able to reach up to 40! However, it will be difficult for it to rise any higher!” Elder Mo shakes his head.

Being an elder from the Teacher Guild, he is knowledgeable about the circumstances of many teachers.

“That’s true!”

Shang Chen nods his head.

It is difficult to accrue trust and yet, it falls exceptionally easy. Often, it could be torn apart by just a small incident. If that isn’t the case, Master Teacherwouldn’t possess such tremendous reputation!

“I’ve heard that… a genius young lady has appeared in our Teacher Guild. Despite being just eighteen or nineteen this year, she has already become a low-level Associate Master Teacher?” Upon recalling a news, Elder Shang Chen can’t resist asking.

“She’s the daughter of our guild leader. She is indeed a talent!” Upon bringing up this person, Elder Mo strokes his beard and nods his head in commendation.

Associate Master Teacher can be split into low-level, intermediate-level and high-level as well. To join one of their ranks under twenty is a fearsome accomplishment, even considering the fact that she is only a low-level Associate Master Teacher.


Upon receiving confirmation of the fact, Elder Shang Chen nods his head in commendation.

He might be the head of the Education Bureau of Hongtian Academy, but in reality, he is just a high-level teacher. He doesn’t have the qualifications to become a low-level Associate Master Teacher.

After which, Shang Chen doesn’t go on further on the topic. Instead, he looks at Zhang Xuan and Cao Xiong, “Elder Mo, how much trust level do you think the both of them will receive?”


“You… It’s best for you to leave now. Leave Hongtian Academy and never come back…”

Seeing the young man stand there foolishly to await the results of the Enlightenment Will Trial, Shen Bi Ru can’t help but to walk forward and direct these words to him with a suppressed voice.

In her perspective, Zhang Xuan and Shang Bin are two people from completely different worlds. If it weren’t for her, there is no way the two would mix together.

Such a circumstance has arisen because of her. If Zhang Xuan were to be beaten a hundred times by the God Slaying Flog and have his teaching license revoked, she will definitely feel guilty about his plight.

“You wish to leave now? It’s a little too late!”

Seeing his goddess showing concern towards another man, Shang Bin spits these words through gritted teeth.

You don’t even show the slightest concern when I am reduced to this state, and yet, you worry about this fellow who scored zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination. Damn it, damn it!

His face turns savage and he is so angry that he might explode at any moment now.

“That’s right, the Enlightenment Will Trial has already begun. You wish to leave? Dream on!” Cao Xiong walks forward and reveals a face of enthusiastic savagery. “The results are about to be out. By then, you will understand how foolish your actions were!”

“Are you that certain that you will achieve victory?”

Seeing how confident the other party is, as though the winning ticket is in his hand, Zhang Xuan shakes his head and asks.

“Hehe!” Staring at the young man as though he is a fool, Cao Xiong sneers coldly, “Let me tell you the truth then. This Liu Yang was specially invited here by me. I have been living with him for half a month and our trust level should probably exceed 20! What about you? Do you think you are capable of reaching 10 points? After deceiving him over to your side from me forcefully, I think it is very possible for your score to be negative!”

While zero means no trust whatsoever, negative means resentment. The greater the resentment, the more negative the number will be.

He still clearly remembers Liu Yang’s lingering and reluctant gaze when he was pulled away from him. How can someone who has guided a student to go berserk make this proud fellow concede to them!

It is very probable for the relationship between the two to still be frosty, so how can Liu Yang not bear any resentment towards this fellow!

“Hongtian Academy is the number one academy of Tianxuan Kingdom. If a student were to really hold a trust level below that of ten points towards his teacher, his teacher will probably become a laughingstock and the event will be known across the entire kingdom!” Shang Bin laughs mockingly. “Oh, that’s right. I forgot. Since your reputation is already as bad as it can get, there is no need for you to worry about becoming a laughingstock…”

“You all…”

Seeing the two of them putting him down, Shen Bi Ru’s angry face flushes pink. Just as she is about to refute them, she notices that the person in question, Zhang Xuan, is still maintaining an impassive and calm face towards their insults, as though he isn’t bothered by their mocking at all.

