Lightning Empress Maid - Chapter 132

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Chapter 132

Someone like you

“……this is a little troublesome . ”

Envy muttered that about five hours after we left Freyline . After advancing down a path that is a little too rough to call a road for a while, we came across groups of ruffians that attacked what they thought was just a pair of women travelling .

Seven groups . Even considering the fact that this beautiful Nanaki and sister are travelling together, Nanaki had not thought that we would be attacked seven times in this short span of time . Even Nanaki has to reconsider Nanaki’s own beauty because of this . Sorry for being beautiful .

“Since our objective is infiltration we can’t wear anything that indicates us as citizens of the Empire, but just two women travelling will get attacked like this……we might have made a mistake in personnel . ”

With the frequent attacks by those trash, it seems even Envy is getting tired of it, she let out a large sigh .

“That might be the case with gender, but if I headed to Freegrant with Silver or Raicou, I think I will be alone on the way back . ”

After all, Nanaki’s relationship with the male Five Emperors is not good .
Silver is out of the question . Even Raicou, although not as much as Silver, hates Nanaki and Nanaki would not like to go on a relatively long trip with that brick head . Then that would leave Salia, but of course she is also a woman . If it is to be a woman then Envy would be best . Even Nanaki prefers it that way .

In the end, there should not have been a mistake in personnel .

“Well, that’s probably why it’s me . But still, it does get depressing to be attacked this much . Anybody would want to grumble that we might have made a mistake . ”
“If there is a mistake, it is these men that made a mistake in their path in life . ”
“I see, not wrong . ”

Looking down at the burnt things that were humans, the smell of burnt living things stabbed Nanaki’s nose . Even if Nanaki has eaten various things to live, Nanaki has never felt an appetite for humans . Even if they are trash that targets a pair of women, does Nanaki subconsciously recognise them as the same race?

“Looks super disgusting . ”
“Even if it looks delicious no eating . Or rather, please don’t have those kind of impressions of humans . Even if it’s a joke it makes me worried . ”
“No no, of course I would not eat humans . Could it be Envy thinks I eat humans? That would be very regrettable . ”
“I’m worried because it’s Nanaki……”

What is this sister saying .
Certainly Nanaki has ate everything to survive in that forest, but Nanaki has never thought to eat other humans .

Hm? No, well, it is the truth that there weren’t other humans in that forest . But still, Nanaki didn’t eat the occasional humans Nanaki met . So your opinion is a false accusation, Friend .

Well, if there weren’t any other food at all, Nanaki will probably eat humans though .

Just joking, if Nanaki said that, how much would this sister lecture Nanaki? In the first place, in a situation where this Nanaki’s potential cannot secure food, humanity would have long since gone extinct .

Which means Envy’s worry is completely useless . Seriously, it can be troublesome to have an overprotective sister that worries a lot .

“Well, it will definitely be fine as long as there is food . ”
“…………if there isn’t?”
“I won’t eat humans~”
“I won’t eat . ”
“Where did the definitely go?”

…………I hate this sister’s sharp instincts .

no eat pls

no need that image

Lying on the desolate wastelands, Nanaki could see stars filling up the whole sky .

“It has been a while since I slept outside . ”
“Seriously, even if it is for infiltration, not being able to use magic is inconvenient . To have to sleep in this kind of place……”

Envy said that while throwing kindling on the campfire, looking around, there is only a desolate wasteland as far as the eye could see . Not presence of any living thing at all . We went off the road and came all the way here because it is peaceful here . We will notice immediately if anything comes and there are no fools trying to be bandits around .

The lonely scenery is perfect for some shut-eye .

“We’ve come quite far, but it’ll still take a while before we reach Freegrant . ”
“How much longer exactly?”
“Probably about a week . We’ll be stopping by a town on the way so a week should be a good estimate . ”
“I see . ”

A week .
A span of time that would pass quickly if you don’t pay attention, but it feels quite long in the current situation where Nanaki cannot help but feel uneasy . We could deal with this much more quickly if we just erased the whole of Freegrant .

“Want to eat some more?”

