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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 102

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:03:26 AM

Chapter 102

Chapter 102 – Prometheus VS Sebastian - Round Two

The rumbling sound and the shaking inside the cockpit woke Shurka from her slumber .

'Where am I?'

Looking around, Shurka found herself in a small space behind a cockpit seat . Her brain recollected all previous information and processed at high speed . The image of her kissing Mia flashed .

Her face flushed when she recalled the latest view she had seen before she blacked out .

'Oh my god! What was I thinking!?'

Sober from her sexual desire, Shurka reopened her option menu and decreased her pleasure sensitivity to 10% .

'I'll apologize Mia later . Eh, where am I again?'

Shurka moved around, trying to get back on her feet and getting out of this cramped space . Upon turning and crawling, she felt the cold air from the air-conditioner hitting her skins .

Looking down, she saw her naked upper body . Her shirt and her bras disappeared!

Shurka widened her eyes in shock . Then, she could felt the soaked panty and wet skirt touching her tights .

They reminded Shurka that she wet herself, and she did not have spare cloth . She wanted to scream, but she bit her lower lips in shame .

Feeling uncomfortable, Shurka looked around, trying to find a replacement for her underwear .

Opening her inventory, she scanned through her item list, looking for any possible cloth . Unfortunately, she only carried consumable items and VIP loot boxes .

There were fashion items in the VIP shop, but she did not have any diamond . Shurka obtained all items and her VIP status from her father and her connection to a relative, who were high-ranking officers in MWG, so her current diamond was zero .

Without a choice, she took off her skirt and her underwear and hung it on the top of the pilot seat . Once it dried, she would put them back on .

While Shurka tried to hang her wet cloth, the cockpit shook several times as if there was an earthquake .

'What's going on anyway?'

Curious, Shurka peaked beyond the pilot seat, looking at the static monitors .

'Huh? Are the screens broken? Then, what is happening?'


The entire cockpit shook again along with the loud boom .




After Sebastian stood again, Mia changed his approach . Instead of being passive, Mia transferred his power into the psionic core, creating three fireballs and five electric balls .

Eight psychic forces, each with a size of a truck, gathered in front of Prometheus .

Sebastian glared at the robot in solemn as he expected nothing less from this otherworlder .

His rooted feet remained unmoved as Sebastian had already used his terra dragonewt ability . The barren soil around his feet changed color, transiting from dark brown to green . Green mosses appeared on small rocks while grasses penetrated through the ground surface, revealing their sprouts .

Green area around Sebastian spread like a wave, terraforming the surrounding wasteland into grassland . However, this was not this butler's purpose .

Thousands of tree roots shot up from the grassland, binding Prometheus' legs in an instant!

Mia retaliated, sending one fireball at Sebastian . At the same time, he activated his flame field once again, burning the grassland and the binding tree roots .

Sebastian smirked as he activated his terraforming power, converting liquid substance inside the tree roots into crude oil .




The fire ignited the oil inside the tree roots, lighting Prometheus's legs in flame . As for Sebastian, he detached from the ground, flying to the sky .

As Sebastian flew up, the fire shockwave and the fireball missed the target, landing on the previous spot that the butler had stood .


The fireball exploded, causing another shockwave .

"Hmm . "

Mia groaned as he activated his robot's back engine and manipulated two thunder balls at the same time .

Two thunder balls turned into two lightning bolts, chasing after Sebastian .

The speed of light surpassed the terra dragonewt's speed and struck him in mid-air!

As the thunder stunned the butler, Prometheus launched the two remaining fire meteors . Both of the fireballs propelled through the air, flying with the speed of 300km/hour .

As Sebastian and Gaogao were still stunned from the electric shock, they could not dodge them in time .


Without a choice, Sebastian roared and expanded his armor size from 7-feet-tall to 10-feet, bracing for another impact .



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Two meteorites collided with Sebastian one after another, and they exploded afterward .

