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Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 104

Published at 24th of August 2019 08:03:24 AM

Chapter 104

Chapter 104 – Exposed Secrets

Shurka read her race description in awe and astonished . This was a legendary race of extinct mutants that mankind destroyed two thousand years ago .

Now, she was one of them, and she could use their mysterious power in-game .

'Wow! Psionic Link? Link my mind with others and temporary control of their bodies!? That's crazy!'

Subconsciously, she glanced at Mia and licked her lips, fantasizing about mind-controlling Mia, making him do anything .

Shurka shook her head in a panic, trying to forget her silly dream .

'Idiot! He's trying to help me here, and what was I thinking? Why am I keep thinking about pervert things when I see his face!?'

After slamming her forehead with the back of the pilot seat for a few times, Shurka's mind became clear .

'Okay! I'm not a pervert . It was because of the environment influence and Mia's seduction . Yup, it was Mia's fault for getting an erection . I'm not a pervert, he is . '

The vivid memory image of Mia's naked chest and his pole flashed in her mind while she was reciting her self-consolation .


Shurka head-butted against the pilot seat again .

'I swear I'll never seduce a random guy in-game again! I passed out for a few minutes, then I woke up naked, infected, and evolved! What have I done with my life!? Am I a main character in the next Hangover movie?'


"An infected friend?"

Thorn looked at Kai, not understanding the situation .

Mia made up another story, "She was also captured by the military and was experimented along with Brim . I helped her out of there . "

Hearing that Mia's friend was also a victim, Thorn laughed .

"Oh, I get it, Misha! Keep her in your mech until we return to base . I'll tell Crystal to prepare a woman's cloth!"

"Thank you, senior!"

Thorn raised his thumbs and returned to his mech, reporting the situation to Crystal .

"I'm with Misha right now . She's bringing her friend home with us . "

[Chacha, did you ask if she's also an otherworlder?]

"… I forgot . "

[Ask them! Also, tell Misha to be frank as we knew that she's an otherworlder . Tell her that I promise to keep their secret if they tell us where we can find those revival medicines . ]

"What if they are with the government?"

[Simply run away from Misha . We'll tell the others about her status . Well, if she cooperates, we'll keep it a secret . ]

"The Tautog guys already knew about it . Won't they spread the news?"

[I can shut their mouth as long as I have one or more medicine . ]

"Okay, chief!"

Thorn got out of Zeris One again, "Crystal asked, are you an otherworlder? Be honest this time, Misha! We saw you used your power many times . Those are not dragonewt's power!"

Hearing the direct question, Mia closed his eyes and sighed .

'They have the surveillance technology and their satellites . Obviously, they knew . '

Local mutants and humans in this world did not have strong psychic powers like MGW soldiers . Even if banana Mia's physical strength was weaker than a full-time MWG marine, his psychic abilities were still many times stronger than most mutants and humans here .  

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Steeling his heart, Mia confessed, "I am an otherworlder!"

Thorn did not flinch as he expected this answer . Instead, he was relieved that Mia was honest since this opened more negotiation options for both sides .

"Are you friend an otherworlder, too?"

Hesitated, but Mia told the truth, "Yes, she is!"

"Good! What are your purposes for joining us?"

Mia paused to think . As he planned to quit the game, he did not need to join them . Still, Maou Mia forcefully evolved Shurka without her consent, which he had to clean up after the alter personality's mess . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Trading! I wish to buy a cure for her . "

Thorn smiled . More options appeared as he had expected .

'If Crystal and others expel Misha, we can still be a trade partner . Well, she's different from the rest of otherworlders, so we should be able to bargain for those medicines, right?'

"Do you still have the medicine that you gave Brim?"

"Yes, I do . "

"I believe you! For now, leave that robot and come with me unarmed . "

Although Thorn had faith in Mia, he could not afford to let down his guard . Deep down inside, he still suspected in Mia's words and his identity .

However, Mia shook his head, "We can't! The government will retrieve this machine if we leave it here!"

The cautious demi-hydra frowned . Thorn got back to his cockpit, consulting it with Crystal again .

[Let them bring the mech here . Go and pilot it . Use the giant robot to carry your Zeris home . ]

"Right! We can use that thing as our carrier!"

With a solution, Thorn went back to Mia .

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"We can take that thing back home, but I can't let you pilot it . I'll operate it while you have to stay put . "

"Impossible . This mech can only be operated by my friend or me . Ordinary humans or mutants can't pilot it . "

"Mind if I test it?"

"Be my guess . Come here and test it yourself . "

Since Mia gave Thorn an unsounded excuse, the suspicion on Mia grew . Thorn took a deep breath and took a combat knife with him, preparing for any melee combat if this were a trap .

He jumped onto Prometheus, getting to the cockpit .

Upon getting inside, Thorn found Mia, who was standing at the side, and a shoulder-naked girl hiding behind the pilot seat .

Looking around, the operating system, consoles, and switches were similar to other mechs that Thorn knew .

"Well, this doesn't look any different than my console . Are you sure you're not lying?"

"This mech is customized for me . What can I say?"

"If you say so . Well, can you two move out of the cockpit, so I can try?"

Mia did not move nor speak . He stared into the eyes of Thorn with hesitation . As Shurka was still naked, he did not want her to walk out of the cover .

Shurka also looked at both of them, not wanting to move from this spot . She took her wet panty and her skirt, putting them back on even though they had not dried yet .

During the awkward moment, Mia recalled that there was a secondary cockpit in the head of Prometheus .

"Senior Thorn, how about this? This mech has a secondary console within the head part . I'll activate the engine, and you'll control the mech from there . "

Thorn glanced at Shurka and Mia . He recalled something and grinned .

"I see … Well, I need to confirm something . Misha, are you into women?"

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The corner of Mia's mouth twitched . Thorn might have the wrong idea about his true gender, but Mia replied anyway .

"Yes, I'm into girls . "

"That explains a lot . Very well, you two can continue what you left off . I'll inspect the other cockpit . "


After Thorn left the cockpit, Shurka stared at Mia in doubt .

"Did he just call you Misha?"

Mia looked back with an apological smile, "Yes . My character in-game is Misha . I'm sorry I lied to you . "


Meanwhile, Thorn climbed to the top of Prometheus . As Mia had told them, there was a cockpit entrance at the back of the mech's head .

Mia and Shurka did not notice . Thorn had goosebumps when he got close to Mia .

*Ong* (Did you feel it?) 

"Yeah, it's so freaking scary! I thought I might have been killed!"

Demi-hydras had unique skills, just like dragonewts and overminds . Their instinct and sixth sense were the strongest among the mutants, so Thorn managed to detect Mia's hidden strength a moment ago .

The feeling was different when he was with Misha a few days back inside the shelter . It was as if they were different persons .

*Ong* (I also feel it from the girl behind the seat . )

"Yeah, I also sense that . "

There was something that Thorn never forgot . It was a familiar threatening feeling of an overmind like Carlos, and it came from both Mia and Shurka .

"Something is not right about those two . Are they overminds!?"