Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter -2

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:05:18 AM

Chapter -2

Za Warudo! *AHEM* I meant … The World Setting .

Year: 4500 A . D .

Location: Planet Earth

Population: 5 Billion

Virtual Population: 25 Billion

Average Life Expectancy: 150 Years .

Technology, Achievements, Trends:

- Space Program for citizens .

- Milky Way Galaxy explored .

- Outer Space Lifeforms encountered .

- Able to transfer consciousness into virtual reality .

- Terraforming planets into habitable planets were possible .

- Mecha Units were widely used as space miners and other labors .

- Mecha Units were deemed as inefficient in real combat .

Other Habitable Planets and Colonies where humanity resided .

- Mars

- Kepler Artificial Planet #14 to #345 (#1 to #13 were retired as they were technology outdated)

- Putinof Space Colony #1 to #13

- Elzucc Space Carrier AC001, AC003, AC004 (AC002 undergoing a maintenance repair on Earth)


The Company

Company: ZT Corporation Group .

President of the Company: <Classified>

Company HQ: China

Server Location: Space Carrier "Elzucc"

Lilim Heritage Project Director: Lucian Light

Lilim Heritage Head Programmer: <Classified>

Company Main Income:

- Subscription Monthly Fees

- In Game Items (PTW Options)

- Auction House Handling Fees

- Game Capsules – 100K USD a piece!

- Spirit Server Entrance Fees

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Player Base: Over 2 billion "Live" users and 10 billion "Spirit" users .


The Game

Lilim Heritage had two servers, which were entirely separated .

The first server was called "Live" server where all users used game capsules to enter the game .

The second server was called "Spirit" server . The players in this server were no longer in the human world as they transferred their consciousness, aka their soul, into the character in the game and abandoned their mortal bodies in order to seek immortality .

This server was more peaceful and the laws were stricter than the live server as it was the second earth of mankind . Although players were automatically resurrected upon death, PVP in this server was strictly forbidden .


Starting Up

Upon entered, players would be forced to choose a career path within the game . Each player could only create one character per one capsule . In order to create a new one, the player had to delete the initial character or buying a new capsule, which was a costly method .

For deleting a character method, the account would be penalized for 7 days . The penalized player would be unable to log into the server during the period of time .

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After the player chose the job, he/she would have a choice to participate in various tests and tutorials .

The tests of the physical body and mental strength came first .

A series of commands would be given to the players, such as "Sit-up as many times possible in a minute", "Run as fast as possible to the goal", etc .

After they had done the tests, the game system would scan the players' psych if they could handle the gore or shock within the game . If any player failed this test, the player would be forced with the option "Violent and Gore" off to protect the user mental health . The option could be turned on later .

After the tests were done, player status would be shown to the players . The scores they had would be determined how many free status points and the starting status points they would have .

Once the status setting was completed the players would be transferred to the tutorial zone .

Combat Occupations had 5 tutorials . The players had to participate in at least the first tutorial, but they could skip the rest for the bonus "Title" by completing the tests .

The first tutorial was boot camp where players would be trained as if they were newly recruited soldiers in the real military boot camp . This process took one month in game time .

The second and the rest of the tutorials were different depending on the career path which players had chosen . Players could skip these to obtain the title "Hot Shot" by completing the tests .

Life Skill Occupations had only one tutorial . They would be taught by the NPC in the game for one month on the skill the players had chosen, or they could take on the tests to skip the entire tutorial to unlock the skill right away and obtained the title "Gifted XXX" (XXX referred to the job, i . e . Chef, Mechanic, Doctor, etc . ) . After the completion, the life skill would be unlocked to the players .

The Life Skill Occupations, however, could also be learned by the combat players, but they also had to take on the tutorial for a month or took on the tests by NPC, just like the other life skill players did .

After all the processes were done, players could pick a starting location/faction/country and enjoy the game .