Lilim Heritage Online - Chapter 112

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Chapter 112

Chapter 112 – The Gateway

Putinof Colony #13

Within the central pyramid, LHO Department staffs, the administrative group who oversaw Lilim Heritage Online game, were in an uproar .

After the confirmation of Shurka's transformation, they coordinated with MWG intelligence agents, reporting this finding to the higher-ups as they were trained .

On the ground floor, an elder, who looked like Professor Fortune Luckyaf, teleported into the pyramid building .

Dr . Fluke Luckyaf rushed to the game company with a frustrated expression .

He was Professor Fortune Luckyaf's elder brother, and he was also Shurka's uncle . Dr . Fluke was the one who rigged the VIP10 authority and many items in her VIP inventory . It was also him who suggested that Shurka should use her real appearance in-game as a lifestyle player .

Unfortunately, he received an urgent report from an insider, telling him that Shurka met with an impossible incident .

She ate a hydra core!

As many alpha-testers came back as overminds last year, Dr . Fluke had many test subjects, which he had learned many things from the overminds in MWG .

The hydra core had a similar property with the dragon's blood, which he had tested the blood with the golden generation crews, including Mia . They turned any human into an overmind!

In Mia's case, it even transformed his outward appearance and bestowed them the Electrokinesis abilities, which were thunder type psychic powers .

On the contrary, Shurka and other prior testers, who had consumed a hydra core, did not obtain any psychic ability aside from the psionic powers . Dr . Fluke and many other scientists concluded that this hydra core was inferior to the dragon's blood .

Getting another overmind into their world was a piece of good news to MWG, and it boosted Dr . Fluke's credibility in the government . However, having his relative being another test subject was a different story . He could not afford to let his niece entering those testing grounds he created .

Shaking away all security guards and reception staffs, Fluke Luckyaf teleported to the higher floor . He barged into the director officer, grabbing the game director by the collar .

Lobnoi, an android subordinate of Fleet Admiral Gabriel Lobmak, looked at the assailant with a wide grin .

"Android, I need an explanation . How the fuck has my niece become an overmind!?"

Lobnoi shrugged, "Not my fault . It was your creation that forcefully fed your niece with a hydra core . Heck, this is your karma in the first place!"

"You have the power to intercept this! Why didn't you interfere with them!?"

"Eh, Fluke . Do you think we can do anything in there at all? Lilith has been restricting our control lately, and we can't afford to offend her . Do you understand what will happen to the billions of our population in her domain if we piss her off? Right now, we're nothing but doormen!"

"This is what happened when you created too many games in her dimension! You go tell the MWG and your brother that my niece has nothing to do with their immortal project . "

Lobnoi smirked, "Too late . "

Dr . Fluke pulled out a beam pistol in the shape of a ball pen and plugged the small muzzle into Lobnoi's left ear .

"You tell them to cancel their abduction plan, or I'll fry your brain from the inside . "

"HAHAHAHA! Oh boy, go ahead, Fluke . I've backed up my memories this morning . Even if you kill me, I'll be back here again tomorrow . Then, you'll be the enemy of the galaxy like the silver empress!"

Five securities entered Lobnoi's office with handguns, which had been loaded with specialized subjugation shells, pointed their muzzle at Dr . Fluke .

The security leader hesitated . He lowered his gun and approached both of them, "Dr . Fluke, please drop the gun . "

"You motherfuckers back off or I'll kill him . "

"Sir, we all know that he will be resurrected within minutes even if you killed him . Please think of your past achievements and your family . You don't want to be like the silver empress . If you stop this now, we won't tell anyone outside, and the MWG won't know about this . "


Dr . Fluke glared into Lobnoi with hatred and regret, "I shouldn't have worked for MWG!"

"You contributed to us well, doctor . "

Unwilling, Dr . Fluke pulled the pen pistol away and gave it to the security leader . All the guards put away their guns and gestured the senior to leave the building with them .

Lobnoi adjusted his suit, "Don't worry . An overmind doesn't much value compared to Uriel Mia . Heck, we have too many overmind subjects back in the labs already . I doubt they will make it hard for you and your family . "

Shaking off the hands of the securities, Dr . Fluke grumbled, "You will regret this if I find any asshole show up at my niece's resident . "

Dr . Fluke disappeared from the location on the spot . He activated his psychic ability and teleported away .

