Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 108

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Chapter 108

Chapter 108 – Maou Mia's Memory Fragments

The dealing went smooth as most of the anti-otherworlders were unconscious . Also, Sebastian was their ringleader, so nobody bothered protesting about the loose contract .

Still, Sasha and Mia did not care about them since they were not in a civilized world . It was just there a consolation for the mutants that the other party was willing to negotiate with them in a peaceful manner .

Crystal kept her promises . All items were brought to Misha half a day later, which she stored all of them in her inventory .

Then, a worker brought a trembling little eggcat to Shurka .


Like Tama, it also had a kitten's voice .

Crystal guided Shurka to a private room along with the little eggcat .

"Miss Shurka, have you eaten a dead green egg like this yet?"

Shurka looked at the green living chicken egg with curiosity, "What's that?"

"This is a cure to your virus . But please answer my question first . Have you ever eaten a dead green egg?"

Crystal took out a capsule with a pasteurized green egg, which was the similar thing that Misha, Dove, and others from the combat class had eaten .

Shurka tilted her head to the side, "No . Why?"

A wry smile appeared on Crystal's face, "Before we can host this symbiosis creature, we have to learn a self-regeneration skill by consuming this dead egg . If we don't have it, the little egg here will kill you . "

Shurka's face paled, "I've never heard of this!"

"Didn't Misha tell you about the virus?"

"What virus?"

"Well, the one that got you infected . "

Shurka recalled her status as an overmind . She summoned her status menu to the racial description again .

'Is this the cause of my race change? Can it cure me and return me to a human?'

Thinking about the recent events, Mia could have dropped her off in the city . However, The frantic Mia took her here . She believed that he had done so for this reason .

'Eh, he loves me, so he is doing this for me, right?'

An embarrassed smile revealed on Shurka's blushed face .

'I'll believe in all of you, though I don't know what happened . '

Shurka took a deep breath, "I haven't eaten one . "

"Then, you should eat this first . Whoops, I shouldn't let the little guy see this . Eat the green egg in the capsule and tell me when you're done . It might smell fishy and rotten, so try not to throw up . "


Meanwhile, Sebastian and Misha excused themselves from the base that they wanted to have a chat alone . Both of them walked out of the base to the parking Prometheus .

Misha turned to Sebastian, "What's next?"

"Tell me about my current quests . "

Misha read the quest descriptions for him .

Before Mia departed from the base to rescue Brim, he had two ongoing quests . One of them was a quest to procure ten red gels or build a mech while the other was Brim's rescue mission .

<<You are no longer a citizen of Shelter 88>>

<<The Quest [Build Your First Mech Unit] has failed>>

<<The Quest [For whom am I fighting for? - The Proof of Comradeship] has failed>>

Misha bit her lower lips, "Both failed . The game system tells us that we are no longer a citizen of shelter 88, so we failed all quests . "

"Can we log out of the game?"

"Let me check … yes, we can . "

"Let's wait for Shurka first, and we'll log out . "

"Will she be alright after this? She is likely to be on the MWG watchlist . "

"It's fine . Do you remember Shurka's last name?"

"Last name? Luckyaf?"

"Does it sound familiar to you?"

Sasha had to stop and tried to recall her old memories . It had a déjà vu feeling to it, but she could not remember it .

"Eh, I don't remember . "

"Dr . Fluke Luckyaf, ring a bell?"

Misha's face grimaced as Sasha remembered that name . He was one of the child soldier project manager who turned her, 71 other girls, and Mia into killing machines .

"You don't remember Professor Fortune Luckyaf at all? He's Shurka's father, and I think he's a relative to that geezer . "

Upon recalling the traumatized memories, Misha screamed, "She's a relative to that asshole!"

Mia commanded Sebastian's body to sit behind Prometheus legs, hiding his body in the shadow .

"The MWG will target her and that Fluke . "

Misha frowned, "Didn't you say you like Shurka? Is this your revenge?"

"I'm not that low, Sister Sasha . When I said I like her, I'm being honest . "

"Then, why did not mutate her?"

Sebastian grinned, "A bait for Dr . Fluke Luckyaf . Shurka's infection will force her father to concede her to either my grandmother or the MWG . Since they're relatives, they should know full well how MWG treats their test subjects . "

"… What if they give Shurka to MWG?"

"Not gonna happen . "

Sasha sighed, "Maou, you're a scoundrel . Your overconfidence will be your downfall one day . "

"HAHAHA!! I'll wait for that day . "

While laughing, Mia's conscience escaped from Sebastian's body, returning to his original body .

Sasha lost control of Misha's body, which the body stumbled and knelt on the ground .

Mia's conscience appeared in his mind space, and Misha Statue's eyes regained the red light .

As soon as Maou Mia returned, all Golden Generation girls fled to their bungalow in fright . They peaked through the windows and doors as they were wary of Maou Mia . Only Sasha stood in the open .

Mia walked to Sebastian's cage, where the real conscience of the butler resided .

Sebastian groaned, but no voice came out of his hollowed throat . His eyes were glaring at Mia with hatred .

Mia sighed, "Take it easy, old man . Didn't you learn anything from the live broadcast at all?"

At the center of the mind space, a cubic monitor was showing what Misha's body was looking . All residents here could watch the monitor and see what Misha saw in real-time .