Because of the impact and shockwave, the terra dragonewt was sent flying backward and crashed onto the ground once more .

Mia had not finished yet . He ordered Prometheus to convert the remaining thunder balls into bolts, raining the lightning strike onto Sebastian again .




Three more thunderbolts struck on the dark knight .

That was not all . Prometheus pulled out its lightsaber handle from his belt .


As Mia had charged the lightsaber for a few seconds usage, he flipped it on . Back boosters behind Prometheus' beetle wings activated, sending the robot toward the injured Sebastian .

Though the target was smaller than the mech, Tama and Mia operated the mech's arms as one, slashing the lightsaber down .


Gaogao roared, which he healed Sebastian . At the same time, Sebastian increased his power output, digging a deep hole below himself with tree roots . His hands pointed toward the oncoming lightsaber, forming a ten-meter-thick steel plate armor to protect himself .


The metal plate was cut in half along with the surface of the ground, slashing into the earth by 5 meters . Afterward, the lightsaber dimmed as it ran out of power .

Mia expanded his sense to check his target's condition . Unfortunately, Sebastian dodged the slash on time, and he was escaping through his underground tunnel, burrowing himself 20 meters below the surface .


*Gao* (Are you okay?)

"I'm alright . I've been through worse . You don't have to worry about me . "

*Grrr* (But this fight is tough . That otherworlder is cheating . He didn't fight you fair and square!)

"Don't worry . Once I meet her again face to face, I can defeat her with ease!"

*Gao Meow!* (Yup! That cocky wrench and that stupid kitten aren't our opponents in a direct fight!)




Name – Sebastian

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Race – Terra Dragonewt

Class – Shelter Guardian

Title - Undying Cockroach, Super Butler, Efficient Governor

Level – 200


STR – 1,200/2,000

VIT – 3,355/7,500

STM – 4,124/7,500

AGI – 1,510/2,000

DEX – 1,567/2,000

INT – 777/2,000

WIS – 890/2,000


Terra Mastery - 59

Self-Regeneration - 300+59

Pheromone - 79

Acidic Fluid - 187

Terraform: Plant - 300+59

Terraform: Liquid – 300+59

Terraform: Metal – 300+59

Terraform: Biotic – 300+59





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Inside Mia's mind space, Natalie stood behind Misha Statue, groping her round chest .

Although the statue surface looked hard and solid like marble, by Natalie's hands, the round lumps moved .

As if Misha statue could sense the touch, she twisted her neck around, turning back 180 degrees to look back while her body was facing the front .

It was a terrifying sight for Natalie since ordinary humans could not turn their neck in a complete 180 degrees .

As if Misha Statue was haunted, she glared at Natalie with red glowing eyes .

Scared by the white statue, Natalie was in tears as she mumbled, "Uh, Maou . Can you wake up and help our banana Mia one more time? His opponent is too strong . "

Misha Statue did not answer . She turned back to her default pose, and the light in her eyes faded .

From Natalie's point of view, this was a rejection from Maou Mia .

Natalie sighed . She turned to her friends who were hiding behind their bungalows, peaking at the statue .


None of them replied to Natalie, but they gestured her to get out of there ASAP .

Natalie did not understand their gesture . She jumped into the pool, planning to swim back to her friends .

Then, the statue moved again . She placed her mind core, the heart of all Mia's consciences, on the ground, and she turned to Natalie .

Her human statue turned into an octopus with hundreds of small white tentacles at the size of the pinky finger . They coiled around Natalie and pulled her back from the pool .

The mini tentacles locked her in mid-air .


Natalie screamed and cried for help, yet none of her friends helped her .

All 71 girls looked at Natalie while they prayed .


"We won't forget your sacrifice . "

"I doubt she can be a bride anymore …"

"Don't jinx it . It might be your turn next . "


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Until the battle ended, hundreds of Misha Statue's tentacle tickled Natalie, forcing her to laugh till exhaustion .