Seeing that Dr . Fluke had left, Lobnoi gestured everyone to leave him alone . His smiling face grimaced, and his frantic hands reached for the nearest keyboard of his internal computer, typing his password with haste .

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Entering his console menu, he skimmed through the log files of Lilim Heritage Online, searching for Shurka's gaming logs .

Upon finding the file, he attempted to copy the entire log messages into his artificial brain cells, but he received an error .


<<Error, closed gateway>>

<<All item transfer, soul transfer, and file transfer are temporary disabled>>

Lobnoi frowned, "She closed the gate again? She closed it too often . What's wrong with her!?"

Instead of copying Shurka's file, he read the log details .

As he was busy reading through the activities, a news feed shocked Lobnoi .

<<Shurka Luckyaf has evolved into Inferno Dragonewt>>

Lobnoi stared at the new alert with round eyes, disbelieved .

He picked up a blue cube ball and established his telepathy, calling his master through the direct communication channel .


[Android? What's the matter? It has to be urgent . I'm busy right now . ]

"Master, we have another dragonewt . "

[Huh? Has one of our agents succeeded?]

"No, Fluke Luckyaf's niece contacted with Uriel Mia, and he forced her evolution . "

[Ho? That makes thing simple . I'll take it from here . ]

"Master, Dr . Luckyaf was here because of her niece's incident . I'm afraid he might mobilize his private fleet . "

[Eh, his fleet is not as competent as the silver empress . Leave everything else to me and resume your post . ]

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Gabriel disconnected the device . Lobnoi sighed a relief as he completed his duty .

Now, he could relax and watch over the game system, the gateway, and Lilith .

*Whrrrr* *Whrrrr*

Before Lobnoi could sit and relax, a red light flashed from one of the monitoring officer's table . The officer stood up and shouted in a panic .


Another officer also bellowed, "ALL LOGS ARE OFFLINE!!"







The frantic Lobnoi rushed to the operating room, "Can anyone connect me to Lilith?"

"We've tried, sir! She only left us a message . "

"What message?"

The officer trembled as he did not dare to repeat the message . He shifted his screen so that Lobnoi could read it .

<<I've been allowing all of you to play in my dimension long enough . I'll be charging fees from now on . >>

<<Unless you pay me with appropriate Diamonds, all gateway will remain shut . >>


Meanwhile, on a grassland, Lilith coughed and adjusted her throat, getting ready to broadcast her announcement .

As soon as she was ready, fifty monitors, featuring fifty worlds were before her .

Lilith transformed a stalk of grass into a golden microphone, and she began .

"Ladies, and gentlemen . It's me, your friendly Goddess Lilith!"

Her voice echoed throughout the fifty worlds, shocking all trillions of residents .

"Are you having fun in your game? I'm sure you have . "

"So far, I've hosted 15 MMO games inside my dimension, and I've allowed many mortals to live here as immortals . However, it stops today . From now on, all of you will age and die like ordinary humans, elves, dwarves, and any race you are . Also, all kinds of resurrection and respawning will be disabled! You will die for real if you die again . "

"Still, there are many casual players that haven't planned to live here . I understand that . Therefore, I'll give everyone a chance to log out, but you'll have to pay a toll fee . "

Lilith's face revealed a sinister smile, "The payment will be VIP Diamonds! For each soul you wish to transfer, log-in, log-out, or item transfer between worlds, you'll have to pay 100 Diamonds as a monthly subscription to use the soul transfer option!"

"If you don't pay it, you can stay in my dimension for all I care . "


Not only the players in 15 MMO games heard the voice, Uriel Min, Gabriel Lobmak, and others in the real world could hear it as well .

Grandmother Min's face grimaced as she knew the value of diamonds . They were expensive for a reason .

These diamonds were not created in a digitalized world, but they were constructed from real materials, which was more valuable than a psionic core .

Each Diamond contained a mysterious energy source . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Inside a diamond, it housed a soul!


Mia also received a special message from Lilith .

[In your case, you'll have to pay extra diamonds if you wish to bring your harem back to your world . ]