At this moment, Misha Statue leaped from the island, landing next to Mia . She gripped Mia's neck from behind .

[Go back . I don't want you . ]

Mia swatted away the statue's hand with ease . He turned around with a smirking face, "I'm here because you're incompetent, banana . "

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[Give it back . ]

"Sheesh, you're impatient, too . Let me finish this, and I'll go back to sleep!"


Misha Statue stood still, watching Maou Mia and Sebastian with glowing red eyes .

Mia sighed and looked at Sebastian, "I promised you a 20 question game, and I'm here to ask you . Eh, first, I need to repair your throat . "

He looked at his fingers . Thinking for a while, he pulled out all of his fingernails from his soul body . The pain was the same as in real life, but the pulled parts transformed into sparkling dust instead of bloody pieces of nails .

All dust merged with Sebastian's body, which repaired his missing throat . Furthermore, Mia's past memories entered Sebastian's vision .


A vision of a husband and wife was talking to him .

[We're sending you to the military camp, Mia . ]

[You'll become someone like your grandmother in the future . ]

[Can I teleport like grandma, too?]

[Of course!]


Five soldiers in battle suits and a scientist in a hazmat cloth stood in front of a dining hall .

[In today's dinner, we will include a supplement drink in the menu . All trainees must drink it, or we will fail you from this program . ]


In an enclosed barrack with eight hammocks, three children spasmed as they were lying on the beds while the others showed various symptoms .

One of them was puking .

The other had foams in his mouth .





In a small white room, a cracking red crystal ball rolled on the ground . Its light was getting dimmed .

Mia's conscience was also full of crack . Several parts of his soul had already disintegrated .

[You've got guts, child . Now, eat me . ]

[Can we talk this out? Aren't there other ways?]

[Unless you eat me, you'll die, too! Even if you survive, the others will try to kill you! Hurry, and do it!]

[… I'm sorry, and thank you . ]

[Don't be sad, child . You earned it . ]

[At least, tell me your name . Do you have a name?]

[… I'm …]


100 People stood in rows, watching two men on the podium .

[Congratulations, all trainees . I'm Dr . Fluke Luckyaf, and this is Fleet Admiral Gabriel Lobmak . We'll be your new supervisors from now on . ]

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[Hey Mia, did you try your new psychic skill?]

[What's that?]

[You can control people!]

[Let's test it, Mia . It'll be fun!]


[The training from now on will be intense . If any of you cannot handle it, tell your instructors immediately!]


Mia was running on a corridor . He slammed the shuttle switch, but he could not open the door in front of him . Inside the room, ten girls with Mia's appearance were being electrocuted .



[Sasha, Natalie!]

[Trainee Mia, get away from that door, or we'll shoot!]




Bullets went into Mia's chest, but he pointed his fingers at the soldiers .



Mia was locked up in prison . His entire body was crucified and tied with electric chains .

He was being electrocuted like others!

A prisoner choker locked around Mia's neck, disabling him from using his abilities . It also embedded with a bomb .

Dr . Fluke watched over him from the other side of the cells .

[What did you do to them!?]

Mia smirked and gave him a middle finger .




Three bullets entered his kidney and lung .

[Don't kill him! Let him regenerate . Keep on interrogating and increase the power!]


[How long are we going to live here, Mia?]

[Sisters, please be patient . Once we flee from here, I'll ask my grandmother to create new clone bodies, and I'll transfer your soul there . ]

[What about our real body!?]

[If we're lucky, maybe we can take them back . ]

[As long as our souls are here, you are technically alive . ]


[What the fuck are you doing in my conscience space!? Get out!]

[Is this where you are keeping your harem?]

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[No harsh feeling . We are following their orders . ]

Thirty young men with Mia's appearance lunged at him .


Mia stood in the pool of blood with his naked upper body . His prisoner choker was not there anymore .

All lifeless bodies of male trainees were lying on the ground . Half of their bodies were disfigured as if they were monsters .

All of the disfigured bodies slowly transformed back to their human form, reverting them into children with Mia's appearance .

[Well done, Uriel Mia . Now, raise your hand over your head and surrender . ]

[Oh hey, Gabby, I want to play a game!]

[I'm not in the mood, trainee!]

[Your daughter's soul is in my hands . You have no choice . ]

[Son of a bitch! It was you! Let her go!]

[You did this upon yourself! Sisters, let's go!]

[Don't kill my father, Mia . ]

[I know . . . ]


[Warning, Warning, a mutant is on the loose . ]

[Warning, Warning, a mutant is on the loose . ]




[Stop shooting! Mia! This is your grandmother! Snap out of it!]

Mia looked back at the source of the voice . His vision and consciousness were so blur that he did not remember her .

[Who are you?]




More trivial memories entered Sebastian's mind, but the previous fragments gave him a strong sense of shock .

He looked at Mia's face in astonishment . Then, he turned to look at the girls inside this mind space .

"Enjoy reading my traumatized memories?"

Looking at Mia's sarcastic smile, Sebastian had a cold sweat .

"What are you?"

"An otherworlder who hates otherworlders from the government . Well, before we talk about our enemies, I need to teach you a lesson about your prejudice . Are you ready to play a game?"