Lightning Empress Maid - Chapter 133

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Chapter 133

True Account of How to Seal Nanaki

As a habit from Nanaki’s childhood, Nanaki will definitely wake up once morning comes no matter how tired Nanaki is . And this is also the first time in a while that Nanaki slept outdoors . Perhaps due to that, it seems like Nanaki’s senses are back to when Nanaki lived in the forest, Nanaki reflexively searched for any presences around when Nanaki woke up .


No presences around, just the usual deserted wastelands . Judging by how grey the sky is, the morning sun should rise soon .


Looking towards that small voice, there was Nanaki’s sister still sleeping soundly . It seems Envy, born and raised in civilisation, is not used to camping on the hard ground, her sleep seems to be quite shallow .

In that case, would it be kindness to let her sleep a little more? Nanaki would not mind spending the time until Envy wakes up just hugging her like this .

But that is being spoiled .

“Envy! It’s morning!”
“Ngu . ”

Goodmorningnanaki to that pretty face . Clamp Envy’s smooth cheeks between Nanaki’s hands . And there we go, a very ugly sister . Somehow, when people that are usually pretty make strange faces, it looks even funnier . Interesting .

“Good morning . Envy . ”
“……morning . ”

Envy seems to be somewhat disgruntled after her cheeks attacked by Nanaki’s hands as she sat up .
Hey hey, there’s an unsettling presence, Friend . Specifically, Nanaki thinks this sister’s anger gauge is filling up . Do you have any idea why? Nanaki has none .

“Nanaki, come here for a bit . ”
“I refuse . ”

“Just come here . ”
“Okay okay . ”

Right after Nanaki stepped forward while saying that, both of Envy’s hands flew forward, so Nanaki crouched to dodge . Fufun, did you think such an obvious attack would hit this Nanaki? No matter what that is just too crude . You’re welcome to try again .

“You dodged . ”
“I dodged . ”

Nanaki nodded to the glowering Envy .
No matter how much Envy glowers, Envy’s hands will not touch Nanaki’s soft cheeks . Nanaki has survived in the wild against beasts when Nanaki was young . Even if there is a limitation on usage of magic, this is Nanaki’s forte .

“……if I remember, Nanaki brought a book right?”
“Are you talking about this?”

While feeling something off about Envy’s sudden change in topic, Nanaki took out the book in question from a pocket . The title is “Keyhole Death” . A mystery light novel that Nanaki borrowed from the study with master’s permission to kill some time .

The light novel is set in the world from more than a thousand years ago .
It is a story of the old world where it was natural to have science . Seven characters, seven doors, seven keys . The keys were numbered and Nanaki still does not know how that would affect the story since Nanaki has just started reading it, Nanaki is looking forward to finding out .

“I’ve read that before . ”
“I see……? Was it good?”
“Mhm, it was interesting . ”

Envy nodded with a smile, something really feels off . Certainly master did say that this light novel is quite a famous mystery one . So it isn’t strange that Envy has read it, but the question is why she brought out the topic of this book right now .

Now then, what is this sister thinking of——

oh no
“The final reveal was particularly exhilarating . Who would think the secret of the keyhole and the culprit was——”
evil, pure evil
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh .


don’t ever do that

After Nanaki was taken down by Envy’s cowardly tactics, we returned to the road and continued our march towards Freegrant .

“It’ll be the Highway of Lamentation soon . Just in case, be careful, Nanaki . ”

The Highway of Lamentation .
The road with such a gloomy name, this is apparently where those that could not adapt to this world spend their final days . The place where those that could not overcome their fear of magic necrosis gather to survive, a place overflowing with resentment towards this world .

Well, in the end it is just a place where people who were not blessed with talent huddle together and lick each others’ wounds, telling themselves it’s not their fault . The remains of humans who have lost their pride . Their final destination .

Really makes Nanaki want to puke .
Being weak is fine, if you ask for help, Nanaki will help you . If you are not an enemy, Nanaki will even offer to help on Nanaki’s own accord . But that is for humans that are earnestly living . I will not recognise those who blame their own weakness on others, those who are rotting away, as humans .

Exactly because they are weak, they must work hard . Being weak inevitably means they have less options . That’s why they have to put their lives on the line to live, yet they renounced that . Fearing magic necrosis, they stopped being human .

All that is left, is just the voices of envy, jealousy and resentment .

If the plan master talked about goes well, if Freyline becomes a country, the smouldering remains on the Highway of Lamentation will be able to become humans again . That must be a wonderful thing . To humanity, that can certainly be called a revival .

But I probably will not call them humans .

“By the way, Envy . ”
“What is it?”
“When will these hands let go?”
“No, at first it was just retaliation for this morning . But they’re softer than expected……”
“Hard to walk~”

Nanaki raised an objection towards the sister playing with Nanaki’s cheeks from behind . In addition to the cowardly tactics this morning, what is this treatment of Nanaki’s cute cheeks . Even though Nanaki just woke her up this morning .

Seriously, at this rate it will take quite a while longer to reach Freegrant . Nanaki wants to get this over with and go back to Freyline .

“Envy, eighteen people ahead . ”
“That’s a lot . ”

While thinking about that, multiple presences of people from in front . Now then, there is still some distance to the unidentified party, but conversely, it is a group that has enough mana to be noticed from this distance . Of course they are nothing compared to Nanaki and Envy, but it’s quite troublesome if they pick a fight .

That is also because while wearing this cloak that the Empire developed, magic is restricted .

For example, if it was just magic to strengthen weak physical abilities, this cloak has the effect of intercepting the wearer’s mana and presence, activating it’s stealth effect . But if magic beyond a certain level of strength is used, the invocation on this cloak would be overwhelmed and lose it’s stealth function . It seems like it takes a while for it to reactivate .

Well, basically we cannot have any intense battles with magic . If we did, then this journey would go to waste .

“Some light flames were enough for yesterday’s bandits, but these people seem a little troublesome . ”
“It is not decided that there will be a fight yet . ”
“I’m sure you understand, but no magic . Nanaki’s power is too strong, it’ll probably be noticed even from here . ”
“Then let us pray that there will not be a fight . ”
“Who do we pray to when we are defeating the gods . ”

Of course, to Mother .
Nanaki’s Mother in the heavens, may Nanaki and Envy’s journey end safely .

Nanaki put both hands together and prayed towards the sky .
But then again, Mother had more of a trouble-loving personality, so it might have the reverse effect .


And we finally came across a bunch of people in white knight armour . They marched neatly in formation around three carriages, it can be seen that they are well trained .

From the looks of it, they are guarding the carriages .
They were probably hired as guards by merchants heading to Freyline . Then we can just keep going and pass by them .

This is definitely Mother’s divine protection .
As expected of Mother . She endured her trouble-loving personality and saved Nanaki from trouble . What do you think Friend? Nanaki’s Mother is amazing right?

Ah, Nanaki can envision Mother’s kind smile .
Thank you very much, Mother .

“Oi, the two you there, wait!”

Damn it! As expected of Mother!
Nanaki can envision Mother laughing!

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