To tell the truth, Zhang Xuan really doesn’t care about it.

These fellows can talk as much as they can now. When the result comes out in awhile, it will be interesting to see them cry…


“The two of them?”

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Hearing Elder Shang Chen’s words, Elder Mo Xiang hesitates for a moment before deducing, “This Liu Yang was recommended here by Cao Xiong laoshi, so his trust level towards him should be slightly higher. Even so, in my opinion, it should only be around 18 or 19. After all, 20 is a large hurdle to overcome! As for Zhang Xuan… If he truly coerced Liu Yang, then it is likely for the trust level to be negative!”

“If the trust level turns out to be negative, Hongtian Academy will be embarrassed. At that moment, I will be depending on Elder Mo!”

Elder Shang Chen says.

“Naturally!” Elder Mo’s eyes are bright and stern. “As an elder from the Teacher Guild, I will not allow such scum to appear in our midst! If it turns out to be negative, then there is no doubt that Liu Yang has been coerced into acknowledging him. I will report the incident up to the guild and adamantly push for Zhang Xuan’s teaching license to be revoked!”

Hearing the other party’s promise, Elder Shang Chen smiles. Then, his eyes twinkle and he points forward, “Look, the results are about to be out!”

The moment his voice sounds, the light the two crystal balls are emanating from the center of the room starts to waver and gradually dims.

In the Enlightenment Will Trial, the person who is involved in the trial has to go through all kinds of illusory realms before they are able to make a choice from the bottom of their heart. At this instant, the fading of the light means that he has already undergone the experiences required for the test, and the results are about to be revealed.


Numbers lightly waver into existence on the crystal ball by the left.

“The results are out. Misfortune is about to befall you…”

Seeing the numbers slowly floating into existence on the crystal ball, Cao Xiong’s excited eyes gleam.

This time, not only will he be able to accept Liu Yang back under his tutelage, he will also be able to throw Zhang Xuan out, and earn the favor of Shang Bin shaoye. With such a pillar of support, won’t his future in the academy be smooth-sailing?
Shaoye -> Young master

Probably, in less than a few years, he will be able to rise through the ranks successfully to become a high-level teacher.

Just as he is getting excited over the scene playing in his mind, the numbers in the crystal ball finally stop wavering, and they appear before the crowd.

“His trust level in me definitely exceeds twenty…”

Roaring, Cao Xiong hurriedly turns his attention to the crystal ball. Yet, with a glance, his excitement chokes in his throat and he feels like a duck who is grasped at its neck. His eyes widen to the point that they are about to fall onto the floor, “This… How can this be possible?”

The results unfolding before him drives him to the brink of insanity!

This is something he dares not to imagine!

Liu Yang is a student whom he personally invited over. Furthermore, the two even accompanied one another for half a month, giving rise to their close relationship. How can he possibly only hold such a level of trust towards him?

The giant numbers on the crystal ball are clear and conspicuous. As though a long sword, it stabs into his heart—— 10!

Liu Yang’s trust level towards him is a mere 10 points!

Anything below ten means a lack of trust. Ten is right at the boundary, but it isn’t too far off from it.

Just a moment ago, he even narcissistically boasted that the trust level would be at least twenty. Yet, the result slaps him hard in his face.

“Is this the basis of your confidence?”

Zhang Xuan looks over.

“I…” Cao Xiong fails to catch his breath and almost faints on the spot.

I had gone through so much trouble, traveling the distance to find you and bring you over. After which, we even spent so much time together. Yet, how can your trust level be so low… Brother, what is wrong with you…

Looking at Liu Yang, the thought of suicide even flashes through Cao Xiong’s mind.

Where is the trust?

Where is the basic trust between humans?