Nanaki hesitated a little at the rations that were offered .
That’s because these rations with the Empire’s symbol are unbelievably bad . It fills the stomach and apparently has the required nutrients, but somehow, it doesn’t taste of anything . Back when Nanaki lived in the forest, being particular about food was preposterous . But now that Nanaki knows about civilised food culture, this is a tough question .

“No need . ”
“Okay . ”

In the end, Nanaki refused .
It really is better for food to be delicious . In which case, Nanaki will catch and cook something tomorrow . Fortunately, Nanaki has seen some edible creatures along the path, so there should be enough ingredients .

“Okay . ”

Leave tomorrow’s dinner to Nanaki .

“What are you planning?”
“No, nothing . ”
“Fufufu . The talented Nanaki hides her hawk . ”
“No, it should be hidden claws . Where will you hide a hawk . ”
“Stomach . ”
“And it was eaten . ”

Under the very beautiful sky of stars, we laid together and exchanged casual banter .
The wind blowing through the wasteland was cold, a premonition that it will be the start of winter soon . Thus Envy really was the correct choice in personnel . Different from the unreliable warmth of the camp fire, this sister’s warmth is very reassuring for Nanaki .

It is so comfortable that Nanaki’s eyelids are growing heavy .

“How are Harmy and Aiysha? Are they doing well?”
“Yes, Harmy handles everything flawlessly, she is always calm and reliable . Aiysha’s tone still needs work, she will eventually exceed Silver . Her talent is the real thing . ”

But still, it is precious time with Nanaki’s sister . Sleeping immediately would be a waste . Nanaki shall prioritise conversation with Nanaki’s sister until these lids become a little heavier .

“Real, huh . I think Nanaki is the only real one though . ”
“Of course I think so too, and I think that is how it must be . ”

I have never once doubted my own talent .
That is because I am Nanaki .
But exactly because of that, I think like this .

“But, it is surely the reverse . ”
“Yes, reverse . Even if to me I am the real thing, to the world, I……we are fakes right?”
“…………what do you want to say?”

It’s not like Nanaki had been bothered by that before .
Just that, seeing the sudden serious expression on Nanaki’s sister’s face, Nanaki was certain . Nanaki had vaguely thought it was such, but to think the Empire was only of that level .

“Like I said, Aiysha is the real thing . We are all fakes . Right?”
“Why would you think that . ”
“Because we are lacking names, right?”

For Aiysha, Knightleigh . For master and Meia-sama, Alfred . For Akiha, Shinohara . The other name that people living in this world normally have .
We fakes, do not have it .
Which means, we are not the real thing .

Sword Emperor Silver .
Martial Emperor Raicou .
Sky Empress Salia .
Flame Empress Envy .
Ice Emperor Ivaal .
And Mother, Mutsuhime .

All those who bear overwhelming strength in the empire have lost their other name .

“…………well, it’s not something to hide by this point . ”

After a brief silence, Envy gave up and muttered that .

“That’s right . We were modified and born to turn out like that . Similarly for most of the current Five Emperor candidates . We would be what Nanaki calls fakes . ”
“Hmmm, I don’t care either way . ”
“Don’t care……don’t you want to know? Nanaki’s mother, is also probably……”
“Yeah . ”

As expected Nanaki has noticed that .
Like Envy says, Mother was surely born that way . It is definitely not that Nanaki is not curious about how the strong, beautiful person lived in this world, but that is Mother’s life . Not Nanaki’s .

“I am Nanaki . I’m fine with just that, Envy . ”

The only important fact, is that I am Mother’s daughter .
Fake or made, it doesn’t matter what my or Mother’s roots are . I have not heard that it was misfortune . I have not decided that it was misfortune . Just that I am living as Mother’s daughter, nothing else matters .

After all, Mother told me to live .

“That’s strange . When I found out about the truth, it was quite a shock though . ”
“After all, knowing that does not change how I live . I know how I live . So I don’t particularly have any thoughts after hearing that . And I’m getting sleepy . ”
“……onee-chan would like to see some normal part of her little sister . ”
“Good night . ”
“Listen . ”

There’s no point listening .
After all, Nanaki is a special existence . Normal does not apply for me . Yes, doesn’t being made mean I am special . Then there is no problem .

Nanaki is fine either way .
Real or fake, my way of living does not change .

After all, I just kill all enemi——

“Yes yes, come a little closer . ”

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